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Jenaro Lopez Jimenez
Wed, 13 Jan 2016 05:34 EST
Noticias Urgentes
Scam Central Bank and Accra - Ghana

Scammers: Mr. Jim Kim Yon, Mr.Christopher Chase, Mr. Noel Bembamba, Honorable Mrs. Amina Fuseini, Minister Hon Alhaji Fuseini of Ghana,
Eletronic Funds Transfer Department, Mr. Chistian Oliver,, large scammer wants to send 19,000 euros for his agency money when the bank and paid already and would not have to pay anything else, this is widespread theft across Africa.

For there is no doubt the misconduct of scammers and others, assassins of them, I have always signed the documents that they claimed to be necessary, and I've never been to Africa, in Burkina Faso as in Accra, Ghana I was deceived in the worst way possible, and declare that the Minister Marie Lucien Noel Bembamba this with my private documents, and can make use of them in drug trafficking or even buy weapons, I only sign the documents they sent and said that were necessary for justice.

Lucien Marie Noel Bembamba, Minister of Burkina Faso one of the thieves and swindlers maiores Africa and Mr. Jim Kim Yon, World Bank President

I am a poor dreamer fooled by all, I was so poor that he had nothing to eat and lived in an abandoned church ruins by the war, but never told lies and not fool anyone by false promises like you have no honor and less shame in the face, today was notified of the death of nephew in Brazil with already two (02) family dead, not receive the promised money, I have all e-mail and receipts from international transfer I made you and swindlers, thieves, I do not have long to live, but which I have dedicate to communicate to the world as you are cowards, crooks and thieves, what I have is dignity and pride in the face, I do not speak with false lies I send the money to pay for DNA Governor of the Bank in Ghana, and the Minister Noel Bembamba asked me 500 euros and 400 euros I was only for the Governor of the Bank, the stay of placing another 100 euros, not given, and also left with the money, he is a thief and swindler, now bandits are demanding 4,500 euros, for not continuing killed, they live in shacks that only I was with them and know where it is.
Wait hear from me in the world, I'm already technically dead, I have nothing to lose, which had been dead because of you, murderers, I have all the letters and I have commanded, and when you send some documents.
If you want to know something about me, put my name on Google, Genaro López Jiménez, and the book "The Corrupt beetle" real events with names and theft executed appear, I wrote in 1995, counting the corruption that existed in Spain, with construction, and politicians PSOE, this book will send to the royal house, President Zapatero, National Police, President Chavez of the Junta de Andalucía, was threatened me and my family with death if he did not do what the builders wanted, super value certifications and work performed, for writing this book and delivered to various individuals and companies, was placed on a blacklist, not to get a job in Spain, this corruption has been a while, but I had the courage to denounce and I am now completely invalid with many diseases, with little time to live, I have 02 strokes in the head 02 strokes in the heart, severe atherosclerosis degenerative, diabetic, diverticula in the intestines, all caused by these people and corrupt companies and thieves.
Yours Truly

Jenaro López Jiménez

And Tel 858 958762 605 014 220.

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Minister Noel Bembamba Burkina Faso, big swindler and thief


Mr. Jim Kim Yon
Dept. Central Bank
The president of the World Bank Headquarters
Dept. Central Bank
World Bank Headquarters
Recipient: Mr. Jim Kim Yon, Mr. Christopher Chase,

