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Can you say
Fri, 25 Mar 2016 10:34 EDT
Yes, your country has been involved in every American adventure, spreading their state organized terror around the world. As result of this, the phenomenon called Blow-back has emerged, where those victimized by the unjustified and illegal destruction and terrorizing of their countries and people, decide to do the only thing they can, strike back anyway they can. This is called blow back and is almost always deserved to do and to receive.
You know of many instances of blow-back and the ones happening in Europe right now and in the past, are clear examples.
To stop these, one must first stop the reasons for them. You know what they are and a good start would be to stop supporting American march towards world hegemony at the point of their guns. You did send one jet to bomb Libya, didn't you? What did you do to Yugoslavia when America practiced their future destruction of independent countries that say no to them? And so on. Others have done the same, France, England, Spain...they all got some blow-back and it'll not stop till you stop your participation in destruction of other cultures and people. By the way, you are very lucky that Serbs are far more civilized and gentle people that you or your blow-backers are. Imagine if they held the grudge against all of you? Better not even thing about what they could do to you as blow-back to what you did to them.
So once you do the right thing, as suggested bellow, do another right thing and stop supporting anyone who is in business of destruction of others with no reason and with impunity. That has to stop or we'll all end up in a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.
If those who can fight back (America never attacks those who can fight back, at least not till now) are ever attacked, the whole hell will break lose and everyone will bare the consequences. For America, it will not be only "over there" but "right here in America", dismantled brick by brick in few hours of the conflict. No one can survive that one.
Once a Muslim
Tue, 22 Mar 2016 10:29 EDT
Today's tragedy:
Hungary was the only country that warned the whole Europe and the world of imminent danger in letting the muslim tsunami into Europe. Their president said it many times as well as their leading professor along with untold numbers of others. They warned about huge percentage of young, strong and menacing looking single men coming in droves along the true refugees (very small numbers). These men were coming in for a purpose, to join their "brothers" terrorist born and educated and fed in your country and others.
Those of you who claim that "home grown" terror is different from "foreign" are forgetting one single truth: Once a Muslim always a Muslim, which can be easily translated into: Once a Terrorist always a terrorist.
Your (and whole west Eu) policies of letting so many Muslims into your continent over years, are paying the price for that deadly mistake. The formula "Once a Muslim... is proven multiple times. Those children born to muslims in your own countries, turning into muslim terrorists are the very living proof of this reality/formula.
What did you think? The muslims who terrorized Balkan people for centuries have changed? Not at all they only got worse and now they are on the move to reach Atlantic and all the seas surrounding Europe.
Not all is lost, though. If EU continental countries, including cooperation with Russia (forget America they are the main culprit this is happening)seal the borders to absolute air-tightness, stop the influx completely, help resolve the crisis in middle east (again forget America Russia will help you), help the refugees there and finally RETURN absolutely EVERYONE who invaded EU this time. After, no more muslims ever into EU and those already there would eventually integrate or return to lands of their ancestors, if they prefer.
Remember NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN AND HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK OR DEMAND THAT EUROPE SACRIFICE HERSELF FOR THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND OTHER BS. You have the right and responsibility to protect your continent and people. America is NOT your friend but they use you as their puppets for their bloody march towards word hegemony, which by the way will not happen for Russia have served notice to anyone (USA specially)that this has ended.
Europe belongs to Europeans and that includes Russia as your most valuable friend. They saved you from Nazism and they will help you save you from islamo-fascism, but not America will do it. With Russia's enormous resources and your advanced economies you don't need N America At All.You can trade with them but keep them away./ In fact ALL the English speaking countries (you know who they are)are no good for you for anything but trade on the fair basis. They have been nothing but trouble for you and the world. This must stop and Russia has served notice that it is over for their nasty ways with the world.
From Yugoslavia to Syria nowadays they spread terror and destruction over peaceful and sovereign countries. That is OVER.
Pleas wake up and do something along these lines. Any other alternative leads to final catastrophe not only for you but entire world.
Baskim Dzeladini
Fri, 7 Aug 2015 02:55 EDT
Slowenian company working in Belgium
I am interested i terms and conditions about Slovenian company with slovenian employees working in Belgium.
Thank you for your answer.
Best regards.

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