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Mon, 10 Jul 2017 07:16 EDT
Hi im belle i just wanna asked if ang legal capacity to marry pwde po ba makuha ng bf ko sa austria.even dito kmi sa pinas magpapakasal? Or personally pupunta sya sa cebu para kumuha ng legal capacity to marry?
cyril regal
Fri, 25 Nov 2016 22:52 EST
wedding requirements
hi good day im miss cy engaged to an austrian citizen nasa samar po kami ngaun,,,as per advice meron na po akong red ribbon na cenomar,nbi and birth certificate also certified true copy ng passport para sa legalization ng docs ko and para makakuha ng capacity to marry.....ask ko po sana if once bakapag pa appoint na kami ano ang magiging process -or necessary docs and ano po ang mga maggng expenses para po ma aware kami,,maraming salamat
Sat, 21 May 2016 22:31 EDT
appointment first din ba bago mag process ng visa sa embassy jan sa cebu? thank you.
Sun, 29 Nov 2015 00:20 EST
Hello.. Good afternoon! I am a filipina married with an austrian man in the philippines last 2004. What are the requirements should i prepare so that i can visit him.
Richie Quirante
Fri, 19 Jun 2015 06:25 EDT
Austrian citizen for my daughter
Good day..i have a daughter which is 9 month old and we are living together with my Austrian bf. My bf acknowledge the paternity of our daughter. I just wanna ask if pwede po ba mag.apply kami ng Austrian citizen of my daughter or can we apply a dual citizen? What are the requirements po.
jani jakimov
Sun, 31 May 2015 04:32 EDT
Your deportation could be used for training purposes - the shadow side of the paradise
My departure from Kota Kinabalu:
I was passing the control person. She was not even looking at me. I saw that she didn’t want to check the tickets from the people before me and just wave them to pass. I wanted to pass but decided to show her my ticket and there everything started. If I have passed nothing would have happened as later at the gate nobody checked any documents or asked questions about return tickets.
The supervisors come and asked for my return ticket and I explained to them that I just came from the Philippines and they no longer enforce the rule for return ticket as tourist can extend their visa at wish in any tourist office. We had a long discussion. They called the station in Cebu to ask if to let me board the flight without outbound ticket but after 1 hour there was no answer. The flight had 1h30min delay so we had time to wait and talk. I told them that I worked for airline and travel industry all my life and know how it goes behind the scene. They keep on insisting on return ticket so after 1h no answer from Cebu I booked return ticket with Tiger Air from Kalibo to Singapore and they let me to the gate.
Arriving in Cebu:
I saw the official with the Air Asia badge who later witnessed my extradition and even actively helped the immigration authorities. I told him that the KK station had force me to book a return ticket and I want him to come with me to the immigration authorities so we can clear once and for all if return flight is requested.
Unfortunately I had really bad luck with the person who was in the immigration office at the time. He was first alone then the Air Asia representative joined us. I explain my situation and my confusion due to the two contradictory rules: once return ticket is requested and in the same time visa extension is allowed. He agreed but insisted that even the return ticket is a waste of money it still has to be booked. At that point I start feeling that he is not very fond of foreign tourist.
While we talked he even disclosed to me something few people probably knew that there is visa on arrival and if I pay 2000+ PHP I can get visa for 2 months. I told him that I have booked my ticket already in 1 month and this time this visa is not good for me but is good to know about it.
Then I told him that in the hurry I have booked my ticket for 6May which is exactly 1 month later but I knew normally the departure date was always 1 day less I was afraid I was short of 1 day. I asked him if it is possible to wait 2 hours as it was already 10pm and pass the immigration after midnight but he rejected it at once. It was clear that he just enjoying my misfortune situation. I asked him why and explained to him again my situation but he was firm. I had to pass the immigration at once. It was evident that he was enjoying his position at the moment. I asked him what should I do after, as I will be one day short of visa and he answer without any sympathy: “Pay for new visa” I said only for one day it will cost me 3000 PHP, which I could be avoid if I waited ( by then less then 2h) before I passed immigration but he rejected again and become even more instructive.
I saw there is no point arguing so I left. On leaving I told him that I have a webpage which is exactly about this kind of situation and about airline ratings (which was meant for the Air Asian staff). He said of course the usual what every official who feels save in his position will answer: I should write whatever I want. There was no objection on his site for offence at that point.

