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Jens Baur
Thu, 23 Jul 2015 13:32 EDT
Faroe Island Debacle
To the Danish Government: A most urgent plea for sanity regarding the debacle in the Faroe Islands.

Date: 23-07-2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

Excuse me please for not knowing your name and title. However, as I hope that this email will be read by as many of your colleagues as possible I could not address this just to one person in particular. Therefore this is a generic letter to all of you that comprise the Danish Government. An open letter if you will.

You may wonder who I am. This is of no consequence, suffice to state that it is what I have to say that is of paramount importance.

Without doubt, you will have received very many letters, telephone calls and emails with regard to the hideous acts perpetrated in the name of ´tradition´ in the Faroe Islands. By this, I mean of course what is colloquially known as the Grindärap. The Faroe Islands are a protectorate of Denmark and therefore the responsibility for what occurs there in a legal (and illegal) sense emanates from yourselves and fellow Danes who occupy responsible positions by dint of public mandate. But do not forget that there is also a legal mandate - embodied under EU Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. The capture or killing of Cetaceans is prohibited.

There is also the IWC international moratorium on the harassment and persecution of Cetaceans.


Without ambiguity, it is illegal to kill these mammals. Many of them as you will know are greatly depleted in number, some are maintaining a precarious balance, others hover at the point of extinction - and lamentably, some have already passed the point of no return.

In the case of Pilot Whales, these are not currently deemed to be endangered but surely that is not a debate because in truth, they should not be marked for slaughter in any case. Why should they be? Can anyone offer one valid, moral reason that would stand up to scrutiny - other than to hide behind non-excuses and invented syntax that enables those with little but a ´pain in the brain´ some sort of immoral hiding place from which to deny culpability? Guilt by silence. Guilt by inaction. Guilt by extension. And for those that offer no solution, I say to you that you are then part of the overall problem. There can be no excuse - and no excusing the inexcusable. There is no moral standpoint either. Period.

Cetaceans are at the apex point of intelligent sentient beings in the oceans - or if I may term it more succinctly, the aquatic realms. They have an advanced language and show all of the traits that we would attribute to intelligence. If we are to rate intelligence correctly, then Cetaceans certainly are intelligent life forms - and have no hostile intent to humanity - quite the opposite in fact.

In 2015, mankind has (generally speaking) moved towards some sort of awareness and often more benevolent stance towards various species that share our mutual planet. Those that have by nature evolved over millions of years to live in the oceans are not at all dependent on the whim of man, as to `if ´ they should be allowed to exist or not. They exist because nature - or a creator - deemed it so.

It is not humanity´s right to alter or negate the very existence of other life forms! To do so would be the equivalent of NASA discovering life elsewhere and then wilfully destroying it. As you must know, there are laws that forbid this in any case. And it is right that such laws have been created. You might acknowledge then, that there is legal precedence in existence that decrees what is legal and what is not. If it strikes you as absurd that we would murder a species on another planet, then I put it to you that it is inconceivable that this freely occurs on our own, of which we are the caretakers, being the dominant species. I did not say the most intelligent, but I did say dominant.

Humanity has great power, but with great power comes great responsibility. And thus those within our responsibility are deserving of and have an inalienable right to our protection. Consider that for a moment.

Pointedly, the Faroese are not Aboriginals that depend upon the occasional slaughter of a whale for subsistence. In fact, it is ludicrous to even suggest that the murder of Pilot Whales has any relevance, or significance - except in the minds of those that perpetrate it for no other reason than their forefathers did. Old habits die hard. But die they must.

It would be useless to address this hard-core bunch of depraved ignoramuses, who live at some otherwise unremarkable outpost of the world. Instead, right thinking minds in tune with reality have the sober duty to enact laws that forbid this outrage. And it is an outrage. A stomach churning, vile and unacceptable criminal act against a defenceless, benign intelligent species that happen to have had the misfortune to pass the Faroe Islands on their migratory travels. And then to be terrified into a dead end with some thug astride it preventing it from escaping. To mercilessly face the hideous ordeal and purgatory that awaits.

I ask you in all common decency how you can permit such an atrocity to occur in your own backyard? That you can issue a mandate for it, as if you were ordering something of no consequence, other than to placate a mob of thugs and hooligans with iron bars and other paraphernalia that belongs more in a chamber of Dark Ages medieval horrors or a nightmare, than in actual reality. Have we not moved then into the period of Enlightenment, post Dark Ages? Apparently not.

People must lead by example. The example you have shown as a nation of the enlightened portion of our world falls lamentably short of that by a disappointingly significant degree. Instead, you are in the unenviable position of being viewed as nothing more then elevated pariahs, or some sort of banana republic sandwiched between other so-called civilised nations of the EEC.

Just what is it going to take to bring you to a state of being that qualifies you to be called right thinkers? Because, right thinking leads to right actions. Your actions are anything but right. You will be aware that there is a mounting groundswell of international disgust, revulsion and rightful anger against the Faroe Islanders and of course, the spotlight is now focusing on Denmark. Indeed, it is fair and proper to recognise that there are many Faroese and Danish people who would be relieved to rid themselves forever of this bag of poison that weighs so heavily on their psyche. Little wonder, when one considers the blood curdling screams of the Pilot Whales, as they are butchered with nothing on their decapitated beaten death masks but grimaces frozen into the scar of "Why?"

