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Costica Ganga
Tue, 2 Sep 2014 11:15 EDT

Dear Paraguay, please do not allow anyone of any age to leave your Country because I suppose it is known about the process of Extermination and Children Sexual Abuse that takes place allover the World. Please read this material, protect your population and sustain the appropriate Legislation in order to be protected The Humanity. I sent this material to the majority of Countries and will send to all. Thanks.

Stop the blood!
Please direct this material to the Leaders of Europe or any Country in order to stop destroying the Humanity. This is hunting of Human beings and processing them in food and spare organs for making money rather than anything else. Please make sure that the GROUPS of people which go abroad and especially MINORS but also Elderly are returning in your Country and also if them are complete. Please, please, please elaborate the DEATH PENALTY LEGISLATION IMMEDIATELY. Thanks.



PLEASE DON’T IGNORE. IT IS VERY SERIOUS, IMPORTANT AND URGENT. Please READ EVERYTHING and also, talk to your colleagues and spread as much as you can this material. Please also let know your Government and as many other Institutions and people as possible because there are lots of barriers for me and I do not know how many of my emails are received.

Dear all European and World’s Countries

For almost 1 year I become aware of the process of Extermination that takes place. In this way I tried and I’m trying very hard to alert all the Institutions and People Responsible in this Country, where I live, Europe, and all over the Planet. The things go to worse instead of stopping the whole process and starting investigations and bringing to JUSTICE the criminals. They are enforcing the process; make it obvious at the moment helped by the MOB that became very aggressive.

• It started with Children Prostitution and finish them in different ways as I signalled before, proof is that are missing a quarter of million of children annually only in the European Union and now the number for sure rose. The process continues incessantly.

• We managed to move Vietnam in Arabic World and now in Europe, started with Ukraine. This also is a predicted process where the European Union is active part.

• On 20/08/2013 I sent a letter to the most powerful Countries of Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) where between others, sarcastically, in order to show the ridicule, the inability, incapability of top Politicians, is mentioned that if there are too many people on Planet, to be sacrificed the elder extreme of Society (letter enclosed). Yes, they started indeed to sacrifice the elderly and in general vulnerable people, but processing them in the Food Industry (with profit and infecting everything related to food, so the atmosphere became more than unbearable), in a very accelerating rhythm without any mercy. I can see old people on streets; hopeless, scared, because they are already aware of their fate, inclusive myself (being threatened at any steep). They want to realize even more than PERPETUAL MOTION. How cleaver are they!

• Stop immediately body language with hands and fingers and confusing language for MANIPULATION used by Politicians, Media and other Influential People in order to avoid evidences of their crimes. Regulations for TV and Radio Stations and the most; the Central Ones as Euronews and France 24 and even suspending them.

There are many others terrible things which I hope will be investigated in the Society of every Country. I address this appeal again to the Embassies of all Countries because I did it before to Everyone at all levels and none have taken any responsibility and measures, and also could not be found any email address anymore in order to contact Governments. Please do it yourselves in order to be eliminated these terrible thing that are happening with the Humanity and the Planet.

We need immediately implemented the little phrase suggested before as Legislation; “Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”, including now Death Penalty for everyone linked with the primitivism of CANIBALISM.

It will follow immediately European elections; please inform politicians at any level and the electorate, in order to be put in front of us real Leaders, normal people in order to become again Free People in a Free Europe and a Free World as use to be. Apologizes and Thanks.

With great respect,


Please help and make things right

On Saturday 24/05/2014, afternoon after 2:p.m., can’t remember exactly, I was in Mary’s Street just in front of Peter Mark Hairdressing Shop, when a Garda Officer in uniform arrested me.

For almost 1 year, more precisely the second part of July 2013 when I found out about Children Sexual Abuse (I was and I am so well isolated as I had no idea of the Drama), I am devastated and I promise to myself to do everything in my power as long as I am alive or the problem will be solved to help in the process of eliminating this shameful segment from the History of this Planet.

In this way, at an individual level, I wrote letters and sent them allover the World, and posters with limited number of words, within the rules of decency and Legality, I think, posted them on my chest and on my back, and I started to walk daily the main streets of Dublin City Center in order not to impress, but to beseech everyone involved in Children Prostitution; victims, abusers, organizers, and asked for the appropriate Legislation; Death Punishment for anyone involved in this process.