At the immigration counters:
At the time there were no witnesses I was the only tourist and I didn't notice until it was too late. The female immigration officer M.Galagar came after she was debriefed from the same person in the office I had the discussion about the need or no need of return ticket. So she went straight away asking for the return ticket, which I produced at once. While I was opening my laptop to show her the confirmation I remarked that she is the first person at immigration to ask to actually see the return ticket. And that I have passed twice immigration recently in Kalibo and Manila and never had to show any papers. That even the last time I didn’t had a return ticket but the officer let me in anyway. She asked me straight away what I mean by that if I want to offend her. Yet at this point she was not offended as she was about to stamp my passport but keep on asking question what I’m doing in the Philippines. I told her I’m there for travel but she kept on asking if I have Filipino wife and something else I can’t recall but I felt a little offended as I hate to be mixed with all the sex tourism that is going on in the Philippines and the most of South East Asia. I told her that I don’t have a Filipino wife and maybe here express myself unlucky after she asked my “Why if I don’t like Filipinos” saying that I don’t like mixing with the locals too much… which is only true in the case of Thailand. I repeated once again that I’m here only to travel and that I’m travel agent to make her understand my interest in the Philippines better.
Then we came back to the return ticket problem and I told her that I disagree with this rule but I was forced to book it. She said that these are government regulation and one should comply. I repeated that I have complied but I still disagree, not only in my situation but as well for Philippians travelling to Europe forced to produce return tickets. I believe at this point she mentioned for the first time that she could deny me entry and ask me if I’m not scared… I told her that I don’t care and I asked her why I should be scared. Then I quoted her the line from the movie “V for Vendetta” about that people shouldn’t be scared of their government but governments should be scared of their people. Apparently this was heavy stuff for her and she asked me again even more agitated what will happen if she denied me visa. The way she asked me I felt like she was say “I can do this. I have the power even for no reason”. We were not talking at the counter but on the side where I was holding my laptop so I felt the talk is more between two humans then between officials. Suddenly she started thinking aloud how she could deny me and asked for hotel booking. Which I said is never been asked before and that I arrange my bookings locally. I thought she is kind of making fun of me or trying to scare me as she said before. Why a immigration officer should ask a tourist with valid entry documents if he is not scared to be denied entry?
I was completely surprised when she took my passport and went direction of the office. By that time I was the only tourist and they knew there are no witnesses (it was stupid of me not to notice in what kind of situation I’m putting myself)… I followed her. The male officer Eric Etarban, who refused to help me before exchanged few sentences in Filipino with her which I didn’t understood but they were obviously talking about hotel booking. He asked me about it and I said to him the same. They kept on consulting and start looking on a list with reasons for denial entry which was on the table in front of them on the table. All of a sudden he asked me why I have offended her and behaved ungallantly. I told him at once that I don’t know what he is talking about and I repeated what I have told her word for word.
They keep on talking in Filipino which I don’t speak and keep on repeating that I have offended an immigration officer and keep on asking me if want to be denied. At this point I strongly objected to any allegations that I have been offensive and that I don’t have a reason to offend her as I didn’t know her and she seems to be a nice person. They kept on discussion the situation in Filipino. I tried to explain to them that I expect humans to help each other and not hide behind government rules. They insinuated again that I have something against the Filipino government and I told him that I have something against all governments. I told them about my website that I’m trying to fight against all this stupid travel regulations that make travel in the 21century so difficult sometimes. While I was talking and hoping they will understand what is my point of view they apparently agreed what story to use to deny me entry. I was left alone. I felt is getting serious but I still couldn’t believe they will pull something like this through as there was not a single grain of justifiable reason for denial. I must stress that if there were other tourist as witnesses or the female immigration officer M.Galagar was to decide alone she will have never had pulled off the scam. I hold the male officer Eric Etarban more responsible and the one who made the scam possible.
Soon after another female official came in, she looked like a supervisor as she wearing a blue suit and tried to behave official. She told me that the female officer has made her decision and I will not be allowed in the country this time. I still couldn’t believe what is happening but I didn’t lose my nerves or temper not for a single moment. I was never loud or shouted or used any obscene words. I repeat to her what happened so far and asked her for her opinion if there is any misbehaviour on my side. But she kept on repeating that the officer has made up her mind and the papers for my extradition were prepared at the moment. From that moment on nobody listen to me. Then more people came in and one start asking me stupid questions if I don’t respect people in uniforms and if I don’t think that I should obey what they say, which answered no, I explained to him that I respect the people in the uniform but not the uniform as a status. Then I ask him if people in uniform come and tell him to shoot at people will he do it because they are in uniforms? They keep using my general remarks and putting them on the protocol as numbered offences. Once again I was not in a single moment impolite not even sarcastic to any of the people. But I insisted that everything written on those papers is a lie and I ask them if they are not scared to fabricate such lies as sooner or later the true will come out and they may lose their jobs. I asked them why they are risking their jobs by get involved in this but they used my question as a threat and added it on the paper as another offence.
