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Costica Ganga
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 08:01 EDT

PLEASE DON’T IGNORE. IT IS VERY SERIOUS, IMPORTANT AND URGENT. Please READ EVERYTHING and also, talk to your colleagues and spread as much as you can this material.


Dear Europe and the World

Please read this material attentively and elaborate the Legislation suggested; immediately, before is too late. There is not place for this chapter in History. The History does not take, can not accept this savagery.




ELABORATE IMMEDIATELY LEGISLATION: “Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”, as suggested before.


Costica Ganga (MALE as gender)
23 Palmerston Place
Dublin 7

Dear Mrs Saastamoinen and whichever European Institutions you represent

Reluctantly and finally, I decided to write this letter, in order to express my indignation vis-à-vis of European Union Institutions and Leadership in general.

First of all I want to remind that I sent a number of registered letters to powerful People and Institutions, emails to each member of the European Parliament, and thousands of emails to the European Institutions, but I have to emphasize the ones sent to Children Protection Institutions on: 06/08/2013, 25/09/2013 and 06/10/2013, in order to influence the Leadership of this Continent and allover the World to stop the massacre of vulnerable people, and particularly of Children, by prostituting them (for money) and killing them.

In return, nothing changed but on 19/03/2014 (after almost 6 months), I received a letter undated, written on a photocopy of EU letter Form. I am not at all pretentious, could receive one good news even on a piece of hygienic paper or nothing at all, just to read in Newspapers that it was set the Death Punishment regarding Children Sexual Issue, but I am thinking; are the EU Institutions as poor as they can’t afford to keep at least the appearances at any standard? I was thinking that it is a false letter from the Mob, amongst where I waste my life (a kind of brothel where next door to me are abusing children sexually and I am useless in defending them), but I have seen on the back side of it your signature with a blue color, and the date of 17/03/2014 on the envelope, which indicates that is a real letter. (I will tray to email a copy of it as a separate email because the intelligence does not allow sending email with that letter included as Attachment). What is this? Intimidation? Disrespect? I am immune of any.

In all my letters I did not suggest that DEATH PENALTY would be an appropriate solution. I suggested that it is a MUST. In crucial situations – radical solutions (measures) as the necessity imposes.

At the receiving of this letter I tried on line to find some information about your personal life Mrs Saastamoinen, in order to see your position regarding children in general, but unfortunately haven’t found a lot. Instead I found out from one of articles that annually are missing a quarter of million of children at the level of EU. One of the first books read in my childhood was Robinson Crusoe, and I was terrorized reading about cannibals’ behavior. Where are we? What have we for breakfast? Is not somehow Jonathan Swift taken seriously? I’m walking daily streets and can see foreigners groups of teenagers walking streets whole day every day. My tears pour against my wish thinking what might be. I can’t make gratuites affirmations but is not only that they are very well warden in order not to get in contact with anyone, but it is impossible to catch their eyes and if so, can’t be read anything in their sight just equanimity, put their sight down. I pray days and nights to God that I am wrong. Please open immediately your eyes and act.

Despite of your position in the Leadership of EU: Justice and Rights and most of all; Rights of Child, in the first sentence of that letter you express the adamancy of the EU regarding the capital punishment. This time last year (I had not the vaguest idea what was happening with children), I was condemning the United States and others States where the death punishment is still in vigor. Even now I did not change my position. But in this particular issue – Children …what to call it? Extermination? Yes in deed this is a program of extermination started with Children because they have not any defense and is a serious business, a source of making a lot of money with no expenses. This program involves also the vast majority of people as; elderly, people with low income and without, and other dogs on the streets (fashionable expression). I personally was forced to get involved, threatened with death, and left without any income despite my entitlement since 03/10/2013.

