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Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:09 EDT
i live in cairo
i need to 2persantg to back to ertrea
how many it is
Salem Mohamed
Tue, 7 Nov 2017 08:53 EST
How to Get business OR tourist visa for Taiwanese
Please need to know How to Get business OR tourist visa for Taiwanese
Thank you
B. R.
Salem Mohamed
Taiwan Trade Center Cairo
0122 3393 660
Embaye Melekin
Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:05 EST

This and all that shall be indemnified as honor of the sample of the Eritrean constitution shall be assessed and deleted, amazed, fabricated, fornicated, conspired, filtered, magnified and dimmed, bereaved and acclimated, seemed viable or sleeted, a mated and saned in mind and constitution of all, any, very few, few, and none to be garnished and acclaimed as that of the Constitution of the Confederation of Eritrean States. Below shall be the preamble of the said document and its serial manifestation to be avowed by the assembly of the same nation after duly comment and discussion of whole and near-all or of a quorum of family asserted and endorsed by the same body as of sufficient to endorse and empower the signed fetish until owned by the Federation of Eritrean States and furthermore reviewed and endorsed in like terms by the Confederation of Eritrean States as would be indemnified adequately as below.

1. Believe! And believe!! And Believe!!! O! Eritrea.

2. The Lord is Thy Guard and Honor and in Him you shall delight and prosper.

3. God manifested unto man until the fall of Adam and the sleeted of the rib of man, Hewan, (Eve,) and therefore absconded to heaven and sealed Himself from man and nature and gave full and unmolested right and authority to be deemed and claimed by Adam and his family to eternity.

4. Man shall reign on earth as god.

5. God shall reign as God above the earth and His seclusion called Heaven.

6. God shall not interfere, intervene, fetter or clatter, vow or disavow threats of any nature, obvious or in stealth.

7. Man shall remain avowed free from any coercion of God and shall refrain from any harm of God even if he disavows His presence and existence on earth and deals of His fate after his death in manner of the Biblical consequences for such grandiose felonies of varied proportions, kinds and natures.

8. Man is avowed progenitor of absolute freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and shall do so as one pleases and aspires and without regard of heavenly meter and lightning strikes or all and all of God’s ultimate powers that He is forbidden to exercise while man resides on earth as an independent person.

9. Good deeds shall earn heavy rewards in heaven

10. Bad deeds deemed afoul of the Ten Commandments shall have its own rewards and consequences in God’s Kingdom of Heaven.

11. Barely have man deciphered any and all of God’s magnanimity and influence and henceforward shall be manifested in Fattwas and other messages of sages and intellectuals of varied manners of slating and typing words of computer nature and emails of dispersion and other known and foreseen methods of communications.

12. Wanted-dead-or-alive shall be to those who dare violate any of the tenets of the duly consented and eventually signed and assented of the valuable and creamer of home and history of Abyssinian people and their family foundation, The Mensas, and those that will aspire to endorse and implement it as own and property after due consultation and endorsement of the Mensa Kentiba, in all, in all, of black indentation and if favored by Israeli family and fascination.

13. No one of Islamic and Jewish parentage or adherence of Satan Mohammed acclamation shall garnish, install, fame and defame, mind and soul and body, sane and insane, foul of the Christian faith or other predators of Satan, the wicked and deceiver shall be entitled to a minuscule segment of this draft and same of all members of other nations of non-Israeli families that aspire awareness of spirit of strange nature.

14. Many shall believe but none shall enter the Kingdom of God if they wantonly decide to reclaim any part and spark of this document deemed the property of the Mensa Kentiba and herewith that of the Queen of Israel, Queen Elizabeth II.

15. Manna of all shall be faired in the building and construction of Gezaa of Abyssinia.

16. No one shall challenge the sage amount of contribution of Embaye Melekin, the sole-drafter of this above and below messages of mind and memory as designated Mensa leader of Kentiba nature in the past and his free and liberty aspiration to impair, repair, skew or straighten of his mind and fetish aspiration that shall be viewed and addressed of all of black indentation nature and of overall Israel and beyond as deemed essential, assimilated as viable or trashed as garbage. Embaye has no remorse or responsibility for the benefit or good or adverse impact and outcome of any sorts, one, a few, or all ramifications and consequences of implementation of part or all segments.

17. Marring the author shall not be condoned by any or all members of the Israeli family administration of all the fame of the avowed and heir to Kind David’s throne and all her subjects and vassals of all kinds and designations to eternity.

18. Manna advanced to the erection of all and any of the construction of the Abyssinian Gezaa shall be exclusively labored by the Eritrean people and all other hierarchy of family of Abyssinia and even of Israel.

