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Address12, Kropotinsky Per.
Moscow 115127
Phonelocal: (0499) 246.3096
international: +7.499.246.3096
Faxlocal: (0495) 246.1064
international: +7.495.246.1064

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Mon, 15 Oct 2018 03:52 EDT
السفاره شغاله بمزاجكوا؟
بعني انا اخبط مشوار يومين بالقطر و موقف مصالحي و في الاخر اجي الاقي ورقه
معفنه معلقينها علي باب السفاره انهم اجازه ١٥ و ١٦ و ١٧ اكتوبر ٢٠١٨
و لما اخبط علي الباب و العربيات راكنه في الداخل محدش يرد
ايه الاسفاف في التعامل دا
ملعون ابو اللي يدفع جنيه لدوله بنت وسخه علشان تقبض ناس فاشله زيكووو
Wed, 23 May 2018 06:42 EDT
أنا طالب سوري في روسيا و عائلي مقيمين في مصر ، أريد زيارتهم في عطلة نصف السنة و هذا بعد شهر من الآن
أرجو القبول و الرد السريع
انا عشت من قبل في مصر ولكن اقامتي المؤقتة انتهت عندما سافرت الى روسيا
Sat, 17 Sep 2016 13:47 EDT
it is not legal site
Tue, 6 Sep 2016 16:28 EDT
عايزه اعرف الجامعات الروسيه المعتمد بها فى مصر
Tue, 19 Jan 2016 15:19 EST
أية الأوراق المطلوبة للزواج من روسية في روسيا ؟؟؟؟
أرجو الرد
Costica Ganga
Sun, 1 Nov 2015 08:19 EST
Dear European Union and World

Dear European Union and World

This notorious process of Extermination continues incessantly, even more aggressively. Please enact the Legislation suggested below in order to be protected the Humanity and Planet, and mobilize please this entire Continent and the World not only European Union in order to regain the Freedom. Again invasion of Children. Please do not allow to the ones who created and developed this Mass Disaster for their interest, to order and dictate, contrarily arrest them and put in Hague for the rest of their life and the Planet will be safer. Thanks.

No American boots on this Continent and World!


United Nations!

Are you proud of yourself as an Organization vis a vis of what is happening to the Humanity and this Planet? Why do you not change your name and Policies?


Mr Draghi

There is the dilemma ‘the chicken or the egg’, which is raised by each individual at a stage, and is still a dilemma – which one was first. In my simple mind raised a second one: Draghi and God (not the Lord Jesus Christ) must be the same Phenomenon. The dilemma is; Draghi is the diminutive from God or God is the diminutive from Draghi?

Sir, you turned this Continent upside down every time when it was going to take the right way. A while ago with ‘whatever takes’ and yesterday 22/10/2015 with ‘more’ and the monstrosity is there 100%. Who gives you courage or (and) dispositions? Daddy Kerry? You are or were framed as the strongest or one of the ones. What for? For killing innocent people? Angels? What do you know apart Euros? If your family is in crisis and you have 3 children, what do you do? Kill and eat the oldest or the youngest one? Make your bags Seniore and go with your Daddy where you got this kind of not education – training - and leave this wonderful Continent; Europe in Peace. I am just one of 7 billions; earlier svegliato.

Take care,


Dear Humanity and Planet

Please do not start any conversation, do not make any plans, do not take any actions before being enacted the following Legislation, vital for the Humanity and Planet. Please do not make pouring more innocent blood and making suffer more innocent people. Do not give birth to other conflicts in order to dislocate more people. Focus everyone to the same target; the common enemy, the enemy of the Humanity, the enemy of the Planet whoever it is. People involved in these most notorious crimes found out that harvesting at first hand is more efficient than shopping around on Markets. It seems that the invasion of Europe did not give the expected results. All these crimes will be disvelieshed and punished some day. Please stop it ones and for ever. Thanks.

“Death Punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death Punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food, Cosmetic and other Industries, and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income, as well to the ones who provide these Human Being in order to be processed and the ones who assist in any way in this notorious process ’.


Dear all Countries members of UN

I sent this material yesterday 25/09/2015 to the UN Summit in New York, requesting to be considered the elaboration of the Legislation suggested below in order to be stopped the most notorious crimes well known, that occur allover the World. The problem is not unknown to you too, because I sent this request several times to all Embassies of each Country member or nonmember of UN; New York and Geneva, all email addresses found online at the level of UN Organization, all Organizations at Mondial level, Media and to any email address found online. I’m sending it now again as; all together to agree and to request (actually, to impose, to force immediately the elaboration of) this vital Legislation for salvation of the Humanity and Planet. Please also clean this Organization; most urgently of the ones that produce all these atrocities and oppose in enacting this Legislation. You 193 Countries, we 7 billions all together are the ones to decide the Humanity’s and Planet’s future. Thanks.


