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Hannen Dieko
Thu, 10 Sep 2015 05:09 EDT
Hannen , Enyat Dieko
Borsigallee 13 - 53125 – Bonn
E- Mail :

Declaration To all charitable peoples and nations of the world. To all human and charitable organizations. At the living conscience of the democratic Western world.
I call on you and your significant humanity to assist at the side of the Syrian people in their desperate situation, which is referred to on the part of politicians, thinkers and sociologists, as a disaster of the modern age and a disgrace for all humanity. As a German citizen of Syrian origin, I live here in freedom and democracy, but I do like the other people of this daily human tragedy, where killing and maiming are to the human body on the agenda. In the last four years Syria has changed for the worst. Everything was destroyed and made equal to the ground. The exploded container, the missiles, internationally banned, cruel and chemical weapons by the Syrian regime have cut down everything. More than half of the Syrian population is fleeing to the neighboring countries and over seas. Many Syrians have drowned while trying to escape, because it left in overcrowded ships in the sea by the smugglers in the lurch have been. These people were fleeing the Syrian dictatorial regime, which is supported by Iran and the Russian system and with this support over his merciless and cruel acts against the people. On the other hand the system in Syria has manipulated the genuine and striving for freedom and democracy of human personality. For this, the Russian and Iranian system have the radical and terrorist organizations in Syria supported, such as the ISIS, the Al-Nussra Front and the Lebanese Hizbullah received murderous and cruel to the uprising of the Syrian people. They kill, torture, and destroy everything, especially the Kurdish Yezidi, Christians and other Syrian minorities living among the majority of the population for thousands of years. In Syria, there is no chance for a normal life. Either place the slaughter and / or the mutilation or dying under rubble of bombed houses with exploding containers which are thrown by the Air Force every day down. My family is in the same situation as the other Syrian families. For two years, there is a lack of food, clean water, medicines and a roof over their heads. It has become like the Middle Ages. This is the exact description of the life of the Syrian people nowadays. The international humanitarian organizations can not help you there, because they are not allowed direct contact with the Need to have in the villages and districts in major cities and the neighboring countries of Syria. So many refugees have been received that the neighboring countries have a hard time. There is no future for the new generation of the Syrian people. In Syria, no family lives, their family members are not fallen victim, and some families have been lost among all the rubble of the civil war and only their names are in the register to find again. Their names have been deleted from the registers the municipalities
so the fact is blurred. I hope you help me to get to Germany to my family here. This may be the only chance for these people, and our hope is that they can live in peace. Thanks in advance, for the land that had itself suffered a lot and enjoying freedom in a democracy, in which human life is a value in itself.
For questions, please contact me :
- 00491725245901
- Familien Namen - Vorname mit Vatername und Geburtsdatum :
- HANAN- AHMAD AKASH - 24 . 02.1965
- OTHMAN - AMINA MOHAMAD - 06.03.1962
- HANNAN - AHMAD BAHRI - 26.06.2012 - Das Kind
- DIKO - ROKAN TAHIR - 29.04.1990
- BAHRI - HANNAN AHAMAD - 12.01.1991
- BAHRI - AKACH AHMAD - 13.11.1955
- ABDO - HEDAYT SHUKRI - 10.02.1955
- AHMAD - FiDAN BAHRI - 01.10.1987
- AHMAD - BAHRi AHMAD - 14.11.1981
- SHEIKHO - HIVIN M.MUIR - 30.1.1985
- AHMAD - NSREEN BAHRY - 20.011984
- ALI - MUSTAFA MOHAMAD - 01.012012
- DIKO - EDRIS AHMAD - 21.12.1988
- DIKO - FIDAN AHMAD - 02.01.1980
- DIKO - NEZHAT AHMAD - 18.12.1977
- DIKO - MOHAMAD AHMAD - 25.11.1983
- DIKO - FATMEH AHMAD - 15.03.1975
- ALI - AHMAD MOHAMAD - 05.01.1977
- ALI - MILAD ALI - 14.03. 2002
- ALI - SEMAV AHMAD - 12.04.2007
- ALI - EVRA AHMAD - 01.01.2011
- AHMAD - AMINA AKKASH - 17.10.1954
- DIKO - AHMAD HANAN - 26.02 1946
- DEKOU - MARIAM AHMAD - 17.10.1986

Many thans

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