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Frau Amir
Sun, 17 Sep 2017 06:51 EDT
Was sind die Vorraussetzungen für ein Afghanischer Bürger ein Arbeitsvisum oder ein Visum für Studium zu bekommen?

E-Mail: kabiribassira@gmail.com

Vielen Dank
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Frau Amir
Sun, 15 Mar 2015 09:14 EDT
refugi application
From : Nazanin
To: Respected Canada Embassy in Kabul
Father Name Abdul Khalil
Resident of Parwan province of Afghanistan currently in Mazar e Sharif Afghanistan

I succeeded in 9 year on scholarship about Russian I studied accommodated for 9 year in there when I finished and returned back to Mazar sharif my parents was passed away and I had no
one to keep me I accommodated in Watan orphanage which is located in North of blue Mosque Dasht shoor district eight which I passed two months there which the situation and condition
was really bad. And
The orphanage responsible received 36000 Afghani from Abdul Baqi S/O Faiz Mohmmad which I was not informed and not satisfied and they sold me to this person. And he married me to his
son by the name of Jamal Naser S/F Abdul baqi which he had mental problem and forcedly I passed 12 year with him. Which every time he was punish and rape me eventually I became
mother of seven children which four of them are daughter and three of them are boy which their names are Ahmad Shakir ,Roya ,leda,Rahna, Bilal, Shaheen, and Salma by the passing of
time I found out the relative of my husband and I told them the reality of my life and complain them that he punish, and misbehavior me. Their relative referred to Mazar High court
eventually I divorced him about four years the I have the responsibility of my sons and daughters which I have really poor live and I have economic problems and I have no donors to
help me therefore sometime I and my daughters which they are Adults are threats by previous husband and their father which I am really concern the big threats which my daughters faced
which their father wants to sell them to rich person.
Now days we are without any fate and no clear future. Living in Mazar sharifs become difficult for us we are under the threat of him by people and phone calls and there is no way to survive
and I have no job to run my life. Based on these facts I kindly I request from your respected Government to accept my refuge application and kindly requesting please review my case .
Thanks a lot
My Address Mazar e Sharif Afghanistan Hayat District
Phone No +93789110136
Raimann, Alfons
Fri, 14 Dec 2012 05:28 EST
Welche Voraussetzungen muss ein gebürtiger Afghane erfüllen, damit er für die Arbeitssuche in Kanada einreisen kann?

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