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Address4 Anifowoshe St.
Vistoria Island
Phonelocal: (01) 271.5650
international: +
Faxlocal: (01) 271.5651
international: +

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Wed, 21 Jun 2017 01:09 EDT
It is really pathetic that some Nigerians are saying that neither they nor their wards will study abroad in the Philippines with the reasons that the Philippines is the poorest country in the world and that the country is cursed.
Indeed, I don't know why we deceive ourselves in Nigeria, instead of being honest to ourselves...please, who cursed the Philippines?
Yes, the Philippines is one of the developing country of the world but it is far better than Nigeria in all sectors, even though they have little or no natural resources like Nigeria but they manage the little they have very well.
*The Philippines is cursed, yet they have 24 hours electricity.
*They are cursed, yet they have wonderful road network.
*They are cursed, yet they made medical education free for all their citizens.
*They are cursed, yet they have steady water supply.
*They are cursed, yet their educational system is very stable and there is no history of strike in their educational system.
*They are cursed, yet they have perfect security.
*They are cursed, yet I have not seen any accident for the past 4 years I have lived in the Philippines.
*They are cursed, yet the Philippines has 2,180 universities (Two Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Universities) while our Giant of Africa (Nigeria) has approximately 128 universities at present... What a shame!
*They are cursed, yet many Americans, Indians and other citizens of developed countries come to the Philippines to study medicine and later go back to their respective countries to practice because educational cost is more affordable here in the Philippines.
*They are cursed, yet their medical system is rated 60th out of the 191 countries in the world by world health organization (WHO) while our so-called "blessed Nigeria" has the worst 4th medical system in the whole world...Nigeria is rated 187th out of the 191countries in whole world by world health organization (WHO)...yet Nigeria is a blessed country more than the Philippines.
***Please, take a look at this website to verify my points about WHO world rating of medical system in the whole world… http://www.who.int/healthinfo/paper30.pdf.

To apply for the ongoing admission for undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate courses, or you want to transfer to any of our partner Philippine universities as an undergraduate student, or you want to do your residency program as a medical doctor, contact me on:

1. I am not an agent but a Registered International partner with California University, Philippine Campus and other Philippine universities.

2. I am also the Philippine representative of Revo Institute of Science and Technology, Enugu Campus, Nigeria and Nikki Campus, Republic of Benin.

3. Please, beware of some frauds using my name to defraud people of their hard-earned money. Please, ignore them—they are not my partners.

