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Ecuadorian flag Consulate of Ecuador in London

Address144-146 King's Cross Road
First Floor
London WC1X 9DU
United Kingdom
Phonelocal: (020) 7451.0040
international: +44.20.7451.0040
Faxlocal: (020) 7451.0049
international: +44.20.7451.0049
Web sitehttp://www.consuladoecuador.org.uk/

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Mon, 25 Jul 2016 13:31 EDT
Thomas Gough
Fri, 5 Feb 2016 03:26 EST
Dear Julian,
I am a 75 year old Australian and I would like you to know that I(and many others) are appalled by the lack of support from our Govt for you ,stay strong and remember what goes around comes around.
I will be contacting my local member to voice my concerns re your treatment.
Thomas Gough.
Valar pirai
Mon, 11 Jan 2016 06:56 EST
Reg a solution for Julian assange's asylum problem
For all those who read this first forgive me for my poor english. Though my sentences incapable to flash a grammatical knowledge and attractive fluency in english, please see the real text content only. Don't see the grammatical errors. Already befor as i told earlierly, I have a solution for assange's asylum problem. Reg this matter 15 days before itself,(Christmas day) i directly tried to approach the russian embassy at (south india's) chennai office. But i'm unable to get the consulate general's appointment.
If assange, or assange supporters want to know that idea, i'm ready to tell always. but how could i know, confirm one person that he is or they are all assange's supporter, well wisher?? Also my solution is an one, that could not to be discussed in a public space. I fear that if it is unveiled in a public space, i may be killed. Almost like a secrete plan. How much it is workout, i too don't know exactly hundred percentage. But there may be a chance to get victory. so to share that idea with the chennai ambassador of russia, i contact for an appointment with their office through via so many mails, and via by through even direct phone calls. Nothing give any effort.
So i lost my patient and finally i went to the chennai office for a direct oral appointment with the consulate general of Russia on last christmas day (25.12.2015) But even in a direct oral trial i got failure to meet him.
The russian embassy ambassador of chennai (situated in the south india, one of the indian state tamil nadu's capital.) didn't show any interest to know my idea. Though i try to explain it to his junior level staff. But what ever i told, he is not the proper authorized person to implement my idea. The ambassador only the proper authorized person. So, He again adviced me to sent a detailed mail or a letter with full reason for the appointment.
because in any of my previous appointment requesition mails, i never obviously unveil the reason for the appointment. Since assamge matter is a sensitive one. But after that my Christmas meet, all my mails which are to be sent to the important (indian city-chennai, mumbai, kolkatta, goa) Russian embassy offices got permanently failure. language problem is also a reason. The only well versed language i know is my mother tongue tamil only. since my idea is a contravercy idea, the english known people too afraid to translate it.
In this reg, next what to do? I too get confusion. Can Any body tell an idea?
My contact whats app, hike, No is at present as follows. +918760304889.
Valarpirai pirai (Waxing moon)
Wed, 23 Sep 2015 02:54 EDT
Reg an online video petty appointment with julian assange
In my previous comment, i mention that i and chidhambaram's wife (congress' the ex finance minister of india) belong to a same native. The reason behind to give such particular is not due to the motto of black money matter. That much dare i don't have, since because of i'm a lay man. But

Just to get a focusable, attractable, attention on my demand, request, i give such particulars. But My main, entire motto is entirely different from this black money matter.

If suppose, chidambaram supporters have a chance to see this comment content, and misunderstood about this, then what could happen to my life, family really i too don't know. Nothing to guarantyly tell now itself. Even i may be sentenced to death. (i may be killed through an unidentified accident, or killed even through by a direct, indirect attack etc, etc)

i'm not joking. This is the real truth. Not only in my native country, land, even in that london city itself there may be plenty, and plenty, countless supporters to him. Not only chidambaram, also his son did love marriage, i think. So in that way, their family belongs to 2, 3 different major caste. In india, about india, you don't have a chance to know that caste, race, religious, political fanaticism is how much cruel. leaders, actors need not to give any instruction, commands to their followers, fans directly or indirectly. If suppose their followers, fans mistakenly undertood any issue, that is enough.
then what could happened, no body guess.

All these (my) risks are taken by me, (only due to) in order to get an online video petty appointment from ju.assange.

Another great fact, truth is, i too don't have a sufficient time in my life. I'm in an extream end. My doctors also said that my count down is starting. It is almost come to an end, and now it is membered, it may be in days, or month. Not even in yrs, i think.

So before to my end of life, i want to clarify my 18 yrs suspense quest which can be answerable, solvable by only two(or very, very, very..... rare few) people in this planet. Assange is one of a rare such person who has the capable to give an answer to my 18 yrs doubt.