Dear European Union and especially Mr Donald Tusk

I have seen just for a few seconds images from yesterday meeting on TV, with encouraging directives, and especially the expression of Mr Donald Tusk – stopping totally the category of refugees: ‘flour’s or flowers’ ones, it was difficult to spell the word. Which one it is, please enact the suggested Legislation and is going to disappear even the word refugee. Please have the bravery and enact this Legislation and you will be in History for ever. Thanks.


Dear European Union
Please review this material and enact the vital Legislation. Thanks.


Dear Russia and Turkey

Please do not give birth to a new conflict, which could be of the huge dimensions. The United States of America with its United Nations, even the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other consumer Organizations can not wait to see and have more victims. Please focus to the same goal, the common enemy, the enemy of the Humanity and Planet. Please take in consideration the material below regarding the Legislation needed. Please together, liberate Syria, Iraq and other Countries in the area as the refugees to go back home, to restart a normal life. Thanks.


Dear European Parliament

This notorious process of Extermination continues incessantly, even more aggressive. Please enact the Legislation suggested below in order to be protected the Humanity and mobilize please this Continent not only European Union in order to regain the Freedom. Thanks.
No American boots on this Continent and World!


Dear United Nations

The last time when I communicate with your Organization at all levels it was just 2 months ago, in the second half of July, letter enclosed below. Since then, everything become worse and no measure has been taken, contrarily it is working harder for making this mass killing obvious, even Legiferating it. I just remind here the Barbarism that occurs in Middle East, Mediterranean Sea and most recent in Europe for the only reason – the most notorious crimes - for money.

Ones of the main protagonists in whole the Process are: the Catholic Church and the United Nations. If the two of Your Institutions would do what You are meant to do, everything would change in matter of hours. I do not mention the United States of America because it can be stopped only with purring of a lot of blood.

You, Mr Ban Ki-moon as I affirmed in the previous letters are direct involved, and aggressively not only encourage, but dictate the continuation of this odious process with expressions; must do ‘more’, we need ‘more’, we want ‘more’, and so on, ignoring completely your Organization’s Policies.

His Holiness Pope Francis seems that has nothing to do with Religion. All His trips take place exactly where there is opposition vis-à-vis of this monstrous process. This man does not respect the most fundamental notions of Religions, as – the 10 Commandments. This Criminal – Fascist Current which You are part of, ignores and even more, denigrates the Lord Jesus Christ, but the 10 Commandments are received by Mosses from God in Exodus at returning of Jewish People from Egypt I remember, according to the Old Testament, so are not coming from Lord’s Jesus Christ Teaching. Please, Your Holiness; take a look at 6th and 7th Commandments;

6 You shall not murder
7 You shall not commit adultery (not even the vaguest idea of involving children or breking families for or in favore of prostitution)

In this trip in America, in the first day I just listened to radio about the Climate Changing ‘not to continue in the next generation’, not - to stop it immediately - and the American Politicians took offense.

It was also reminded in regard with Human Rights the abolishing of Death Punishment in the US. Yes, indeed to be abolished for the ones as Jean Valjean, but to be enact immediately the texts suggested below requested and ignored for 2 years. This is the, and only solution.

Last night 24-25/09/2015, I watched on European TV Stations as it was attacked the Refugees problem; ‘we are not frightened by coming refugees on this Continent’ (as His Holiness would be US Citizen), and indicating with His right hand that will be stewed (the audience laughed copiously and clapped palms). What to be frightened of? And what to be processed? It is what US produced. All these people dislocated from Middle East and North of Africa is US opera, and US is direct responsible of everything.

As I mentioned above abusing children sexually and killing people; not to take place even in the darkest dreams of any Prelate or anyone linked with God, - no question in the mind and suggestions of the Head of the Catholic Churches.

If You Holiness (78 years of age) and You Mr Secretary General of UN (71 years of age) consider that it is the right thing in killing people and processing them in Food and others Industries, please, The Two of You sacrifice Yourselves today in order to convince the entire population of the Planet that this is the way of Humanity, and I, myself (62), although totally against (as much as 7 billions all together), I will obey and will be the 3rd one, and I suppose everyone else will do the same.

If not, please, because You have the power, elaborate today the texts below as Legislation, in order to be finished whole this massacre for ever, and all 7 billions of us to live in Peace. In order to have the demography wished, there is Chinese method. Thanks.


Dear UN
I wrote to this suppose to be; prestigious, powerful and responsible Organization before, I wrote also to all Embassies of the member Countries of this Organization; New York and Geneva several times for nothing more than requesting an appropriate Legislation in order to be protected the Humanity against YOU, and other DEVOURERS. It is just a Legislation in order to prevent the accustomed ones to these crimes, it is not killing at ‘High Way’ as is acting permanently now by criminals. This is:

“Death Punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death Punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income, as well to the ones who provide these Human Being in order to be processed ’.

