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AdresseSchwarzenburgstrasse 73, level 3-A
3097 Berne (Bern)
Telefonnummerlokale: (031) 350.5757
internationale: +41.31.350.5757
Konsulats-Telefonnummerlokale: (031) 350.5753
internationale: +41.31.350.5753
Telefaxzahllokale: (031) 350.5758
internationale: +41.31.350.5758

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Anmerkungen über diese Botschaft

Gertrud Chantal Müller
Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:13 EST
the Chelbani Marechal Ochipinti gang other who belongs to gang nickname Yannick and Antoine Bagi gang escaped to Basle 2005
Gang escaped to Basle same prostitute De Rosa with complice past address rue voltaire complice Rita Bagi
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Gertrud Chantal Müller
Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:00 EST
Romeo ochipinti was owner of 2 alsassien Rothweiler extremely dangerous bought in Alsace France
What he did made them more dangerous and asked the both Rothweilersat same time to attack .He also tried in Luxembourg to send both dogs over me.Other Merzkani Zaugg tried tree times to kill me course made chelbani Marechal family stupidity over brothers Sarpakis to get them with Alexandria Egypt gang into Switzerland ones in 4153 Reinach one in Alsace ones in koblenz Germany Apparantely the two Rothweilers has also be asked to attack my diplomat Omer L Rains
Gertrud Chantal Mūller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:39 EST
Disclaimer mexican parking past owner german chaine
Inside gang wanted to build up slaughtery also aeria Hotel Beausite Crissier whorse the cattle in parking Mexico has been billed as belonging to me parking real owner was Bagi g ang with Swetlana apparantely Chelbani Elvia x Malek owner bevore BAgi desaster road was not accessible to parking as one way gang made a coup - it was a german parking chaine gan g wanted to put desaster as others to bide un D er my name other desaster power plant as venture capital gyng tried same coup giving me as project manager after desaster same 7 others venture capital and construction housing projects as also slaughteries and chicken duck farms Disclaimer i never did construction or cattle or F armer businesx nor parking business nor powerplant water desaster business nor biotecnology or hospital care import export nor insurances nor having a company to recover debts for cbildren pension nor fashion companies nor time sharing nor dan er bars with call girl service Bagi must be Owner of it As louis Etienne Bagi and Delevaux made them self interdi tion of district VD to avoid in estigation by ndw VD district procecutdr gang is for livetime blocked in-Bern and better does not dream abouth Basle City nor abouth my familys address to finish mexican jail in Switzerland as Elvia Swetlana Bagi by them selfs nor especially the Sarpakis brothers or theirs connections the colu bian gang Fritsch involved in racketing and belonging to french veneau chenay pache la Pointe gang target jewlery fair Basle by g ang columbia emerylds and stolen jewleries
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 13:08 EST
Disclaimer what T sbirt gang wanted free skin transplN
Gang wanted 2004 around get in bas, e free smin transplant by pharma and hundert of millions to coverCyprus insurance and leasing fraud to cover with Atanasiou the Roger Kipfer and Morepark desaster this was avoid ys i emigryted to Holland the Moser Demiere witninvolve D banker coup
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 12:58 EST
disclaimer gang is not employed Cyprus gang maxe a Us Do
Gang made a Us Dollar T -shirt ynd made photo copies for sale catalogue and Cyprus Jean Louis de Bon Athanasiou Monster for sale put it on and made-photocopies lyying over photocopy this strictely prohibidded and of course vot burnt gang wanted to go after Basle pharma to gethunderts of illions i left i emigrated to Holland to yvoid fraud Moser De iere who wanted this way recover Boksanyibavi Mosers Jean Pierre s debts
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 12:42 EST
disclaimer cypern leasinb insurance Basle was target by morepark as Cypern leasing sold coming from Roger Kipfer relation victims 2004 around or sins 1999
How g y ng wanted to clean fraud , by bringing a monster also Cyprius married with swiss in Lausanne they wanted to make a coup against Pharma and repay Boksanyi debts by a accusing Pharma Mo s erattorney got angry as i was informed and emivrated to Holland to avoid fraud monster mde photocopies ov hdr body with us dollar t sbirst to be more monster this was how agi Boksanyi personally with Moxer wanted to get millions to cover theirs shames!
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 11:38 EST
disclaimer bankrupsy Bar Floreal Bar gang did not like a albanese was illeagally in Switzerland
Married with lesbian Winkler Jean Louis De Bon 5 Lausanne was denounced and vired from switzerland in spite to Albania to Rumnia wanted come back with illea g al off shore address with complices same an other a black fired from Switzerland and a alias ali refugee with fake passports also fired from Switzerland and a turk with fake passports also denounced by me to be fired from Switzerland trickattornies Lausanne did not work worldwide it is informed my and my f iliesaddresses are not usablenorfor past Bar floreal gang p y st lesbians bar from Albanese wink l er family with theirs Friends nor for illegal foreigners to become residences to know this attornies partly bave been vired in Lausanne from yttorney bar by the president of lausanne attorney bar and nearely homeless!
Gertrud Chantal Mūller
Sun, 21 Dec 2014 10:48 EST
Disclaimer in fiktive address offshore 4153 Reinach where recorded illeagal staying foreigners as turk albanesex algerians send backtotheirs countries and families friends wanted to xave t H em
With a coup to get them back illeagally recorded as employes coup was blocked an discovered reason i mooved not to4153 Reinach bud city Basle not to get foreign end jail as neighbours
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sat, 20 Dec 2014 09:28 EST
Disclaimer Naumann Regine got into Ling foundation from seect psyciatrist to adopt indian children to beg in the street a mental deseased case and Kurt Debeta others mixing up my fund raise text found by theirs connections parrainage and- ADOPTION! I blocked in ba s le Bern and everywhere eventual coming-requests of - adoptionsit is usless for them -even to take a appointment for -dossiers a lausanne yhame who has to stay in Lyusanne and not bother Swiss German Cities
Gertrud Chantal Müller
Sat, 20 Dec 2014 09:10 EST
the bankrupsy lausanne slau g htery was not pronounced partwashidden inYugoslavia Hungeria foie gras Bern a, so
Yogoylavia hungaria slaughtery gang wanted to do cattle also inside underground parking gang wa ted to brinv back to switzerla d this no, e

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