This action is dictated by the Leadership of the World, and obviously part of it is the European Union. But what is the EU? Is it a dictatorial entity that makes decisions at the level of Triumvirate? It is the embarrassment of the World that despite the Nobel Price for Peace received a couple of years ago; it is involved in all dirty businesses around as; Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and other places. That Lady, Mrs Catherine Ashton as Foreign Affairs Minister of the European Union doesn’t embarrasses only herself in her diplomatic missions, but 28 Countries and Cultures. What kind of Union is this? The large size and powerful Countries do whatever they like and the small ones tremble, in order not to annoy the masters; exposing their territories and children to be abused in order to respect the dirty program of this Fascist Organization. This as called European Union is on a totally wrong way. Do not forget that there is an European Parliament composed by 766 members from 28 Countries which should make appropriate Legislation, behind, there are a half of billion of people and 80% of them think like me, the difference is that they do not show it yet.

You, Mrs Saastamoinen as licentiate in Law must know the purpose of Legislation. Despite my parallelism with this science, still have the clue that the Legislation appeared as a necessity of leading Communities and Societies, of defending the rights of people and Countries, but not in any event to defend the criminals, to encourage them and their actions. In our situation Mrs Saastamoinen and European Institutions, the existent Legislation is not enough for defending Children (implicit human race).

The existing Legislation could cover the rights of Children in normal situations as use to be, to defend them against paedophiles (paedophilia being a disease), and for ordinary criminals. In this situation the crime overtook any dimensions; involving the Leadership and Financial Institutions of the Planet (the head politicians, business people, media, artists, sportspeople), for a precise purpose as I stated before. They are not Gods and also must respect Laws and Rules. The existing Legislation is not enough, so a new Legislation must be immediately elaborated, in order to protect the human rece against these dangerous, powerful people. So, DEATH PUNISHMENT Legislation is unavoidable. The EVEL must be extirpated from its roots.

I appreciate any of the improving Programs that you and European Institutions designed or intend to, for a better protection and education of Children (already abused), but once the Legislation above mentioned will be applied, everything will be simplified. Will be less victims and also the interest of making victims will be diminished. Creating other Institutions, Charities, Supports, means new and comfortable armchairs with 6, even more fat figures incomes, money that come now from children prostitution and (?) (I use this terminology in order to express the ugliness and the gravity of whole this process and to be easier understood).

Without the Legislation mentioned, the abuse will continue covered and the pain will be more acute. I will give an example; on 28/09/2013 one individual violated savagely 2 girls of 6 and 9 years of age, or younger (strange enough, but Media works), mentioned by me in the letter to the Irish Minister of Justice (enclosed). On 04/03/2014, the individual have been prosecuted and imprisoned for 2 lives. In the same evening on TV Stations the top politicians, media and other participants to programs (the Noah’s Ark) advertised more aggressively than ever with body language; children sexual abuse, and incessantly every day on any Station and any Programs the same encouragement in abusing Children probable to keep the customers in game. The same body language is using by the EU Leadership, even in the EU Parliament, Financial Institution, and European Central TV Stations (Euronews and France 24). It is frightening to switch on the TV-set, not to mention the radio stations and other means of manipulation.

As can be seen there is not another way in salvation the NEW GENERATION and implicit the human race than the little text proposed: Death punishment to be applied to any adult which touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions.

The EU promotes and legislates the death punishment but on different ways as; Child Euthanasia promoted in Belgium and The Right to Die which is trying here in Ireland (mentioned by me in the letters to Belgium Government and Irish Oireachtas, enclosed), not to mention the Unorthodox ways as could be deducted from the disappearance of a quarter million of Children annually and other hidden facts, that will be revealed one day. By the way; what is the reason of building that machine; the KOLLITOR? So, Mrs Saastamoinen please do not tergiversate elaborating this piece of Legislation any longer because will be more painful for all of us. Everyone must understand that is not going to be touched any under age sex consent minor sexually any more, in any circumstances. Is it difficult to be understood? Please publish it immediately with all ways and means in order to be well known by everyone. I will enclose 2 Romanian poems to introduce you and the whole Leadership at any level in the existing (real, actual, although it is mentioned the year of creation of poems) atmosphere and where could be read the state of spirit of ordinary people. Thanks.