Best regards,
Mr. Paul Godfrey
Attorney Fajobi Ibukun;York Univ,Ont(Canada)
Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:05 EDT
The Proposal Of Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada:"Memorandum Of Understanding Of Indian Affairs And Northern Development(Canada)
Continuation:Property rights. ArticleG:To implement this memorandum of understanding,the participants will establish a joint committee which will consist of equal number of representative from Canada and India,designated by the participants. THE CO-CHAIRS OF JOINT COMMITTEE ARE:As viewed from Canadian side: -The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; -The Chairman of State Committee on Northern Affairs;-The Committee Will:-Oversee the development of cooperative workplan;Serves as a forum for the exchange of information,consultation and facilitating contacts between the participants;Provide general general directions and management for the memorandum of understanding;-Review and report annually on the achievement of the cooperation under this memorandum of understanding;-The joint committee will meet at least once every year; -Coordination of activities under the memorandum of understanding will be conducted through the secretariat designated by the participants.For Canadian Side:The Circumpolar
Prof Fajobi Ibukun Oluwumi;[PhD],Walden Uni;York U
Thu, 15 Jun 2017 11:24 EDT
The Proposal Of Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada-(Continue)
Of information. -Mutually agreed forms of cooperation. Article C:For the purpose of this memorandum of understanding,the participants will encourage and facilitate,as appropriate,the direct contacts between regional,territorial and local government,aboriginal groups and organization of the Northern regions of both countries,academic and scientific institution,the private sector including the the conclusion of working arrangement on the implementation of specific projects and programs. Article D:Cooperation under the Memorandum of understanding will be realized in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country. Article E:Unless otherwise arranged between the participants,international tour or travel expenses,will be borne by the sending,participants.Efforts will be made to develop,where it is appropriate,cost-sharing arrangement in support of work programmes undertaken under the present memorandum of understanding. Article F:In proposed cooperative activities where it is foreseeable that intellectual
Prof,Attorney Fajobi Ibukun Oluwumi;[PhD]Walden Un
Thu, 15 Jun 2017 07:19 EDT
The Proposal Of Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada:"Memorandum Of Understanding Of Indian Affairs And Northern Development"(Canada).
Continuation:The memorandum of understanding details of enclosure inter-relating the both countries are stated hereafter;Article A:The participants will develop to broadened bilateral cooperation concerning Aboriginal and Northern issues on the basis of equality,reciprocity and mutual benefit in the following areas stating; -Northern Environment and Conservation; -Northern Policy Development; -Policy and Legislation Related to Aboriginal Peoples; -Socio-economic and Cultural Development of Aboriginal Peoples; -Northern Environment and Conservation/Capacity Building Through Partnership,while as mutually agreed,a work program helps to carry-out activities in these areas will be developed by the participants. -Article B:Cooperation among the participants will take the following forms: .Visits by,or exchange of officials,experts and Northern people; -Joint organization of officials,experts and Northern peoples; -Joint organization of seminars and workshops; -Cooperative projects and consultation; -Exchange of
Prof,(Attorney)Fajobi Ibukun Oluwumi;(PhD)Walden U
Thu, 15 Jun 2017 03:53 EDT
The Proposal Of Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada:"Memorandum Of Understanding Of Indian Affairs And Northern Development(Canada)".
Memorandum of Understanding betwèen the department of Indian Affairs and Northern dèvelopment(Cànada),thè stàte committeè is fóçùsîñg oñ çoóperàtion strèssed to aboriginal,Ñorthern Development Îndian añd Northerñ Àffairs Çanada,hereinafter referred to as the Participant might be viewed in following major features: CONSCIOUSNESS:Being conscious of importance of promoting,ensuring sustainable development including environmental protection embedded in Asia and North-America. RECOGNIZING:That Canada and Indian Republic are facing a wide-range of common interest and issues related to the Southern region of Asia regarding the both countries. AFFIRMING:The commitment of both countries to the wèlfare of it is Northern population including the recognition of unique interest and special relationship of co-exhistence of Aboriginal indigene of Southern region of Asia,taking into account the fedèral responsibility and mandate of participant for Northern and aboriginal affairs in their respective countries. DRAWING:On the mutual long parallel relationship betwèen Canada and India Republic in the area of diplomatique bi-relation and Northern cooperation,bothered to contribute further to relations of both countries to enhance circumpolar cooperation in accordance with the objectives of memorandum of understanding. REPOSITIONING-That for all activities undertaken under memorandum of understanding,the participants interest to optimize the participation of provincial/regional,territorial and local government,aboriginal organization and other non-governmental organization.
Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:43 EDT
Introduction:Memorandum of Understanding between the government of Canada and Republic of India stressed on the establishment of a joint study group to examine the feasibility of a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.In futherance of Canadian Government and Republic of India hereinafter referred to as the "Participants" tends to intensify the announcement by Canada's Minister for International trade and Minister for Asia-Pacific Gateway and India's Minister of Commerce and Industry on January 21st,2009,initiating exploration discussion towards a comprehensive economic partnership.Therefore,their roles can be linked to:Recognizing:helps to accelerate an overall economic growth of the respective countries.;Desiring:further expand and develop bilateral relations and cooperation in the fields of trade,industry,investment and other economic fields.
Sat, 15 Apr 2017 14:50 EDT