If you do not solve this problem urgently, you do not justify your existence, you are unworthy and the Humanity does not need you anymore. It is your job to fight for this Legislation in order to protect the Humanity not mine. You are well paid for this purpose. Please act immediately

Dear Leadership of Europe

First of all I would be interested to know if everyone from the Leadership of this Continent – Europe, knows exactly its Geographic Coordinates.

What it is this Continent? In my deformed imagination appears in many and different forms and phenomenon, as:

• One village without dogs
• An animal as; the sneak which eats its own body starting with its tail
• A molecule from a discomposed corps which lost its chemical properties, left without stability, its electrons in desperation are looking for matching with other molecules and the nucleus that never was a real one is divided in 3 entities as volcanoes, without any power, but any time ready to erupt, to bang one to another, in order to obtain nothing but what could be done now, to eat each other.

Regarding the situation in which it is Europe now (the last homework as I defined it in a previous letter), and the as called refugees from the Middle East and especially from Syria:
• Who are they?
• The heroes of the Syrian Civil War?
• What the Civil War for?
• Which are the results?
• What is next?
Are we using them to make others 28 Civil Wars? That is exactly what is going to happen.

You, the Leadership of Europe with US and Media, know exactly what you are doing. Destroy totally this Continent with up to 50 cultures and civilizations. But as I affirmed also in the same letter before, You, Yourselves have no escape. If you knew exactly their number, and with your good intentions, why did you not organize bringing them in a civilized way without to disturb the entire Continent and to make so many children and other innocent people suffer?

We have seen a little while ago what has happened in Hong Kong, the Chinese Government tolerated it until become ridiculous and stopped it. I also wander haw would react the US if a number of hundreds of thousands would invade: Florida, California, Minnesota, Texas or any other part of it?

I am trying to describe what is happening here in Ireland and you will understand what is going to take place in each Country of Europe, even the no EU members as: Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina…..
In Ireland, there is a Mob of thousands, may be tens of thousands of people of different colors which reside permanently here. In weekends and even during the week are coming others from different EU Countries (bringing children, teenagers, adults and aged people for being processed in Food…..Industries).

This Mob although in the number described, they are always on streets and instead to be assimilated by Irish people, they assimilated the Irish ones, as the Irish seems to be in minority. They are allover the place; shopping around (I want to be direct they trap people in Shops, Pubs, Museums…. in order to be killed and processed). They also dominate any movements and events as; Elections, Referendums and other manifestations, as make Irish people invisible.

The process of Extermination take place also at the domestic level as; the elderly become waxy colored, zombies, losing weight until skin and bones, and disappear. The young ladies even from Schools are recruited for prostitution (high maths), are degrading quickly and also disappear. Not to mention children abused sexually (prostitute actually). Every day the number of homelessness rises and rises as; instead of disappearing the word homeless from dictionary, there are tens of Organizations, Departments and even a Minister for homelessness. A while ago when the number of homlesness was 10% of what is now, the Prime Minester of this Country Enda Kenny affirmed in front of the Nation (I’ve seen it with my eyes) that gave to Focus Ireland 1.5 billions Euros in order to sort out the homlesness problem. What did they do with that money? With that money could be built an entire town. But they were paid probably to generate and amplifie the fenomenum.

It is going on a campaign of; I suppose decriminalization of RAPE, as to be asked for consent or consensus (which one is more appropriate?) when make love?????????, but Media made it as ‘it is right to have sex without consent (discussion concluded between a campaigner who prostituted his own waif in Australia which was killed in that process, and the broadcaster Cathal Mac Coill (a Head activist of the entire Process) in ‘Morning Ireland’ Program of Radio Station RTE1 on 21/09/2015). What means? To ask your wife…. or who else….? Sickness.

In rural area also take place a phenomenon, probably to swa
Tue, 13 Oct 2015 06:31 EDT
Recognized universities
Want to know recognized Russian universities in Egypt
Ahmed Amin
Sat, 11 Jul 2015 12:36 EDT
Visa in airport
Hello, I am Egyptian student living in Italy. I have transit 1 day in Mosco. Can I have tourism visa in airport to see the city? and how? and for how much
Sun, 9 Nov 2014 03:17 EST
this is egypt embassy site
Wed, 5 Nov 2014 03:08 EST
MY brother Saad mohamed mahmoud Abaza
Brother Saad Mohammed Mahmoud Abaza heard he is cooped live in St. Petersburg do not know anything about 20 \ May ​​\ 2014 I hope to benefit Atmann it because my mother will die of anxiety and thank him

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