I tried to explain again that this is a case of civil resistance and I’m exercising my right to protest against something I believe should be abolished or at least changed and that the world should be visa free and open to everybody to travel without problems. I could see that I was talking to the wind nobody was listening I was the tourist who was offended a Pilipino official on top of it woman. Nobody believed my story but apparently they believe all she claimed I have said. As I don’t understand the local language I didn’t know exactly what lies she was spreading behind my back. I never actual protocol with the actual offending words I was supposed to have used.
Again and again they will ask me why don’t respect the Philippines as country. And I told them that I do respect it and that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here but nothing came through. Nothing I said was acknowledged even as a partial truth. I was looked at once as a liar and I felt the hate towards me as as foreigner basically from everybody in the room. From then on all they keep on repeating was that if I don’t respect the Philippine government I deserved to be denied entry and how from now the airline is responsible for me and they basically refused to explain what is happening.
At some point the Air Asia official came and took my passport from the desk and told me that now I’m going with him. I told him that I want my passport back as he as an airline representative has no jurisdiction when it comes to passport matters. While he was taking the passport from the table I reached and while explaining to him this I took it out of his hand. I keep on asking where we are going and what is happening now but all I heard was to go with the airline official that he is now responsible for me.
I said that I have not broken any law and I’m not going to pay for any flight as I have already booked flight back to Singapore. They keep on trying to persuade me to go with the airline boy but I knew that if I leave the immigration everything is over and much worse I didn’t knew what is happening next. After a while they called a small security guard not a police who was supposed to help them to escort me to the airline. As the Air Aisia official said that we can go to the office and he will try to help me I agree to go with him and see what is this all about. But when we arrived there I was treated as a person who is to be extradited and that was exactly was I didn’t want to represent. I asked the guard to escort me back to the immigration and I start walking he didn’t know what he is supposed to do. In immigration the people were still avoiding any eye contact with me and repeating all the fabricated stuff.
For a moment I had a small talk with one of the immigration officers about my travel in the Philippines and I believe he understood that I’m not the person who he thought I’m. I explained to him that I travel only with jeepnees and buses but never use taxis and eat local food on the street and I’m in the Philippines because of the water quality as I like swimming. I told him about my Indian travels and why I didn’t go to India but come to the Philippines. Because the Indian visa problem which I don’t want to support and respect the Philippines for giving one month free visa, as a step in the right direction…
Apparently the procedure was not very clear as they were not sure for a while what to do. I didn’t have much hope for the embassy but I added the remark few times but nobody even notice it. At some point a higher immigration official came and I tried to explain what really happen and why I have talk about the return ticket problem and the government regulation problems as I’m trying to fight this not only for me but for the Filipinos as well. Especially after he mentioned how unjust Filipinos are handled when they travel to Europe. For a while I believed he saw my point and he understood that I have not cause the problem. I suggested that the female officer was called and explain why she felt offended and that maybe we can still work it out instead of going with this which will cause even more problems… I believe he saw the point as he send for her but he left the room too. The other guy came back that I talked with and he told me that they are talking and we still may get this sorted out. But then after 20min both the higher official and the female officer came back together and start signing my papers.
I keep on telling them that I’m not going back to Malaysia as I’m not Malaysian and I don’t have anything to do there and that I’m not going to pay for any flights as I have not broken any law and have done nothing wrong. But from then own they start pushing harder. 5 this time heavy weight policemen came and started straight away with the intimidation. I was told to stay in the office and wasn’t even allowed to stand up from the chair at first. Apparently they were scared I will started making problems with the arriving passengers. But what can you do. Who will pay attention to guy in custody…
Suddenly they start talking about some detention room where I have to be locked in… I refused vigorously but at the time they force me to leave the immigration area and when I repeated that I don’t want to stay in this room as I’m not arrested or a criminal. They keep repeating that I’m not arrested but keep pushing me and at some point gave me the alternative this room or jail… which at first I ignored but at some point I was pushed in a narrow corridor with no witnesses and the policemen started talking harder and I could see how they were looking for troubles. Needles to say that in this situation I didn’t had any chance but I keep repeating that I want the embassy informed about what is happening with me and that I don’t need a room and I rather wait for my flight at the gate with the other passengers especially if I’m not arrested. Literally they force me in the room after one of them almost put the handcuffs on me to confirm his threat with th
jani jakimov
Sun, 31 May 2015 04:19 EDT
Philippines IMMIGRATION officers SCAM
Dear Sirs,