; On agenda of commission. -Identify financial and other mechanisms that could facilitate the development of better commercial and economic relations,investment as well as other means of better utilization. -Explore barriers to greater commercial and economic relations to mitigate them. -Strengthten the role of diaspora and promote people-to-people ties between Canada and Nigeria as a whole with a special focus on the diaspora in Canada. -Cooperation to address youth unemployment through improved education and vocational training strategies institutional partnership. STRATEGIC COOPERATION: Ensure counter-terrorism cooperation(e.g bio-security) -Augment partnership on regional security issues including piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and trafficking of drugs,weapon,people in the region. DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION: -It enhance strategies to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Goals established at G8 in MUSKOKA,in core areas including trading,democratic governance values system,health,education and culture.However,the bilateral cooperation has evolved practically in ambit of Canadian Governmental department have developed productive cooperation programs which instals Memorandum of Understanding with Nigerian counterparts and hold regular exchanges at various diversified levels.Finally relatively,both Nigeria and Canada often imbibed in working relationship in international fora to link up with G20,UN,APEC,WTO.
Sat, 15 Apr 2017 11:33 EDT
The participants may ammend this Memorandum Of Understanding as stressed to the mutual consent in writing. ANNEX A:PROPOSED BI-NATIONAL COMMISSION WORKPLAN 2012- THE INITIATIVES: -Preparatory work for the commission under each of four areas of focus will advance the following concrete initiative: POLITICAL RELATIONs. -Support For The Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC)and collaboration to support democratic development in West Africa through the sharing of best practices. -Facilitate institutional linkages between bodies responsible for the promotion of human rights,democratic institutional development and good governance(INEC,Courts,etc) -Establish common annual agenda on issues of mutual interest(e.g democratic strengthening,respect for human rights,promoting religious freedom)in international fora(e.g ECOWAS,AU,UN,COMMONWEALTH). TRADE AND INVESTMENT: .Identify sectors and projects of mutual interest and benefit in the field of commercial and economic relations or investment that could be set on
Sat, 15 Apr 2017 09:32 EDT
SECURITY COOPERATION:Encourage capacity building to respond to domestic and regional security challenges including terrorism,to advance mutual security interest within regional and multilateral fora. DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION:To explore strategies achieving
.,for the commission should be at the expert level and must draw on whole-of-government expertise,non-government expertise as appropriate.The preparatory work will be ongoing and activities will be focused on achieving concrete results in each of the areas of focus to implement the workplan. THE EXPENDITURES:(1)The participant hosting a meeting will cover the expenses related to the meeting venue and related meeting costs.(ii)Each participant will cover the expenses related to the participation of it is representative in the meetings of the commission.THE DIFFERENCES:INTERPRETATION AND APPLICATION- The participants would resolve any difference in interpretation and application of this Memorandum of Understanding through negotiation. FINAL DISPOSITIONs:(1)This Memorandum of Understanding will take effect on the date of it is signature by the participants.(11)The participants may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding by giving a Six month notice in writing Via diplomatic channels to the other participant.
Sat, 15 Apr 2017 04:13 EDT
INTRODUCTION:Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic of Nigeria on the Estblishment of Bi-National Commission,hereinfter refered to as the participants: -Aims to reinforce their cooperation based on the principles,mutul respect and benefit. -Deeply convinced that consultation will enhance the development of their bilateral relations and cooperation on International affairs,consistent with the principles of Charter of UN.-Understanding that other organization within their respective government may participate in activities under this Memorandum of Understanding have reached the following understanding on these grounds: PURPOSE OF UNDERSTANDING:The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding in the establishment by the participants of a Bi-National Commission hereinafter referred to as the commission,"to sustain high-level dialogue inorder to promote and increase diplomatic cooperation including economic and security issues". SCOPE OF THE UNDERSTANDING:The participants will instruct the Commission to:(a)Promote and strengthen bilateral diplomatic cooperation including economic and security issues.(b)Address areas of mutual interest and concern to develop strategies for tackling issues with the assistance and coordination.(c)Evaluate the development of their cooperation as well as promoting initiatives aimed at expanding it to new areas. COMPOSITION OF UNDERSTANDING:The participants will ensure that the commission is to co-chair by their respective ministers or by any other person they may designate.AREAS OF FOCUS OF UNDERSTANDING:The participants will instruct the commission to focus on four major themes concerning both domestic and international cooperation namely:-(1)POLITICAL RELATIONS:Helps to promote human rights,good governance and democratic development or institution within Nigeria and internationally including through support to free and fair election,coordinate institutional capacity building to fight corruption and address migration issues.(2)ECONOMIC RELATIONS:to explore opportunities and reduction of barriers to increase economic and commercial relations and investment in sectors in-congruent of mutual interest in the following;energy,infrastructure,transportation,information communication technologies,agriculture and mining,as to maximize productive people to ties-the roles of diaspora as related to investment in education,social infrastructure and employment strategies,negotiate such agreement as may be required(a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement(FIPA),promote corporate social responsibility and opportunities for collaboration in international economic fora.

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