Dear Sirs, I am writing this letter because you do not have Word and is con one, compulsive liar, There Is True to his word of what Combined, we made a deal that I would send offensive to the bank and people in government and press letters in starting with the money you send me to Spain and Brazil, May Be That they are currently sending, I do not believe in the words of Mr. Noel Bembamba, Minister of Finance in Burkina Faso, a man without word liar like all political and invents trips that would be needed to get the money or even ghosts banks in Accra - Ghana and as his promise all the money would be in the BMN Banks and BANK OF BRAZIL, this week would be transferred, words bank governor told supposedly World, another liar Word without a word.
I think the agreement no longer exists, you have not responded to anything that I'm saying, please do not claim I have a date that is the day 02/20/2015, If no answer and I do not receive money DUE BY THE WORLD CENTRAL BANK: 18,697,900.00 euros, my sister has been killed and a nephew because you do not Have Word is a coward and a liar, I'll start Make New charts and this time more dangerous, I'll be these days in the Corps National Police Crimes against International scams and never forget that I € 3.500 with a letter from the secretary, in Spain, are American Express travelers checks, fake delivered after Mr. Noel Minister of Burkina Faso Bembamba for me to be charged in Spain and will send the money to Burkina Faso, Interpol is another con artist who received false documents issued in Africa over 1.5 years and do not take any orders like the FBI that only looks cases of Americans, Europeans can go to Shit, I do not: provide more documentation to the two agencies so that ¿, clean for the ass it is a shame that you can not trust the police, I would like them to see all the documents, but this is impossible, I have a lot of documentation, saying everything is blackmailing only ask that you be treated more as a human being and with the same respect I consider them as I lost two relatives and are threatening to kill another family because of you, at this time they are asking 4,500,000 euros for not killing another person in the family my sister was killed by bandits and given a deadline until 20.02.2015 day and killed my nephew who has been kidnapped by bandits them, I know them and know where hide, if your family Mr. Jim Kim Yon and Sr.Christopher would be worried, but as mine do not care, until they decide to come to cash in Europe, you would gladly I will give them your address You have no conscience, I think not, oriental is a scoundrel of birth I have in also oriental family and how you think, you have family but never forget that everything is paid here with you and family Accident , diseases, etc.
As I said in last last letter were again killed another relative of mine in Brazil, with this are already two people, continue you sleep without fear and making a fool and idiot without paying the money is rightfully mine, you will sleep knowing that innocent people are dying because they have no shame in the face, you are very comfortable with all this, I think it is not conscious and like nothing's up to you one day soon you touch your family to this day is not far.
Another thing that left me worried is that Mr. Noel Bembamba, Minister of Burkina Faso and personal friend of Sr.Christopher Chase, every week of asking for money, because it is permanently in the Central Bank in Ghana, and now if truth would stop the transfers to banks in Spain, and Banco do Brasil, he is not authorized by me to address this issue and neither is my partner, is pure blackmail him and Mr. Christopher Chase, you notice the transfer has been stopped by order of Mr. Christopher and Minister Noel Bembamba, then pay the transfer without justification I say, I promise you one thing, that you know, the transfer not been made, I'll denounce an office that have opened in Granada Interpol and the FBI, and the name of your bank will at all Worldwide As theft of personal Poor and crooks and bandits, all this is being orchestrated by Mr. Christopher Chase, President of the World Bank, it is very strange that when I get to talk with the president, very rare thing, he always sends me to Mr. Noel money, the last month in Ghana send him to Pay DNA and hotel expenses the amount of 5017.90 euros, I think he's touring with the money you paying particular command or accounts that interests Mr. Christopher Chase, is in the agreement that I have with Mr. Noel, is not my representative, I say it a third time but you'll pay for his work in Africa because I can not travel for medical order, was the reason I could not travel to Accra - Ghana when requested, but against Partida The World Bank said it would call on the phone so I Could Tell the truth, another lie from the World Bank, never called to discuss the issue of scammers, con man when I said that the Minister is, no lies told that only robs poor people living cheating with false promises, and I'm a living example Minister cheating makes two years provided Borrowing money for doing nothing, send false to prove what he said documents, this has been invented by the World Bank and not pay the money, hopefully until the call of the World Bank, I know I'll never called because are not interested in the truth, he always believe what the Minister Noel Bembamba scammer with forged documents, it is easier to do so.
It's really strange behavior World Bank President, it seems or it has any interest on the money I receive the promised and as always not true, that would give me the money to pay debts in Brazil and Spain, and I leave everything aside, the amount now ultra spends 4.5 million euros, with the death of my sister and niece, I Ruejo Mr. President who is honest and not tell so many lies, do not invent another story equal to the nonexistent scam and that was communicated to speak with me, ever called So Far and blocked the sending of money mindless money or the World Bank to send false documents WORLD BANK (BENCO) that were useless, they are always inventing difficulties not Pay, the last difficulty invented by the Central Bank, was that the number of the account in Brazil was not, strangely false document received from the World Bank (BENCO) the number was true, everything was prepared within the Bank World, these guys are scammers who want to keep the money, I have all emails sent for min by the president of the World Bank (BENCO).
I ask Please verify the truth of the transfer, I believe nothing of what the World Bank says and promises, and if not it will be another war between us and this time so commands written to all Journals Copies world with false documents and false lies of President of the World Bank.
The Minister Noel says he never received the money I sent is blackmailing as always, except me, nobody knows the Minister Noel he lives Money can fool the poor, today my sister was dead, and my niece Also, you have not paid the money promised by you and is rightfully mine, you Mr. President of the World Bank and the Minister Noel have no conscience, all they care about is money, I would if I had a chance and someone I could speak Spanish, I explain who he really is the Minister Noel, really helps the people, but always with false documents and false promises, people and I never asked for help and I have also signed an agreement with the Minister, if something signed by min is false as all documents, I present and checks American Express, he always offers to work without being called saying he would grace, so hiso me, I never e hired and do not have any contract signed with him unlike what says Mr. Christopher Chase, President, Banco Central Department, World Bank headquarters, which says Minister Noel is my partner and I have to send money to the Minister, I leave it to me Worried namely that there must be some agreement between the Minister and the President of the Central Bank, which is why I was never called home to ask about the matter that had been Combined with the President of BANCO CENTRAL, it really is the partner Minister Noel to keep the money mine, it is very strange what is happening is not the first time that the Minister does this with me, when money is to leave the invents another story for the appearance.

