Irak flag Botschaft von Irak in London

Adresse21 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5JE
Vereinigtes Königreich
Telefonnummerlokale: (020) 7590.7650
internationale: +44.20.7590.7650
Telefaxzahllokale: (020) 7590.7679
internationale: +44.20.7590.7679

Anmerkungen über diese Botschaft

Heidelinde Köhler
Sun, 15 May 2016 07:32 EDT
Please help daniel waills
Sun, 15 May 2016 07:09 EDT
urgent help for Daniel Wails
dear sir mr I turn today with an urgency to it
mr waills is with much money from malaysia he traveled wanted by Germany but has been checked in London from duty and now sits in way today reached me an e - mail from the mother in law of his deceased wife the Lord waills daughter is very ill and urgently in a hospital must mr waills has a fee payable by 5200 British pounds which he has not Please help mr waills so that he can be his daughter in iraq
Best regards
Heidelinde Köhler
my daughter,i want to talk to you as a woman please.i did not like the situation i saw my son daniel in my dreams last night tell me exactly what is happening to son Daniel loves you very much even more than my late daughter ok and am sure he will not do anything without telling you ok.

Claudia i very sick here and i did not have any money to take claudia to the hospital again that is why am more worried about my little claudia.please daniel told me he is coming to meet with you while i will be coming with Claudia till date i never hear from him.please tell daniel that his only daughter is sick and needs his attention and or money to go to the hospital for treatments.i will never forgive him(Daniel) if anything happens to my grandaughter Claudia.

tell Daniel we need $500 or $1000 for his daughters treatment before its too late.hope to read from you soon my daughter

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