By the way last night 06 to 07/04/2014 by chance I watched the France 24 Station and there an interview with the President of World Bank Group, Mr Jim Yong Kim which even at this stage, not only with words but also with body language emphasized that Children Sexual Exploitation is one of the solutions of Banking, of progress. Are we healthy mentally? It is hard for me to believe that a man in that position and such a presence could be capable of such grossness.

Best regards,

I’m trying the best I can to reproduce the EU Commission letter received on 19/03/2014 because it is impossible to send it as an Attachment.
(On a photocopy Form)

Hand written Ares (2014) 713256
(The e from Ares with grave accent)
(Here EU flag)


Directorate C: Fundamental Rights and Union Citizenship
Unit C1: Fundamental Rights and Rights of the Child
Head of Unit


Ms. Costica Ganga (disrespect-I’m a male)
23 Palmerston Place
Dublin 7
Dear Ms. Ganga,

I acknowledge receipt of your letters addressed to the European Commission in which you suggest that the death penalty would be an appropriate solution to the problem of child sexual abuse.

The European Union is unreservedly opposed to the use of capital punishment under all circumstances and has consistently called for the universal abolition of this punishment. The prohibition of the death penalty is one of the key provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which explicitly states that “no one shall be condemned to the death penalty or executed” in the Union. The European Union’s institutions would never allow any of its Member States to reintroduce the death penalty because it would mean a serious breach of the principles on which the European Union is founded.

The EU Agenda for the Rights of the Child aims to reinforce the full commitment of the EU–as enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights–to promote, protect and fulfill the rights of the child in all relevant EU policies and actions. This agenda includes 11 concrete actions where the EU can contribute in an effective way to children’s will-being and safety. You can find more detailed information on the following link:

The EU fights against many forms of violence perpetrated against children. for example, the directive on combating thee sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography approximates the definition of 20 offences, sets minimum levels for criminal penalties, and facilitates reporting, investigation and prosecution. It extends national jurisdiction to cover abuse by EU nationals abroad, gives child victims easier access to legal remedies and includes measures to prevent additional trauma from participating in criminal proceedings. Offenders will be subject to risk assessments, and have access to special intervention programmers. Information on convictions and disqualification are to circulate more easily among criminal records, making controls more reliable. The Directive prohibits advertising the possibility of abuse, or organizing child sex tourism, and provides for education, awareness raising and training of officials.

European commission, B-1049 Brussels – Belgium. Telephone: (32-2) 29911 11
Office MO59 5/066. Telephone: direct line (32-2) 296 10 01. (bottom of the first page)

Back face of the letter (second page)

This Directive is a legal instrument addressed to the Member States, which in turn have to implement its provisions in their national laws (1 as at power).

The Commission promotes also specialist police unit operations that aim at identifying child pornography sites and networks and the children in the images, including prosecuting those responsible. A Europol-based platform for Internet-related offences mainly deals with child abuse content. The Commission also supports the INHOPE network of NGO-run hotlines in EU States that collects reports on child abuse websites so that they could be removed and investigated (2 as at power)

In addition, the Daphne 111 (three roman) programme aims to contribute to the prevention of, and the fight against all forms of violence occurring in the public or the private domain, including sexual exploitation and trafficking of human beings and to take preventive measures and provide support and protection for victims and groups at risk.

Yours sincerely,


Salla Saastamoinen

Directive 2011/92/EU of 13 December 2011 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, (OJ, L335/1, 17.12.2011.p. 1) (bottom of the second page)

What is this about?


Dear European Central Band of Frankfurt

First of al I want to thank your Institution for answering on Thursday 03/04/2014 (text disappeared) to my appeal, being one of very few that did so, probably because of your Geographical position.

I am aware that your Institution has not any power in elaborating any kind of Legislations, but as you have seen if you have read that material I applied to the Institutions legitimated and have the duty in taking position, but they ignore. As we all know, this is the most ma

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