Later, when I become aware that this it is about a complex process of Extermination, my desperation rose and in different situations I started to express myself vocally, also only in a positive way, not because it is what I like or want, but because couldn’t stop myself, out of my wish. If 25 years ago someone would have predicted that I will ever be in that bizarre situation I would considered him out of order.

In whole this time, even since the beginning I had difficulties as; daily threatenings, spat, assaults, punches, thrown stones, and obstruction from Garda’s Officers side. As on 04/08/2013 one Garda Officer ripped my poster in front of Stephen Green Shop and ordered in a humiliating way to live the area. I obeyed but I signalized it by a letter to the Minister of Justice from 06/08/2013 (enclosed). On 12/11/2013, in the same area, Stephen Green Park, I think the same Officer also ordered me to live the Dublin 2 area.

In the immediate period of arresting day, more than ever I was very agitated because after few days of calm, even were whispers that is the end of the Cruelties, a huge avalanche as never before of very young, very beautiful girls of 6,7,8 years of age, filed Dublin City and also the facilitators were in number of thousands and the organizers hundredths. Where are those girls? That atmosphere inspired me a fear as never before, and I started to manifest it.

On 21/05/2014, Wednesday, one common individual that gave me hard time before, (Radio – TV tools) has thrown one stone on my arm and tried to rip my poster.
On 22/05/2014, Thursday, on Henry Street one civilian individual stopped me, showed a Garda ID card, and asked me to stop manifesting sonorily. I ask him if it is illegal and he told me that is not, but will be found a way to stop me.
On 23/05/2014, Friday afternoon, on Grafton Street, one Garda Officer in uniform also stopped me and asked why I am protesting. I showed him the crowd of little girls and told him that they should be in schools not on streets, and I am asking for an appropriate Legislation to protect vulnerable people. He asked me in a professional way to slow down not because it is illegal but because part of people gets annoyed. His professional attitude made me stop it for a while.

Again on the day of arresting 24/05/2014, Saturday afternoon, as mentioned before, at a stage, one Garda car stopped as 20 m in front of me, I moved from the middle of the street and kept silent because I have respect for the Servants of the Society and the uniformed ones the most. The car didn’t move matter of 10 or 15 min being in conversation with an aged Lady, leaned to the car’s door. When finally moved, after passed the place where I was, I started talking again. But immediately one Garda Officer was beside me.

From that moment until my releasing from the Garda Station, I’m trying to reproduce as precisely as can remember. The young Garda Officer come, took my arm and the first thing that ordered, was to take out the radio head set from my hears. I was a bit surprised, I become aware of his intimidating and humiliating attitude, and I told him that I can hear even so, but I’ve taken them out. Then he told me to stop and to leave the Dublin 1 area. I felt frustrated, the most in that day very crowded by so many Children, and I asked why?, because I was doing nothing wrong. He told me that make noise and scare people. Around, there were all those people advertising daily ‘strawberries’, 2 individuals (not from that World), that were advertising “One Direction” Band’s items, and just beside someone with a megaphone that was asking people for 100 000 signatures in order to keep the Minister of Health in his Office, and they were a lot lauder than I was. I told him that I am just a little man, that I love people, I was there for people and one of my slogans was ‘I love you Children’. Then he told me that the Shops Owners complained about the noise, and I replayed that in their Shops take place Children’s Abuse and that is the reason of annoyance.

At that stage the Officer contacted by his device his colleagues, and next moment put cuffs on my hands. I obeyed; people left the nearby area making a circle with the diameter of the length of the street, and were watching. Hundredths of Photographs on the streets but none there to take a photo. The Officer tried to take my hand bag that was under my left arm and I refused, telling him that we are in the middle of the street and it is my property, he gave up. He kept his hand on cuffs and from time to time was dragging down in shock probable to provoke me, as them become tight on me hands and it was hurting. I told him to stop it, but he answered that he does what he wants and dragged one more time harder. Then I addressed in a normal voice to the crowed: ‘People he abuses me’. He kept me cuffed in the middle of the street up to 10 min as for publicity or humiliation. Then he dragged me beside the Shop’s building, saying now and again that I was shouting at him despite the fact that I was saying nothing. Beside the hall the Officer tried to talk to me with his thumb finger and I told him that I do not know that language, and he again told me that I was shouting.

