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Comments on this Embassy

Not a fascist
Tue, 18 Sep 2018 09:22 EDT
Grow up
How do you think people got to Austria in the first place? They were set there by the hand of God? Migration is the history of every place on earth. People move around. It's part of how civilizations change and grow. Stop clutching your pearls over racist nonsense.
Time to save
Mon, 23 May 2016 10:42 EDT
What is going on in Europe is a catastrophe in making. The influx, or more correctly invasion of migrants (only small percentage are true refugees)is nothing else but massive movement of whole populations that want to settle in Europe and literally displace Europeans as main inhabitants.This is no joke or no crazy talk. It may not happen in few years but in few decades for sure, if the insane policy of open door (thank you Germany) continues indefinitely. In Austria today, you have more asylum seekers than new births by your mothers. That is prescription for disaster.
One may say, those migrants are people as anyone else.Yes they are BUT THEY DO NOT BELONG IN EUROPE and they will not be allowed to undermine the continent and eventually take it over even if that would happen in 1000 years.
Yes Europe and America especially (as the one behind this whole mass in the world)must help the refugees, BUT THEY MUST BE HELPED WHERE THEY ARE, not imported wholesale into Europe that is already bursting at its seems with their own and some. This means closing Euro borders for all, invest the money into help and resolve the crisis. It is simple formula and is workable, but some players just do not want to do it, for they want to weaken and undermine Europe. This someone is most likely America and other English speaking country.
What is happenmeing in Austria right now is a positive step forward. Your people want this insanity stopped thus they are voting for those who want and know how to resolve this crisis. It must be resolved or Europe will be finished. Your example will influence others to do the same, and once majority is on board, the solution will be swift.
The days of need for immigrants as work force are over FOR EVER, everywhere in the west. As for refugees, the new policy must be established where they will be looked after the world in the first safe country they can escaped to, while the same world must quickly resolve the crisis what ever it is.
The old ways do not work in the overpopulated world, it is that simple.
Let's start resolving this most serious crisis with lead by Austria. Do not let your wonderful country and continent become what those places migrants are coming from are now. Help them improve their countries, while you keep yours water tight for any immigration. It'll ;pead to better World.
It's the right thing
Thu, 25 Feb 2016 10:36 EST
to do!!
Your hosting the migrants issue conference and what has come out of it.It was an absolutely right thing to do. Your interior minister (and others) are right in claiming that if the crisis of this mass movement of populations (this is what this is with few exceptions)is not resolved right now, by completely sealing off Euro continent to further influx, the very existence of EU is in peril.
This is not over blowing it or said in panic, but the reality of this tragedy, mainly caused by American march towards world hegemony, which also must be stopped or we'll all end up dead (no other way to put it) in the holocaust of WWIII.
America is the true problem, but thanks to Russian standing up to them in Ukraine and Syria, the balance is being restored and with Austria leading the way to stop the migration, first right steps are taken.
However, Greece is not the problem but they are the victims, just like your group and other Euro countries. Turkey is the BIGGEST problem. Thye are the ones that push the migrants over Bosporus in order to chock EU with millions, thus undermine you to the extent of collapse. Turkey MUST NOT ever become member of EU, by the way fr they simply do not belong. Remember the 500 years of terror? That is enough to keep them out for ever.
But they must be forced one way or another to keep all migrants on Asian part of Turkey where you help them with your Euro contributions till the crisis is over.
You must help Greece seal off the border with Turkey so no one illegible refugee gets true ever again. That is the only way to seal off Europe, plus the Mediterranean sea must be patrolled and all migrants returned to African soil.
Once this is done, EU Continent will be safe from this tsunami (which can become far worse if hundreds of millions in Asia, Africa realize they can get through to Europe. They will take off in multi millions and who is going to stop them then?) and the crisis can be resolved and the refugees sent back to their countries to rebuilt in peace. This is the ONLY solution. There is no other, so please continue on this right path, for it is simply the right thin g to do.
Bravo & thank you.
It started with Austrian
Thu, 5 Mar 2015 10:42 EST
bank collapse.
In 1929, the prelude to full scale economic collapse was the collapse of big Austrian bank. It was THE first bank that collapsed and then the full hell broke lose, by collapse of stocks on NYC stock exchange. We all know the rest of that story.
But today's story is a big bank collapse, again in Austria, apparently with descoveredy of 7 or 8 Billion Euros in bad loans. This was hidden till now but they could not fake it for ever.
What happes next? Will this modern day collapse of Austrian bank lead to the same course of economic collapse and world wide depression? The conditions are in place that is for sure. Again, it is America that is behind these conditions caused by their greedy elite that uses all kinds of financial engineering (not production of true wealth) to enrich themselves even on the backs of whole nations, even if they destroy their economise and people.
These financial engineer or as someone called them finacial terrorists (bankers and others) are the culprits for what is going on and what will happen if they are not stoppped. Certainly American govt will not stop them (Did you see their Republicans listenig to Bibi, Scary) for their system of govt and economy will not change till itself collapses as in 1929. THat is what you get from letting Americanization creep into your country and take over your finacial system by their fnancial terrorists. It is surprising and sad that a super decent country like Austria also let the Americanization creep into your country. BUT you still have time to stop this and reverse the slippery slope they set up for you. The do not care which and what country to destroy, be you "friend" of enemy. All they care about their loot as they plunder your country.
Snap out of it, throw them out and rebuild your country and Europe in the end. You can not have good Austria and good Europe with American financial terrorists plundering your country and continent.
Time to De-Americanize. Soon it may be too late, if it is not already.

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