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EhrenkonsulJean Gnimadi
AdresseBoulevard du Canada, C/01066k-Vodje’-Kpota Cadjehoun, 08
Telefonnummerlokale: 2130.6860
internationale: +229.2130.6860
Telefaxzahllokale: 9595.1211
internationale: +229.9595.1211

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Carsten Petermann
Sat, 7 Nov 2015 07:05 EST
concerning David Dulese
good afternoon,

this young man, called David Dulese, Date of birth 9.5.1986 contacted me for financial help to come back to France. He sais that he is potugese, living in France (LA ROCHE SUIS YON)and actually he was travelling with a man from benin who stole him everything. So he is not able to come back home to France without any document and money. he is actually staying in the village Adjar in a hostel without any money , Benin,he gave me the following e-mail-adress of te ambassade grec in Benin: an Mr DA TRINIDADE, nomber of phone should be +22962624045. This man should have the dossier about this young guy. I'm doctor of medicin in a hospital in Germany near Bremen. My e-mail is Please could you inform me if you think that the infos of the youn man are serious or faked. Does this Mr. TRINIDADE exist and the indicated e-mail-address.
For your help I thank you very much in advance.
Carsten Petermann
Dorftstrasse 14a
D-27412 Bülstedt

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