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Sun, 7 Feb 2016 01:12 EST
Garments and vegetable Buyer
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Proprietor of Tashfin Trade InT'l, Dhaka, Bangladesh, We want to export all Kind of knit and woven garments item for the Men's Women & Children wears and fresh vegetable and jute product from BANGLADESH . you can check our price/quality/delivery. time/workmen ship, and Fabrication also, Hope we will give you good price, Good quality, & on time shipment.
Hope we will get the support & co-operation from your end, so we are looking for Your positive reply.

Thanks & B/Rgds.


Tashfin Trade int'l
House # 64, Road # 14,DIT , Rampura
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Cell # +880 1705110346
Email : sawdamoni@yahoo.com
Jenni G
Tue, 4 Mar 2014 01:39 EST
Legal Animal brothels in Denmark
Hi, Can you please confirm that what was posted on Facebook the other day re LEGAL ANIMAL BROTHELS where sick debauched weirdo's rape animals - eg DOGS, CATS, BIRDs is in fact LEGAL in Denmark? Looking forward to a reply from you stating NO.
Cher Veneris
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 13:46 EST
Giraffe murdered publicly?
What is the story with the Giraffe in the Danish zoo?Slaughtered publicly with a bolt gun in front of children,then chopped up and fed to lions?This is the story circulating on the net.I hope it is not true and if it is true you are giving yourselves a bad name internationally.Even if it was a necessary death, a public execution and dismemberment is out of order.I have been at that zoo.I thought Denmark would have known better.
Jenny Walsh
Sun, 9 Feb 2014 19:02 EST
Not such a 'civilised'country...
Our families had planned to spent Christmas 2014 in Denmark, visiting the markets, ice skating. We’ve never been to Copenhagen and a friend has been extolling its virtues for some years.

However having read the disgusting story about Marius the giraffe being put down because of ‘inbreeding rules’ we shall never visit your country and indeed we shall make sure everyone we know shares the same sentiment. Denmark has always sold itself as a civilised country but this act of wanton killing and ensuing voyeurism has given it a public persona akin to that of Japan and its attitude to whales and the dolphin killing fields of Taiji. This is no ethical institution – it’s about sheer arrogance and power. The zoo had alternatives. Placing the giraffe in a wildlife park where the animal could be enjoyed by people… it doesn’t always have to be about breeding! And Yorkshire too could have housed another male giraffe…all within the sanctity of the breeding program!

As wildlife film makers of more than 30 programs (National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet) we understand well about the ubiquitous ‘breeding program’ But zoos often get lost in their own sense of importance. Few animals raised in a zoo will ever be released into the wild despite the hyperbole pumped out by these institutions. Zoos are there for the education and entertainment of people and as long as an animal looks good and doesn’t show any signs of inbreeding they’ve done their job.

Denmark has shown the cynical side of zoos. Baby animals bring in visitors and money but the incentive to breed new baby animals inevitably leads to overpopulation. Given Marius’ common genes’ why then wasn’t he euthanized at birth? A rhetorical question...
Fri, 9 Aug 2013 01:25 EDT
mary donaldson
mary donaldson is a prostituite amd a blugger on the Danish people ,Danish citizen
David Javadi
Mon, 7 Jan 2013 21:32 EST
I am looking for my lost son in Denmark
Please help me to find my lost son in Denmark. He came to Denmark with name Ali K. Javadi when he only was five years old. He emigrated to Denmark together with his mother "Shahin Aghazadeh" in I think 1988 .
They came to Aalborg and got residence in that city for about six or more years, Then I think they moved to Copenhagen and I don't know any more about their current positions. He now must be about 29 years old and I have lost my contact with him when he only was 14 years old. Their CPR shoud maybe is 6970 or some digits up or down. He's born in Iran in 1983 or 1984. Please help me to find him, He's two sisters & a brother whom he don't know about them ... Please help me, Here's my contacts details as below:
Email: shahita.love@yahoo.com
Mob. : 0469 151 496
Tess Lynch
Sat, 3 Nov 2012 04:48 EDT
Denmark must Stop The Whale And Dolphin Slaughters!
The mass slaughter began as soon as they reached the shallows…

...“Tweeteet…tweeeeeet…” The pregnant whale mother thrashed through the water as if she were heading to so many directions at once. “claack…claack” Echolocating in frenzy. Confused where the shore, the deep, and the horizon were. Everywhere she turned, Faroe boats surrounding her pod of over a hundred pilot whales were chasing them toward land.

