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Mon, 7 Mar 2016 10:16 EST
You have a problem
We saw an interview of a mayor of one of your border towns with France.She presented the huge problem you have with immigrants, migrants, refugees, all Muslims that can not, do not want to and never will integrate into your or European society and way of life. But they will (as the already are)undermine and eventually destroy it.
The current crisis must be a complete eye opening and awakening for the whole Europe. You are being overrun by massive population movement by Muslims and if you do not stop them, the game is over for you and beginning of Muslim Europe for them.
OK, you can not return those already in. You can return those on their way or just arrived. But what is most important YOU MUST STOP THEM ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY from entering Europe at any point. They simply must be kept out by complete sealing off European continent for current crisis and for ever, in fact.
This means that immigration of any kind from non-European countries must be banned for ever. They simply do not belong on your continent and any further influx, either during this crisis or after it is resolved, will lead to same outcome, destruction of European continent.
No one in this universe can ask you or has the right to ask you to sacrifice your way of life to "save" those who want a "better" life in Europe. That is no excuse and reason to let them in. You have problems with your own people to continue with way of life they deserve, now these millions come in and you must give them "better" life. Forget about it, that can not continue and by closing your borders (while helping them where they are on African lands) permanently, you will have lessened the influence of those who are already in. They will eventually integrate into your society, but if you continue with influx of new ones, that will never happen but destruction of Europe.
The time to act is now and it is the right thing to do. You have paid your price for what was done to them during centuries of suppression by your ancestors. It is not your fault.
Get going right now, for tomorrow could be too late.
Time 2
Fri, 16 Jan 2015 17:40 EST
become objective and realistic.
About the state of immigration and influx of refugees (real and fake) to your country and Europe as a whole.
Many who accuse those who are proposing to reduce and eventual stop the immigration, keep saying that newcomers are not to blame for the current crisi. Well let us put it this way; if they were not in EU would you have such problems? Of course not. But, since they came to EU, due to historic, economic and other factor, they must be given all the rights and privileges that anyone else has. Fine for those who are already here. But do you need some more? Of course not. Euro economies do NOT NEED any more immigrants for the economic activity, for there is simply no more of that activity and it is likely YOU WILL NEVER NEED THEM FOR THAT PURPOSE AGAIN. EU economy can and should provide for current and future native population and newcomers already there, for ever. It is that simple.
As for refugees coming from all over the place, you must help where they live or countries next to where the crisis are. NO more letting them into EU for the same reason, there is no more place for them. Is this unfair, crueal or immoral? Not at all. The very exsitace of EU is in question, politically, socially, economically and you name You must save yourselves while you are fair and generous toward the needs of the needy in THEIR COUNTRIES. The influx to EU is no more just a smple emigration and esaping the nasty situation. Not at all. It is now a MASSIVE MOVEMENT OF WHOLE POPULATIONS LOOKING FOR BETTER LIFE IN EUROPE. There is no "better life" for them in EU to find. The continent can hardly provide a good life for it's own, let alone refugees, be they economic, political, social, environmental etc etc. They must be stopped at EU borders or way before the borders and returned to their countries with help given to resolve the crisis.
There is no other solution to crisis in EU and any other solution that would continue with influx (increasing by the day) will lead to EU reduction to the level of EVERYTHING now in those countries the refugees/emigrants are coming from.
Anyone who claims differently has their heads in the sand or are ready to go down the drain with everyone, in the name of political correctness and fairness. Remember; the western liberalism is their WORSE ENEMY, that the other side knows well and takes advantage of.
Sure way to disaster for all. Let's be realistic and fair to your own, while helping the other side where they are not where they want to come and stay and degrade your lands beyond repair. There is still time.
ps: remember there is at least 3 Billion people around the world who would just love to come to Europe for "better" life. Why would one or say 1 Million of them be more deserving than the rest?
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:16 EDT

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