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Rewaz kameel
Thu, 13 Feb 2020 18:42 EST
Bitte kontaktieren sie mich. Umgehende reisen
Shahin Aliyev
Mon, 5 Jun 2017 18:18 EDT
Dear Sirs and Madams!
I am a citizen of Azerbaijan Shahin Aliyev and I am a political refugee living in Germany with my family.
On the 13.09.2016 I left my native country with my family. We ran from Azerbaijan at night through Georgia and then flew to Hungary. Then we flew to Dortmunt city in Germany. Later from Dortmund city we were taken to Düsseldorf refugee camp. We stayed in a sport hall with around 1000 other refugees for 23 days. Then we were sent to Wicce city and stayed in other camp for 6 days. Then we were transferred to Welbert city.
Now we live in a dormitory in Wilbert city. We are two families living in one apartment in the hostel for more than 1 year. There are 6 members in our family and in another family which share the apartment with us there are four members, so ten people are using one kitchen and one small bathroom and toilet. It is really hard for us. Till now we have not got permission to work. We have had no chance to attend language courses and learn German since we are not allowed to attend language courses either. On the other hand they want us to integrate us with the environment but without knowing German language it is impossible, so they should have allowed us to learn German till now. On 27.01.2017 we interviewed about our refugee seeking in Germany for four hours and on 11.02.2017 the Court rejected us. In other words, they did not accept us. They sent a letter to us informing that, they gave us 2 weeks of time to return voluntarily back to our home country. Otherwise, we'll be DEPORTED. They wrote in the letter that if we might have danger in our country they can also send us to a third country which accept refugees. We have hired an attorney. But we know that we will lose the court again. We are so tired now. We want to seek refuge in Canada.
We need your help to get visa and go to Canada from Germany. If we can get a visa from the Embassy of Canada in Berlin then we can go to your country as a third country. By law according to our refugee status we can be sent to a third country, Canada.
We contacted SKM organization (Katholischer Verein für soziale Dienste) in Germany in Noise city and they told us to apply for a visa in the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and then they will buy flight tickets for us. They said us, you yourself get a visa from the Embassy and we will see you off from Germany. Now we need your help to get information about the required documents and then apply for a visa. We would like to know how we can make an appointment with you. We have already called you but there was no answer. So we decided to write you an email and explain our situation. We hope that we can get more information from you in detail.
We hope you will accept our appeal.
Thank you for your precious time.

Best Regards,
Shahin Aliyev

We are in danger in their home country. Our rights are violated. As soon as demand forced us to make the arrest. We are following every moment. Azerbaijan is a country of dictatorship.
Most of the religious and political prisoners. I work in my own country have no right to receive religious education.
Government officials in each country (the authorities, the police chief and other officials) citizens are persecuted in every way. they are forced to cropland.
Our pious lies to friends and substances (drugs, weapons purchase and sale and others) are fabricated in prison. Are sentenced to 20 years in prison. Why?
They demanded the right.
We are living in their native country, creep creep. People commit suicide themselves.
I would like to ask you to help us, we kocək Canada.
Sincerely, Shahin Aliyev.

We moved to the beautiful country you want to live.
I and my wife have been engaged in the economic activity. We were busy with the planting of strawberries. 4 months have been engaged in animal husbandry.
We sold our area sown to come to Germany, refugees were handed over. But accept us etmirlər20 months Almaniyadayıq not willing to work with us. They did not allow the German language course. We have to prove to them that we qaytarsaz back to our country, we will be arrested. They have been subjected to persecution.
Since 1994, I am a member of the Islamic Party of acting politically. Before coming here, I worked in the headquarters in Baku. We have repeatedly assaulted by the jail authorities have been likely to be involved.
In 2011, our party has acted against President M. Samadov oppressive and corrupt government. The government has proved to be cruel against his nation. But along with the other 8 people, drugs, weapons, explosives, slandered as a person who is engaged in buying and selling was arrested. Though, these people are clean and pure.
They did 12 years in prison. Dətisdi deputy chairman Vagif died in prison.
Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, but damned aggressive, cruel persecution of the civilian population in every way corrupt government. People are stealing because of unemployment. commit suicide.
Poor children are killed during the war. We have close to 200 religious persecution dungeons. There are other opposition parties in the political prisoners.
I graduated from the Islamic University. In addition, I have 7 years of the Islamic countries, Islamic religious education. There is no right to our own native country. We have no right to tell the public the truth. Every person who requested the right to unjustly arrested immediately.
Airport in its employees as per the demand bribe those who came begging.
We hate the government of Azerbaijan. God will soon destroy the tyrannical regime.
We refuse Azerbaijani citizenship.
My computer is installed on the knowledge and eager to work.
I hope to be helpful for us to move to Canada.
Please do us a visa to come to Canada to send to the Embassy of Canada in Ankara, Turkey. We do not want to return to Azerbaijan.
Turkey is already a citizen of Azerbaijan Embassy to get visa in Canada visa. Because the Canadian Embassy in Azerbaijan is not available.
Thank you for your attention.
Sincerely, Shahin Aliyev.
SHAH Ünsal Umit Von Iran
Fri, 9 Sep 2016 14:41 EDT
Enkel SHAH REZA von Persien PAHLAVI
Enkel SHAH REZA von Persien Iran PAHLAVI
Meine Handy Nummer ich brauche Hilfe 004917629233018 SHAH ÜNSAL UMUT von Iran Persien ich muss Deutschland verlassen die haben mich hier entführt Germany Sindelfingen 71065 Eschenbrunnle Strasse 6 Deutschland *Germany ich gehöre nicht hier her ich muss nach Arabien gebracht werden ich muss hier raus aus Deutschland bitte veranlassen sie die Rückreise in ein Arabisches Land.

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