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AdresseBuilding 19, Rue Irâj, Rue Ifrîqiya
Tehran (Teheran)
Telefonnummerlokale: (021) 2205.9032
internationale: +98.21.2205.9032
Telefaxzahllokale: (021) 2205.9409
internationale: +98.21.2205.9409

Anmerkungen über diese Botschaft

Sun, 12 Aug 2012 20:27 EDT
Solidarität with Syria against NATO-Terrorosts
I strongly condemn my German Government for supportimg the NATO-Terrorists in your country!
I hope the syrian Army will be successfull against these terrorists. The USA, FRance, GB and many more are now once again supporting their construct al Qaeda - which they are fighting in Afgahastan and Iraq - they all are liars, these alliance is a shame.
These politicians are shameless. After a destabelised Syria the want to attack Iran.

Solidarity with Syria and President Assad, Solidarity with Iran
Down with these Plans created by world-imperialism, Zionists and Wahabit-Saudi Arabis

Stop the war against Iran

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