And let us honestly appraise the pollutants and toxicity of the oceans. Not only is it unwise of us to eat anything that lives in it - has it not occurred yet to anyone that the living creatures we are making a cess pool of their habitat into, have enough to contend with already - ? Quite apart from that, the oceans are our weather system and crucial in the oxygenation of our planet. A glance at any scientific map will show you the radioactive plume emanating from Fukushima that is killing the Pacific Ocean. The floor of the Gulf of Mexico resembles the Moon. There is even a plastic ocean. The situation is generally very dire and continually worsening. Humanity is at fault, not the creatures that we contaminate and annihilate without a backward glance or any remorse.

If you remove mankind from the general scheme of things, then you would have a harmonious and perfect world. Is humanity some form of mistake -? Some sort of generically evil presence - ?

You should feel remorse, shame, guilt and a deep seated sadness for being culpable in the enactment of an annual atrocity. I call upon you to examine your consciences and to do what is right. Of course, there are so many dreadful things that happen on a daily basis all around our earth. But this does not mean that we, the right thinkers, should not challenge those issues and seek to change them for the better. That is what right thinking struggles to achieve. Our planet is home - the only home - to all precious life. We must respect and protect that life and to provide sanctuary, because our own selfishness is forcing our presence everywhere, with no regard for anything except our own proliferation.

The mood of the general population shows an awareness that not only are we wholly responsible for all that has befallen the planet, but that we are likely not alone in the universe. I would suggest that before anyone comes calling, that we show respect, benevolence and sanctuary to other intelligent forms of life right here. We need not look to the distant stars for sentient life - it exists around us in abundance. To murder it, assault it and to sanction the actions of those that perpetrate it is not ´just´ an earthly crime - it is a Universal crime. It is a crime of truly cosmic proportion. I implore you, in the name of all that is good in humanity, to show and lead by example. To not do so, is to lower yourselves, to regress into the knuckle dragging slime from which we came from, and to forever hang your heads in shame for the crime you have ´legalised´ in the Faroe Islands.

For pity´s sake where is your compassion and right thinking? There is no moral stance, no viable excuse and no reason that this horror should be tolerated. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Tragically, one that is not confined to the Faroe Islands. From every compass point from the Fjords to the Faroes, from New Zealand to Canada there is nothing but similar acts of madness. More than at any time in living memory, what happens in someone´s backyard now affects someone or something else on the other side of the planet.

Unless we move forward, we stagnate. Evolution demands that we advance, painful as it may be, stuttering as it may be. The aquatic realms are the legacy of everyone on our planet, those yet to come - and pointedly those souls that live in it, who must be protected at all costs. There is a pressing need that the oceans be declared an inviolable permanent sanctuary. If you were a Pilot Whale, I think you would have reasonable grounds for nauseating fear and a vested interest in the matter?

Anyone that does not comply with a standardised, global law must face serious unequivocal penalties. Until such a law comes into force, it is up to your Government to devise, enact and police such law in your part of the globe. You have a non negotiable obligation to do so. The lives and fates of the dwellers of the aquatic realms are non negotiable. They never were.

With the urgency the matter requires, on behalf of those that would ask if they could, and on behalf of those that for whatever reasons are unable to do so.
Ultimately I write to you on behalf of those with voices and a language we are too unintelligent to as yet understand, let alone kill or make captives of.

How do you wish to be remembered - ? As part of humanity that promoted good over evil, sanity over insanity - or as part of it that did nothing? Right thinking leads to right actions. Ergo: This should be our vision, stated aim and mission statement :-

“On this day and date, humanity has declared that the Aquatic Realms are forever protected as SANCTUARY and its inhabitants protected by all nations and peoples. WARNING: Anyone violating this international treaty via pollution, harassment or other form of interference will be subject to a minimum 10 years imprisonment, mandatory fines and seizure of property.”- Secretary General, United Nations

Andy Martin

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer can have the last words:

“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality."

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident.”

“Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another.”

“Obstinacy is the result of the will forcing itself into the place of the intellect.”

“Human life must be some form of mistake.”

The pod is still fighting but more and more boats have arrived. The Danish Navy ship RASMUSSEN has blocked the BRIGITTE BARDOT. The pod appears to be between 100 and 200 Pilot Whales. Numerous people are gathering on the beach near Borg ready to spill hot blood into the sea.
The whales have little chance to avoid death at the hands of these killers who are armed with such traditional advantages as motorized boats, cel-phones, sonar, radar and radios and of course with the traditional Naval warships standing guard in defence of the serial killers of the Ferocious Isles.
Another proud day for Denmark and the Danish Navy as the barbarian hordes prepare once again to display their vile viciousness to the world.

Dominican Republic
christin birkhan
Fri, 19 Sep 2014 13:19 EDT
shame on denmark

I would urge you to drop the charges in the case of those arrested for trying to save 33 pilot whales on 30th August.

Why, as a member of the anti-whaling European Union, are you aiding and abetting the Faroese in killing whales and how do you intend to deport Europeans from Europe for defending whales in accordance with European regulations that prohibit whaling?\

Shame on you. These animals should be protected.

This will hurt your tourism extremely …. as conscious people that love animals of this world would never ever travel to your country, unless its to fight agains you harming those poor animals.

They have no voice… I am their voice… United we will show the world your horrendous killings of wild free creatures.
Thu, 31 Jan 2013 23:07 EST
Honorable Consul.
Please advise how a Crew with Dominican Nationality can obtain a Transit Visa for Denmark, in order to join a Vessel!
Please reply at vipcaribbean@yahoo.com,
Michael Poulsen
Mon, 31 Dec 2012 05:50 EST
Vaccacion visa
Hi, i live in Denmark and i am Danish citizen, i have a dominican friendthat would like to visit me , is visa for visiting me for up to 3 months posible, and what do We have to do, how long time does it take to get a visa

I guess we need a returnn ticket, but what more do We need
Fri, 1 Jun 2012 18:14 EDT

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