Yes, i bear, carry this taavincy code type secret, suspense, riddle, puzzle quest etc, etc,... past 18 yrs in my life.

Never i expect in my life that there is a chance finally coming to bring it to the kind attention of the famous wiki leak's julian assange. But fortunately it is not only a puzzle which is to be opened by, solved by assange, but also a key map of freedom to assange's present asylum jail life. This is the main, notable point to kept in mind. This time, i believe u that u must do a favourable help in this regard. If assange accept to give such an online video petty appointment, pl inform it atleast 15 days before.

Thanking you.
valar pirai
Tue, 22 Sep 2015 21:52 EDT
reg an online video chatting with wiki leak's julian assange
you mentioned below that "This web site is not operated by the Consulate and your comments and questions will not necessarily be seen by its staff. Please note that this is not a forum for broad debate about the foreign policy of Ecuador, and such topics will be deleted". but even though, i believe, hope that if u have a real willingness to help persons like me, and if u decided to help me, no more, it is not at all a matter.

marxist engels told a point in his book, " the origin of family, private property and the state" (pg-35, 36). here i once again want to remind to all those people who want to give their moral support to wiki leak's julian assange. in that book, when engels narrate about the McLennan’s followers, he said like given below. i give below that words in his own writings.

....... "More over, he resolved them in such a way that he had only to state his case for it to become obvious at once; and the McLennan worshippers, hitherto confusedly staggering about between exogamy and endogamy, were almost driven to beating their foreheads and exclaiming: How could we have been so stupid as not to have discovered all this for ourselves long ago!

And, as though this were not crime enough to prohibit the official school from treating him with anything else but cold indifference, Morgan filled the cup to overflowing not only by criticising civilisation, the society of commodity production, the basic form of our present-day society, after a fashion reminiscent of Fourier, but also by speaking of a future transformation of society in words which Karl Marx might have used."

hisory is nothing but, same incidents happening again and again. now in my life also, in my native land i too realised the above mentioned margan life experience. That experience will surely help to assange. believe me. i'm not telling lie. since i don't have fluency in english, i'm unable to explain it. but if i got an online video appointment, surely i'll explain it with the help of some proffessional translators. among them, though no body come forward to translate my written language, almost they are all ready to help a translation help in a direct conversation.

valar pirai, first you got assange's appointment. then approach us. surely we'll help you. they replied like above. so finally all depond upon the hand of you and mr. ju.assange's online video petty. one more aditional, final news. My native is, india's ex financial minister (congress capinet minister) mr.sidambaram's wife native. now all they are settled in delhi. once upon a time their ancestors belong to my native. still now, most of their caste people, and some of their relatives live here. among them so many people dissatisfied on him, when his name is in ur indian black money list politician.
valar pirai
Sat, 19 Sep 2015 08:59 EDT
once more alert
This IS AGAIN once more time from south india's valarpirai. pl, let ecuador embassy staffs and mr.julian assange read this small msg.

In the history, some times even genius did mistakes, failed to notice the very small tiny matters that seemed to be a neglegible one in the begining, first sight. but later they will realise, "oh! how much mistake, we did! This could happen very often in the chess game. Due to a blender mistake, some times world champion loose their victory. ordinary player got a victory.

if you need a proof from the recent history, pl go to the marxist engel's book named, "origin of family, private property, and the state." in that book's pg no-35 last line, pg- no 36 top paragraph will tellthe proof for my argument. in every generation such a situation always occur. but we are only fail to learn lessons from history.

my contact mobil nos as follow. +918807045889, +919585025889,
whats app no +918760244879.
Fri, 18 Sep 2015 01:59 EDT
A lion and mouse
This is again from south india's valarpirai. Pl, Let ecuadorian embassy staffs and julian assange read this small msg.

I hope, believe that We r all read or heard about the small story in our childhood elementary school days, "A lion and a mouse. Lion, the king of forest once a time caught in a hunter's net. That time a small species mouse saved the lion's life by releasing it from the net with the help of it's sharp edged teeth.

I beg the ecuadorian embassy's staff and mr.julian assange to heard this small above story's moral lesson.

Don't weight, ignore my words like a waste man's, mad man's weightless, meaningless word. Just think about the above moral story's moral lesson.

Past 18 yrs i bear, carry a Small, simple, but at the same time a peculiar, complicated secret news (like a taavincy code type secret suspense) in my life.

But, Nobody in this world care about it, since because it is not connected with them in any way directly. But It is still now connected with each and every body in this world indirectly in our life. I hope, believe Even more it is connected with persons like ju.assange and myself. But i'm unable to (re)solve it lonely. If there is a willing from assange side, I believe, hope that with the help of ju.assange, it could be solved.

