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Adel ahmed
Sun, 18 Aug 2013 10:49 EDT
Facts of the charge d'affaires Mr Ahmed Tabuli
in fact I would like to refer here to the beginning of the revolution, Feb. 17 and fact of split Mr. Ahmed Tabuli, the secret that Mr. Tabuli declared his separation from his master's in Bab Al-Azizia on March 23, after the beginning of the air strikes and the protection of civilians in Libya by UN, when asked by a reporter about the reason for the delay, he justified that by saying that the authority in Libya at that time had been holding three Dutch soldiers who illegally entered Libyan territory, but the truth is that it may use this issue excuse will exhaust the continued loyalty and jumped from sunken ship when make sure that everything has ended,
and to prove the
evidence for this is that the Dutch soldiers had been released before Security Council resolutions to Libya i.e. on 11 march and the so-called Tabuli had slept a very long time to declare his dissent before the Security Council resolution to protect civilians had issued, so he preferred to wait and watch the blood shed Libyan daily until 23 March, where the declaration of his dissent did not add any value....

To be follow.....

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