Faroe Islanders call it “drive hunt” or “grind.” Centuries-old tradition of killing whales rationalized as “Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling” to benefit over 50,000 people inhabiting the eighteen islands of this protectorate of Denmark.

Each islander receives just about 22 pounds of whale meat a year. It really doesn’t matter if they want it or not. They get it just the same.


The 24 feet long whale mother was vocalizing her alarm. Her mate, swimming at a distance from the pod, heard her. He could have slipped away to safety but he swam toward the scene of impending carnage without any hesitation.

“Tweeeeet…tweeeeeet…tweeteeet…” He replied as if to assuage his mate’s terror.

Schools of pilot whales, known as pods, often a single extended family of hundreds of individuals, form an exceptionally cohesive social group with sophisticated communication method. They can live for over 60 years: females reaching maturity at around eight years and males at around twelve years.

Pilot whales are predisposed to stay together for the rest of their lives. An innate sense of solidarity finds them sticking it out together even in dangerous situations. One animal’s trouble is everybody’s business, making the whole pod band together and face trouble as one community. They won’t abandon each other.

Tweeeeeerrrk! The pregnant whale shrilled, terrified.

A boat’s hull rammed onto her flukes and she found herself pushed in shallow water along with more than a dozen other whales, stranded.

And the bloodbath began…

The whalers, young and old alike, brandishing knives, spears, and iron hooks, waded toward the helpless whales. One of them slammed a heavy metal crowbar-like hook, called gaff, into the pregnant whale’s ultra-sensitive blowhole.

Then they drag her onto the shore where they sank a six-inch whaling knife past her flesh about a hand’s breadth behind the blowhole. The dorsal cut severed the spinal cord and the surrounding vessels leading to the brain.

The pregnant whale was paralyzed, bleeding profusely. As she lost her consciousness, she realized that the waters had turned brilliant red with the blood of other whales, and she saw her mate just about twelve meters away from her.

“Tweeeeeeteeettt…” Her final cry.

“Is it dead yet?” A teenage whaler asked as his father cut the pregnant whale mother’s belly open, yanking out her unborn calf.

The pregnant whale’s mate vocalized a cry of sorrow. Then he beached himself behind his dead mate.

“They’re all already dead in our hands, son, the moment they come to Faroe Islands,” the teenage whaler’s father said. “That’s what we’re born to do.”


Dear Fellow Cause Supporters,

I wrote this story on All Hallows’ Eve years ago after watching a video of a Faroe Islands grind for the first time. I never thought that it would lead me to become Cause Leader of STOP DOLPHIN AND WHALE SLAUGHTERING.

All I knew was I’d never stop until I do something about it.

Faroe Islanders consider it a “God Given Right” to hunt and kill whales. An important part of their culture and history. They even encourage their children, giving them a school holiday, to participate and enjoy this festive community event of mass whale and dolphin slaughter.

That’s the formidable giant we are up against…

It’s not Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen, it’s not the government, and it’s not the Faroese people…it’s the idea that they are born into it.

The idea that it is acceptable to slaughter whales and dolphins in an inherently inhumane manner, causing terrible amount of pain and suffering, for the sake of tradition.

The idea that it is acceptable to recklessly harvest these sentient marine mammals which are not being managed as a sustainable resource and are either currently endangered or are likely to become endangered soon.

The idea that it is acceptable to deprive future generations of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures.

And ideas fight hard.

I cannot fight it alone. Let's do this together.

Please share this story and speak out to help STOP DOLPHIN AND WHALE SLAUGHTERING! Thank you very much.
ole nielsen
Sun, 2 Sep 2012 20:22 EDT
born in denmark
i have contacted the danish consulate many time and have been treated as a foreinger , i was born in koge and my family comes from denmark for many generations ,but i was treated as an outsider , i never asked to come to australia ,my parent brought me here , it seems the donaldson women is better treated than a real dane , this is very dissapointing that your own people treat you like this. ole harding nielsen.
ole nielsen
Sun, 2 Sep 2012 20:08 EDT
born in denmark
treated by the danish consulate as a foreigner
ole nielsen
Sun, 2 Sep 2012 20:03 EDT
danish citizen
contactacted the danish citzen , i am born in denmark treated as a outsider.

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