In a while a Garda car arrived, I was directed to the car where were 2 more Officers, and I greeted them. The Officer that arrested me got in by the other door and first thing that told to his colleagues was that I was shouting at him and I corrected him. When took his hat off, I recognized him that was the Officer from RTE 1 TV Station, presenting a Crime Program, I think with Grainne Seoige, where between others, advertises paedophilia things, and I said it. He was surprised and told me how dare I to accuse him. I told him that is not an accusation; the Programs must be registered and could be replayed. He changed sights with one of the others Officers, took of the cassette from his device, thrown it to his colleague and get another one in change. I understood that they must make things up.

In a while the car arrived to a garage I didn’t know where because the Officer didn’t give me any details. The garage’s door opened, there was one young man, the Officer called him on name and told him; ‘Conor, Brendan or Simon; is yours’ and they laughed. Next I was showed in front of the Reception desk where I recognized the Officer that stopped me on Henry Street 2 days before on Thursday 22/05/2014 but this time he was dressed in uniform. He laughed and asked if I remember him and what he told me. The Officer that arrested me also repeated that I was shouting at him on the street, pushed me in a corner, has taken the cuffs off, but didn’t hesitate to hurt my damaged finger of the left palm. There was in front of the desk, behind me a civilian person and probable read the poster from my back where amongst others it was a Romanian word; ‘Rusine’. He asked me what is about that word, and I explained him that is a Romanian word that translated in English means ‘Shame’. He replayed; ‘you should be’ and I told him that I was, and thanked him. Why should I? In the same time came a Senior Garda Officer and asked me what about are my posters and I answered that he probable knows better than I do. He said; ‘you will come to me’, and left. I handed all my belongs, have taken my personal details, and I was asked to stand with my back against one hall to be taken my height, and I obeyed, but after that I felt a total change; tiredness, lake of concentration, dizziness, head ache and even now after more than one month I fall in sleep every evening not later than 9:00 p.m.

In mean time the Reception Officer wrote in his Register 2 reasons of arresting me that did not sounded at all as the reality was, asked me to sign it, and I refused, showing the reasons. Then they told me that in this case will keep me in custody until Monday. I obeyed because I was first time in my life in that situation and I knew nothing about that atmosphere and terminology. I asked just to make a phone call to my Landlord in order to make arrangements regarding the payment of Rent that takes place every Sunday, but the Officer was not interested. Then the Officer showed me to the cell with a; ‘welcome to my place’, applied the routine rules and locked me in the cell. After a while as half an hour or more, the same Officer unlocked the door and told me that because I’ve been there for the first time they will release me with the condition to sign in that Register. He read from a Register 2 or 3 reasons of arresting me, but one of them was that I shouted at him in the middle of the street that he promotes paedophilia. I refused because it was untruth. Then he told me again that I will stay there until Monday. After a good while he returned and told me that I will be charged, that there is a Solicitor and he is waiting for me, and showed me in front of the Reception. The arresting Officer commanded me to stand up again beside that hall, with the same attitude, I obeyed but this time I told him that he is one Officer that has to do his job and I am an accused, arrested but still a human being, in the same time a big, freighting man come around watching me, probable for intimidation, and I was asked to sign a Form covered by his palm, indicating me just the place where to sign.

I told them that I need to read what I am going to sign, because did not understand anything and there were empty spaces. I told them that I signed before in 2 different occasions by intimidation others Forms, and even know I don’t know what I signed. I asked for my glasses and time, in order to understand what I am signing. They refused, instead one young Solicitor, I think the same Conor, Brendan or Simon from the Entrance in garage at arriving, took over. He showed me in an Office just in front of the Reception, explained summarily that it is about 3 charges, not at all grave, it is just a formality and recommends me to sign that Form. I told him that I am not familiarized with anything from those papers, I need glasses and time to study what it is about and that I don’t thrust those Office

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