19. Manna bestowed towards the construction of the above shall exclusively be administered and dispersed by the appointed meter assigner of any Eritrean government designated official.

20. Garden of health and water and electricity and farm of manageable size and other essential amenities and all other services for the comfort and availability of the designated regions and parts of the Abyssinian colony should be aspired, designed, built and assembled by all the relevant saints of all Abyssinian nations and their duly assigned and designated representatives and fettered jurisdictions of their mother and fatherland.

21. Fatter manna of fulfillment of the Abyssinian Gezaa shall be reserved and disseminated for the benefit of the matter of concern of administration and maintenance of same area.

22. Mandate and obligations of constitutional nature shall be tabulated.

23. Furthermore, all members of the assembly and manners of their elections and mandated responsibilities shall be delivered in priority sequences.

24. Matter of financial homer of Eritrea shall herein be stipulated.

25. Matter of policing and army conducts and responsibilities emoted.

26. Bad and silly and severe matter of criminal offenses amounted in sentences of fines and prison terms and acclamation of life where deemed valuable.

27. Matter of separation of avowed marriage and its ramifications shall be deduced.

28. Grave and cemetery arrival and departure will be greatly berated.

29. Man and animal shall co-exist in harmony more and more assimilate in more.

30. Animal farm usage and abuse method seemed cruel shall be modified

31. Man and wild beast shall not fracture relationship and claim each other lives.

32. Further, no man shall read and fart any of all Islamic nature in private and public.

33. Bad and good rights of women shall be gravely assessed and claimed far.

34. More and more of its kind and same family relationship lines admired of all.

35. Groom and bride relationship and saver of family way in all assessed as deemed

36. God and man ways of worship shall be made further clearer.

37. Method of execution shall be made fat and simple to implement.

38. Manner of birth and death whether fetish or design or fire shall be meted.

39. Manner of prison terms and isolation of felons and manners of jail cleared

40. Environmental concerns and remedies suggested and studied and manners and conducts explained.

41. Matter of city and urban and rural manners, field of farm and sorts of all kinds

42. Gilder of river and dams emoted as required

43. Methods of transportations and air travels mentioned and faded also rail of none

44. Sea and land combination.

45. Designation of important landmark and monumental and historical sites said

46. Boundary of the confederation of Eritrean States made known to all asunder.

47. Matter of business and development and investment and taxation revealed

48. Matter of health and medication and health workers and guidelines

49. Labor and law must converge together as one and all

50. Neighbors and territorial acclaimed by Eritrea

51. Revenue Eritrea

52. Petty laws governing tribal co-existence

53. Land ownership and overall implications and sensation of family members.

54. Laws and responsibilities of the Confederation of Eritrean States avowed

55. Who is who in Eritrea struggle for independence and their serial connotations

56. Appendix



1. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea shine like the sun, think like a man, farm like an animal, feel and dream like in day and in night, respectively.

2. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea become a nation and live like demons of all classes of devils but we disclaim the spiritual assertions and connotations..

3. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea know no one but the Lord, and believe no one but His Beloved Son, and seek intercession from no one but the proud and sage and holy Mary, the mother of God.

4. We The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea delight in goodness and abhor sin and evilness as assented in the Holy Bible and therein the tenets of the Ten Commandments.

5. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea herein and thereafter remain the contingents and vassals of her/his honor Queen/King of England the heir to King David throne and the avowed leader of the State of Israel to eternity less one day.

6. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea herewith withstand tremors, fight locust and pestilence, feed and save the poor and the infirm, bow and acclaim the family of the Lord in all their ramifications in union and unity and of the same identity, faith and fame.

7. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea shall maim and acclimate any of those of humor of Judaism and Islam and any of therein of their denominations and clans, tribes and faith affiliations.

8. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea herein and thereafter incorporate Wollo, Tigray and Begemdir as honor and sage partners in an assumed confederation in a greater Tigray/Tigrigni of our ancestral aspirations.

9. We, The People of the Federal Republic of Eritrea shall thereafter be acclaimed as a new identity and shall be same and men of the Confederated States of Eritrea (CTE) with free distinct regions known as “Provinces,” and of four in number, to be named as the Province of Mensa, the Province of Wollo, the Province of Tigray and the Province of Begemdir.

10. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall abide and observe the rules and edicts of the main Mensa tribe in the region of Senhit and recognize their uniqueness and their isolationist desires to eternity less one day.

11. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall know and acknowledge the main Mensa tribe sage leader as the spokesman of all asunder of Mensa ancestry and His Holiness the Kentiba and therein shall be acclaimed as the Voice of the Lord and shall insist and install and intervene on all family matters of the entire black race, and even beyond, as deemed and asserted by the spirit of the Lord the that the Kentiba possesses. No Kentiba that run afoul of the Dealer of Life had ever lived and taken a single breath after his fatal deviation from the tenets of the Ten Commandments and the overall messages of the Lord and His Son, Jesus.

12. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States herein and therefore proclaim our manna server and garnisher of our taxes and settler of our debts and amasser of our national wealth and therein and thereafter as enshrined in our Constitution as the Minister of Finance and shall reign in value and duty as that of the people’s elected wonder of Eritrea and leader of our great and mighty nation.

13. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall be known with our uniqueness and the meaning of our nation’s name, Erit-rea (Revelation of Prophecy” and with all its spiritual aspirations and ramifications as angels of God and listeners of the same. Give him that aspires good the benefit of doubt but proclaim as heretic those that assume themselves as listeners of humor of God fetishly and remain him in the sale of his life.

14. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall demand and groom ourselves as proponents of evilness in all asunder and shall be proclaimed felons when in violation of farm and fame if found guilty of all manners of violations of any other nations family laws and edicts and signs. If an Eritrean is found of a death sentence nature his manna nation of acclaimed citizenship shall deliver him to him that is acclaimed of Eritrean Law Enforcement Agency and shall be hanged until he expires within his family jurisdiction of his choice and mind. No Eritrean shall be deprived of any of such a right unless culprit renounces his right to return and be hanged in his origin of mind and same ancestry.

15. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall know and acclaim that no Eritrean shall be stripped of his citizenship under any sort or kind of excuses and manner of anything except that of a cedetor and traitor.

16. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States shall know and acclaim that no Eritrean who willingly and voluntarily and without any malice and terror or maiming of all sorts of manner of torture that abandoned his post of duty as the protector of the nation shall be deemed eligible to call himself as an Eritrean and enjoy one, a few, many or even all the rights, privileges and pursuit of happiness exclusively issued for the benefit of a sage, sane and devout warrior, fearer, slitter of enemy of Eritrea and all sorts of defense mechanisms enshrined in the Constitution of Eritrea and assented by the people’s representatives and endorsed by the duly elected of the same manner of the head of the Government of Eritrea.

17. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States acclaim and claim that those who abscond and desert their warring posts of defense of Eritrea shall be deemed as traitors and enemies of the Confederated States of Eritrea and therein shall be dealt with in death-sentence until they expire to eternity. Those who expire abroad after their mortal felony, their bodies shall not be groomed and allowed to enter and be buried anywhere on Eritrean soil above and underground. This edict and vow shall be retroactive since the creation of the State of Eritrea and its confinement of its territory by the colonial masters and Italian savers from the hegemony of Menelik I and Haile Silassie.

18. We, The People of the Confederation of Eritrean States now and ne
Fri, 4 Jul 2014 05:31 EDT
Seemingly a woyane infiltrated spy told Andargachew Tege to go through yemen preparing there woyane to chatch Andargachew. Also it seems that woyane caught Andargachew and refused to handle him over to yemen authority. The president of yemen and his cabinet can arrest the criminal woyane security in yemen territory and close woyane embassy in yemen. Yemen can ask the immediate releases of Andargachew by giving to woyane a warning that unless woyane releases Anndargachew yemen will end its relation with ethiopia and the opposition will be allowed to open offices in yemenm. Tell this to yemen. Egypt can convince yemen, so an action in this way is necessary,
Maher Rizkallah
Thu, 23 Jan 2014 05:07 EST
Dear sir

Hope this mail finds you well.

Attached you`ll find my resume as I am applying for any vacancy at your embassy.

As you will see in my enclosed resume; i have a wide experience in administrative, travelling & banqueting work for more than e than 25 years.

I would like to thank you for reviewing my resume & hope you get in touch with me at +201001407645 or you can drop an e-mail at your convenience.

Truly yours,

Maher Rizkallah
Dr. Syoum Gebregziabher
Fri, 12 Jul 2013 17:57 EDT
entry visa expired vy few daysy
Please help Dr. Johannes Syoum who will arrive at international airport Cairo on his way to Eritrea from New York July 16. He is not able to get out from the airport to come to your office do not let him be stranded.His tel. 646 256 9470. Your consideration will not only be appreciated but it will also be an indication of your office efficiency and consideration.
Regards and best wishes I can be contacted

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