Recipient: Mr. Jenaro López Jiménez,
Forgive us for our tardiness but wanted to make sure we finish with the Minister of Finance of Madrid That has been gently with a Through All Transfer Documents Showing All Details Needed To Be Seen And confirming that all documents are They have ALL her son and legal Authentic The Order Minister of Finance of the Central Dispatch Unit and Device Madrid office warned that its Code of Reflection has expired and needs to be updated and re Reload a new code of Reflection and Once Made THIS, ITS Funds heading to Your Account Will be Released in Spain and has a From Now To The Next Week Tuesday Being the 09/02/2014 to make sure that everything is ready.
Yours Truly
Mr. Christopher Chase,
Banco Central de Department
World Bank Headquarters


Recipient: Mr. Jenaro López Jiménez,
I can not imagine that you write at this time, but due to your email came as urgent so I was motivated to write back telling you now than before and is so fast that banks will soon begin audits Bank both domestic banks and international, it is necessary to seriously cooperates with Minister D. Noel because I told you it was confirmed that the DNA code is the quick transfer genetic mechanism quickly transmit funds to their accounts and programmed in our universal satellite transmission. Do not take any negative action trying to find out or try to do any research because now that customers always to stay calm and do not expose this issue with people online, because we are entering the season were customers complained of funds diverted saying his funds have been diverted and after much research, we realize that these customers have been giving emails is complaint addressed line are without trying to know the source of the emails and why which'm advising now he knows who are faithful in what you are doing, but be very careful and keep this transfer of funds between you, Mr. Claus is his minister backup and that is why I said that you have to cooperate seriously with him one for two to find ways to pay that sum process DNA code because our banking law forbids us to interfere in the personal affairs of clients and what you're asking me to do that if I do, that means that you have violated our banking laws. Try and understand me and what is the last command given to you?

Yours Truly

Mr. Christopher Chase,
Banco Central de Department
World Bank Headquarters

Mr. Jenaro López Jiménez,
This is to draw your attention to our delegate has arrived in Accra Ghana with the approval documents of actual funds that were approved by the commission high original high commission in Spanish and Brazil are the administrator of the board of the World Bank for verification and the statement made satisfactory, then we will initiate communication with reflection allocation funds finance minister Spain Madrid directly into your account without any questioning or investigation.
Always in my life I was an honest, no lies and always tell the truth, which is why people who are beside me think I'm a fool, fool, I have nothing, when I'm angry I know where it hurts most the person who did not remain nervous, I say for your own good, do not mind going to a radio or television or other media and to tell you the truth, I do not care if you go to jail, I have little time of life that I do not care.
I'm not arguing this situation any longer, the staff of the World Bank, have only false words as Minister Noel, if not certain, when they promise one thing he never knew, and even pay for the documents.
I'll wait until 20.02.2015 day to 24 hours, and then ceases all letters of the Internet for the world to know who you are, scammers and thieves.
I hope this time you just answer yes or no and not let it stop, do not want another war without it can be very dangerous for both.
His eternal server is requesting relief in the name of God, and stop telling lies.
Jenaro López Jiménez
Tel. 858 958 672
ID: 44299076 H

Recipient: Mr. Genaro López Jiménez,
Your email has been received and given the mandate is t
Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:57 EDT
A mi tambien me ha llegado este tipo de coreo , en la cual te dicen haber ganado y te piden todo tipo de datos y supuestamente como quieres recibir el importe ganado, en este caso era 150,000€ les dije en cheque ,no mande ningún numero bancario, por que se que hay muchos timadores de este tipo y tenia mis dudas, una vez enviado la informacion que me pedian , me enviaron otro donde tenia que pagar por adelantado un importe por gastos administrativos de 210€ y enviarlo a una dirección y a nombre de su contable ALI OUEDRAOGO CARGO CONTABLE,logicamente les he respodido diciendoles que si no me lo pueden deducir de la cantidad supuestamente ganado... SERA ESTO CIERTO??? PORQUE EL PAGO LO TENGO QUE HACER EN 72 HORAS LABORALES Y YA PASARON TRES Y ME DA MIEDO DE PERDER DINERO... MI CORREO ES SI ME QUIEREN RESPONDER: LE AGRADESCO POR FAVOR QUE ME CONTESTEN SOY DE ARGENTINA...

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