All above this, fortunately, it is straightly, directly connected with the assange's asylum release. so, to assange, there is no reason to refuse it. For me, it is a puzzle, mystery, riddle, a new type of taavincy code secret. But for assange, in my point of view, no more It is a puzzle, secrete suspense, mystery etc, etc. First of all it is not at all a puzzle, riddle etc, etc, first it is is a key of release for his present house arrest jail life. Then only, it is a new type of taavincy code secret, puzzle etc, etc, ...

So in this situation, how can ecuadorian embassy, or assange refuse my demand?, i don't know! There is not even a single reason to refuse it.
valar pirai
Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:17 EDT
A few optimistic words about assange's freedom
respected sir,

I’m from south india. I don’t have a fluency and grammatical knowledge in English. So pl forgive me, if there is any grammatical errors in this comment. But pl see the real text, content. i'd a solution for the assange's asylum problem. if the Ecuadorian embassy have a real willingness in his release from all his present trouble, pl heard this (my) voice. i'd an easy simple secrete solution to this complicated problem. but i want to share that idea with only to assange, since i too need a help from assange. The help which i expect from assange is having a peculiar nature that it could only offered by and possible by mr. Julian assange only. In this 750 crore world population, as I know there is only two or.... very very rare few persons who has the capable to do that great help for me. Receiving such help from other few rare persons are almost seemed to me as an impossible one, Except assange. Either that help or his release from that asylum jail life, is nothing but the same. I hope, believe that My doubt and assange’s release, I mean both of our problem is peculiarly connected with a common link , that could be solved by persons like assange only.

So that’s why, For that help, like a debt of gratitude, I want to give a simple secret idea that may be very helpfull to get rid of from his all present trouble. I too don’t know how much my idea is work out? Whether it is work out for a cent percentage or to a fraction of centum ? I too don’t know exactly, but I hope, believe that it is work out to a considerable extent. so that's why, i want to speak personnely with assange directly atleast through by an online video chatting. If it is possible, pl contact my following contact mobile nos. +919585025889, +918807045889, whats app no +918760244879.
pina bello
Tue, 25 Aug 2015 10:54 EDT
yellow fever
I am travelling to Ecuador and was checking if I need yellow fever vaccine.

galapagos tour and some highland regions.

please help if you can. Regards. Pina
johanmagnus vonmalmborg
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 10:49 EDT
To president Obama and to J Assange regarding some prepsychotic women
See my blog vonmalm.blogg.se and see my home page www.mefra.se about a tape given by Waylon Jennings and containing a pssage used in the murder of a foreign minister in Sweden according to my observations.
You may find the tape content given to me by Waylon Jennings fooled to it by a Swedish group in Oklahoma and not avaliable in stores, at my home page http/www.mefra.se illustrating the modus operandi by a Swedish militant group against men, the modus operandi that was used by the killers of late foreign minister Lindh as far as can be judged by what is presented in my letter. I happen to be cardiologist and trained to find subliminal murmurs and inclusions in a laughter in a recorded tape as in the tape made by Jennings and the Swedish group in Oklahoma City although obviously the local authorities were supposed to be blamed for it. It was included by a Swedish expert in cognitive science and used in an attempt to attack me when I was there and adopted the lasermicroscope methodology from the Apolloproject to biomedical research which gave the Nobel price in 2014. Now, my message concerns also Julius Assange and a group in Sweden and the President of USA and actually everyone with heart- and vessel disease such as stroke and AMI that might have been cured by the research the Swedish group tried to stop because they were afraid that a research finding by me published by the group could become known to the public as it helped a person to get a place in the Royal Nobel price committee. The group was similar to the one persecuting J Assange and trying to blame US authorities for it but actually consists of insane women, some of whom were drafted to the group as they wanted to help women in India from persecution before they turned insane. This letter also contains a message to Jönsson who is responsible for the payment of my salary withheld by the group as they thought that would make me easier to attack after I revealed their secret actions in USA. I also beg the president to look at the possibility that this group by the cognitive influence on pre-psychotic individuals might be behind the bomb in Oklahoma City and in Oslo as the expert in cognitive influence and some other criminal persons in Swedish authorities obviously were involved in booth instances as in the murder of our foreign minister 2003 by usage of the subliminal technique for cognitive influence on persons with the kind of disturbance shown to me when my salary was withdrawn and my house taken and a flat taken and my brother killed and there were attempts to pretend my stolen scientific paper published by the professor in Sweden in 1977 should be what they called at hostile writ but never explained they were referring to my finding published as an advertisement to bypass referee as the results were ok but the methods do not work for such conclusions by the professor and the group trying to pretend the manuscript was stolen in USA ten years after that publication.

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