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Anmerkungen über diese Dauerhafter Auftrag zur UNO

Tue, 25 Feb 2014 11:22 EST
herewith i give you arabish, indish, pakistanish people the information , that you should cut every connection to iranish men and women ,

and you should know that you have grate karma just because of me .
it is haram for you arabish , indish pakistanish women and men , to see your families , to go to restaurants , to eat with your families ,
to go to discothecs , so long you arabish and hindustanish people are in conection with iranish and turkish people,
you arabish and hindustanish people should immediately integrate yourself to the european people ,
and cut every connection to iranish and turkish people .
please you arabish women and hindustanish women do not think you have no karma
here your karma desteney from the nirvana :
wish the table 5 lifes with forgivenes in iran in a life after death ,
this message is for your whole family you arabish and hindustanish people .
i am bc feel and something like a so called prophet , in reality maybe iam partical god

dont forget , you wheilow arabish and hindsutaish people , maybe you enjoy know the stolen money and goods , but you arabish and hindustnaish people have great karma every day and every hour .
think about your daughters you arabish people , and hindsutanish people ,
i am something like moses .my message is not created by my own mind .
so long i have to stay in iran by this ugly iranish people you arabish and hindustanish people have karma.
you should also know that i have the information from the holy spirit that arabia , africa , india , aisa , is german american state for ever , really for ever !
so do not try things by your own you arabish people .
cut the conection to every iranish people. do not believe this iranish women who have maybe other roots to .
you can identify original european and american people from some iranish people who look like european .
please take your karma serious .
allah scheut es nicht mit dkhgc gleichnisse aufzustellen wie zum beispiel einer muecke oder etwas noch gerignerem .
i find this sentences absolutely right in this circumstances .

you should right know infirm all arabish ethnic groups that they should not support iranish and turkish people .
i have to say that you have already a lot of karma .
and you should know that karma is nothing that you can wash away .
and dont forget , the main god handles with bad dkhgc people like backteria , no matter dkhgcs are men or women or children .
so your children have karma too you arabish people .
you arabish and hindustanish people have already good informations about the soheit der phaenomenalen existence .even when religious books like koran and bagavatgita are manipulated by iranish and turkish people ,
you can find a lot of sentences in the koran which are absolutely natural and right .
for example .
you extrem fault you dkhgcs (dkhgcs :arabish iranish pakistanish people )
the existence will upgrade your views and parents and children s eyes , ears , and launghts ,
and you dkhgcs will get new bodies or noneexistence clothes , for i am the god and i have create all this things and i never liked dkhgc people who are ugly med for this existence have its own wheilow you mokkazebeyna?!

you arabish people and hindustanish people are rich enough in america and europa and arbia and hidustan and you play a very ugly unashamed play to other ethnnics like european and blackafrican and asian people who are and were realy good to you .
dont forget , everything you think to have, you iranish and arabish and hindustanish people , do not belong to you .
you have to integrate yourself to the german american government .
otherwise you will become more and more karma everyday .
i give you arabish and hidustanish people the advice : cut the conection to iranish men and women . thats all
and you arabish and hidnustanish people do not celebrate birthdays anymore , i am serious .
just maintaine for some seconds and capitulate .
integrate yourself you arabish people no matter where you are otherwise the existence is seeing you arabish people and will kill you arabish hindustanish and pakistanish people and throw you in the hell where turkish and iranish people came from .
good luck .
think about me everyday every second .
i want go back home .
do not forget why iam saying , that you arabish and hindustanish people live in my hood and punish me with this ugly iranians and turkish people in a very ugly med way .your children you arabish and pakistanish and hindustanish and iranish people should dy right now !
this behaviour by this iranians and turkish people have no essence , no where in the universe but in the hell

tell your mothers and daughters you hindustanish and arabish people , for talking to iranish women, they will become no more a blue pasion.

you arabish and hindustanish people you infirm right now every arabish and hindustanish policy to cut the connection to turkish and iranish people .
otherwise you have karma .
good luck

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