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Col. Cuauhtemoc
06500 Ciudad de México (Mexiko-Stadt), D.F
Telefonnummerlokale: (055) 5080.2000
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farshid hajarian
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 03:46 EDT
dear ladies and gentlemen

my name is farshid hajrian in the passport . i was born in america and was kdinapped when i was a baby by iranish ethnic people .i am not iranian .
when iw as 7 years old i travelled with the iranish family i lived with , without knowing really that these iranish people are not my parents , to germany. i was grown up in germany till my 28 age .
when i was 28 i take a journey to iran , just for vacancy. the family i was growned up with and iranihs terrorists groups who live in germany have manipuilated my visumsrigths to go back to gemrany again.
since 6 years now iam in iran in very terrible circumstnces . iranish ethnic people are following day and night , because iranish ethnic people are terrorist since 90000 years , maybe more . i meen this is the mantality of iranish people to acting evil and pervers to every other ethnic . these iranish are really traetenign me very bad , no matter normal people in streets or iranish agents.
there alot of iranish ethnci people in america knowing that io was kidnapped .
in german this kidnapping is called menschenhandel , iranish people live since very long long time with dealing with human kinds.

could you please help me to get a visum right now . i really want only go home and escape from this evil iranish people . the problem is , that i cannot really show certificates that i am not iranian .
maybe the american state can help to get a visum for america right now . i hope you understand my circusmstances .
i think iran must be judged noramly long time before by all other countries .
even these newiranish people are really unashmed and these newiranish people profide from every country in any situation they can profide .
please help me to get a visum and please call all countries to stop judge iran and iranish ethnic people.
i am really confused now to talk also about politics but , i just want to escape from this iranish people , and i think this cannot be that this iranish people can do very freely pervers things to all other nations with teh help of turkish ethnic and no one stops this iranish and turkish people .

please help me to get a visum , i want really go home right now and i cannot really stand the negative unnatural karma of these iranish ethnic people .
when at the moment there are iranish ethnic people working in teh embassey , what cannot be normaly ,
i want this iranish ethnic people to know , that you iranish ethnic people have nothing to do in a american embassey .
you iranish people have alot of karma in a karmalogic aspect of life.
normaly you iranish ethnic people living in america had to bring to information , that your iranish people are really acting devil .
and you iranish ethnic people are resposible now for my person .
when you do bad things to other ethnics , so all the people of your ethniticy must take responsibilty .

i just want my visum right , and i hope that the american embassey will help me right now , please , really right now

yours cincerely


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