you have allowed grave injustice to happen in front of your nose. You didn't even found the time to drive the 20 min way to the airport and see what is going on. I would say this was the very less you could do. Especially considering that you are paid for this. But you preferred to hide.
Keep on hiding! Next time it will be your son or daughter or even you on some border then your remember me.

I will do everything in my power to get you replaced with someone who is at least wiling to sacrifice 10 min of his working time for work.

No kind regards for you
Jani Jakimov
jani jakimov
Mon, 6 Apr 2015 16:59 EDT
austrian citizen detained in CEBU based on immigration whimsicality
Dear Sirs,

I want to inform you that I have been denied entry last night and hold in locked room at Cebu airport since then without food and water on completely false accusations, basically the two officer involved made up the whole case and convinced the others that I must be some kind of monster. I’m attaching a very brief memo of what happen and how it came to this situation.
As I consider myself completely innocent and victim of misusing official positions to prove personal points I expect you to at least try to show them that whimsicality has nothing lost at the immigration counter.
The accusation are that’s why groundless because all I wanted was to go back to the beach and even complied to the useless rule and booked return flight. I had everything what is requested to pass this immigration. What would be my reason to come even close to an offence? There is only one explanation I’m victim of pay back animosities which was express to me all too open.
I leave in your hands the decision about the steps you will or will not take but this story goes to the first news sender ready to air it.

Kind Regards
Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:25 EST
Good day!!!

My bf invite me in hes country in Austria, but im separated not totally legally, i used passport single what documents i give it to you?

Thanks. ..

Waiting for your reply
Wed, 14 Jan 2015 21:46 EST
ask if my daughter can have austrian citizenship
i have daughter with my Austrian bf and he acknowledge the paternity can i apply Austrian citizen for my daughter?And can she have a dual citizenship? hope to hear your response.

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