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Dr. Richard Pendarvis
Tue, 9 Sep 2014 14:18 EDT
Faroe Islands Atrocities
The fact that Denmark is signatory to the EU habitat safety agreement is rather hypocritical. Your navy went out to support the killing of whales in the Faroes even though you agreed to the treaty to stop this practice.

I realize you must not care. Please understand that I and many Americans care. We will not be buying products from Denmark or traveling to Denmark. I for one will never even step on a Denmark flagged cruise line.

I hope that you will honor your own international commitment.
Diana Leigh Waldron
Tue, 9 Sep 2014 08:26 EDT
injustice in the Faroes
I’m so disappointed at the Danish government’s collusion with illegal whaling in the Faroes, and in particular the actions against Sea Shepherd volunteers who were protecting the whales. This behavior shows the nation in a very bad light. I certainly will not plan any travel to Denmark or purchase any Danish products as long as the government condones whaling in flagrant violation of EU regulations. Please, drop all charges against the Sea Shepherd volunteers, release all Sea Shepherd property, and do your job in enforcing anti-whaling regulations in the Faroes and putting an end to the grindadrap immediately. Thank you for your consideration.

Diana Leigh Waldron
Jacksonville, FL, USA
Don Watson
Mon, 8 Sep 2014 01:27 EDT
Do not deport Sea Shepard volunteers and uphold laws against whaling. Join the nation if right not wrong!
K E Conway
Sun, 7 Sep 2014 01:46 EDT
danish navy supports killing of Whales
Why is the danish navy working alongside the whale killers of the faroe islands? Denmark is a member of the anti-whaling European Union, yet a danish navy vessel and helicopter were on site as a family (including infants, juveniles and pregnant females) of 33 Pilot Whales was slaughtered august 30 in faroe islands.
Denmark needs to stand up and put an end to this barbaric grind and work to protect the Whales, instead of arresting and hauling off the 14 brave volunteers that were trying to keep this family group of Pilot Whales alive that bloody day.
Fiorella Canizalez
Fri, 5 Sep 2014 13:20 EDT
Denmark in violation of anti whaling European Union
Do not deport the brave volunteers of sea shepherd grind stop, their lives where put at risk as they were handcuffed and thrown on a helicopter which could have failed and been ditched at sea. They would have been killed like those innocent whales! The whales belong to no one its a human right to defend them!
P.E. Peters
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 22:47 EDT
Denmark Violates EU Laws And Treaty
So now the Danish Navy has a free hand to violate E.U. law? So now Denmark feels it can willfully violate treaties to which it's a signatory?

That's exactly what happened this past Saturday, as units of the Danish Navy acted in support of the Faroese grindadrap (whale slaughter), in direct violation of the laws and treaties in effect in the European Union, of which Denmark is a member.

This is shameful! This is outrageous! The "grind" itself is barbaric and serves no useful purpose but to slaughter endangered whales. Whales, as it has been proven, have brains more developed than our own, have family structure, have language, and even have personal names. They are INTELLIGENT. Just because they have no opposable thumbs, they get slaughtered?

This is a call to Denmark to obey the laws and treaties by which THEY are bound, as a member nation of the E.U., laws and treaties they evidently feel they have the option to entirely ignore.

The members of Sea Shepherd were illegally detained in Danish custody and their property was illegally seized by the Danish Navy. If the Faroese police wish to apprehend Sea Shepherd for violation of Faroese law, then it is up to THEM to do so. When those Faroese laws are in direct contradiction of E.U. laws and treaties, the Danish Navy is prohibited from taking any action in support of the Faroese authorities, is it not?

I am more than simply disappointed at the actions of the Danish Navy. I am appalled.
Laura Jackson
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 17:42 EDT
No need to kill whales
Please stop killing the whales. What earthly purpose does it serve? We need to support our cousins of the sea. No one in your country will go hungry if you don't kill them. I've always had a high opinion of your country, not so much any more. Leave the Sea Shepherds and the whales be.
Heather Fadden
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 15:56 EDT
Whales have something to teach you
Accepting the right of other beings to exist in their natural environment has proven too hard to stomach for you. Impounding Sea Shepherd vessels and people in their efforts to protect the rights of voiceless whales does not make your butchering any more appetizing. There has to be a time when your actions resound on the world stage in a better way than this. I have no applause for you yet. I don't care how much of your blood I carry I have more humanitarian taste than mercury poisoned ocean creatures and the time stolen from people for protecting them. I support Sea Shepherd and do do whales.
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 15:24 EDT
Please don't support obsurdity
Please put pressure on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to NOT support deportation for an offense so small that, it only carries a 1000 kr fine. The Sea Sheperds are just trying to do what's right, can you please do the same? All of this nonsense that they have been put through only shows that said country would rather mistreat and deport people than to face the facts (now that they are known) and realize that slaughtering these animals is not only wrong but unnecessary. Don't let them hide behind the umbrella of "tradition" any longer. We don't want to be remembered in history book as "The Barbaric Age" and we are on our way to that unless all this brutality comes to an end NOW!
Keyla Barahona
Mon, 18 Apr 2011 13:48 EDT
Danish Permit as a researcher
I want to apply for a residence/work permit to Denmark as a university researcher. I have already arranged the academic part with the Technical University of Denmark but I have a question regarding the submission of the ST2 form.
I'm currently at Los Angeles and from what I have read in the web site of the danish consulate at LA, it says that Residence/Work permit issues are handled by the Danish Consulate at New York. The question is how should I submit my application:
1. Do I have to personally go to New York, or
2. Can I submit it in the consulate of Los Angeles and from there my papers are sent by regular mail to the New York consulate, or
3. Can I send myself the papers via regular mail to the consulate in NY.
Another question, I also have to submit my passport as part of the application and I will get it back once a decision has been made regarding my case, right?
Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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