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Adrian Bigler
Sun, 25 Nov 2018 11:33 EST
Visa application from Marina Levanova Nikolaevna from Uzbekistan
Dear Sirs

I turn to you for taking over the matter in Tashkent for Switzerland.
Ms Marina Levanova Nikolaevna, Katalal, House-30, Chilonzar, 100135 Tashkent has applied for a visa or has inquired.
My first invitation was in German without notary certification, the second then in English, but not with notarial accreditation.
Now I have it certified again in English by the notary and sent.
Sent on 9 November 2018 and it still has not arrived.
Marina and I are desperate because we want to spend the Christmas together with her daughter and my family.
Well I hope that it still comes. Otherwise, I have to once again to the notary and to authenticate a new letter and assign a private post office.
If I send it to you by e-mail, is not it possible?
The notary could send it to you by fax, so it would be official.

As Marina Levanova told me, she needs a reservation for a plane ticket.
But I can buy or not buy. Have never heard of it, that you can reserve a plane ticket and cancel.
How or what should I do.
Since I do not know in advance when the visa is good.
Can I attach a print screen, which flight I want to book. For example, 16.12.2018 -15.03.2019 at which airline?

I am very grateful for your response and efforts. So we have a Christmas together.
Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely

Adrian Bigler

Adrian Bigler
Bahnhofstrasse 3
3293 Dotzigen

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