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Australian flag Consulate-General of Australia in Denpasar, Bali

AddressJalan Tantular, No. 32
Bali 80234
Phonelocal: (0361) 241.118
international: +62.361.241.118
Faxlocal: (0361) 221.195
international: +62.361.221.195
Web sitehttp://www.bali.indonesia.embassy.gov.au/

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Brett Anthony Luscombe
Wed, 29 Nov 2017 13:17 EST
Distribution of exstacy a shabu from my ex partner
I am placing this notice Incase the Indonesian police service protect my ex girlfriend as she is Indonesian and I'm just a goblok Bule as I've been called. I am intending to go to the Indonesian narcotiks squad but wish to have prior public evidence.. I have in my possesion emails and photos attached of multiple pictures of excstacy tablets and shabu. I will post a reply once the authorities deal with this woman thank you .
Paul tam Player
Tue, 3 Oct 2017 00:46 EDT
Pension has been stopped
I was on holidays visiting my balinese neice for about 26 days. Went back to australia. Then after about 5 days my sister asked me to go back and help out emergency procedures. This is when Bagung Agung become level 4.. so i did .. now my dissabilitu pension has been canselled.. i have spent nearly all my finances supporting this endeavour. Food gas bottles masks goggles lots of waterbottles extra fuel etc. I did not know i was going to be cut off.
Mr Brett Anthony Luscombe
Sun, 9 Jul 2017 18:47 EDT
Unjustified Claims from Prostitute
My name is Mr Brett Anthony Luscombe. I am the previously accused posted in October last year and February this year by currently working prostitute SARMIANTA LOLA RIJA TURNIP of Pulau Galang 1, Pemogan, Denpasar, Bali. I do not believe this site is legaly appropriate. The informant in regards to myself was my partner for approximately 2 years prior to her post in october last year. Yes an incident took place on the 1st of October 2016 and an agreement was mutually reached and that being our relationship had ceased and was irreparable and that neither party contact each other by any way means or form! On the 3rd of October 2016 I started to receive emails from SARMIANTA or as i called her Mia or her Street name of 'Citra'! These emails ranged from abuse to the admission that she was a prostitute that also admitted to charging her customers 1.5 juta per sexual service! Which i also still have copies of these emails. At no time have iever been approached by the Australian embassy as to her claims! Mid November Mia pushed for a lets say reconciliation which i now see was purely driven by monetary gain! Mid December another separation! Our agreement signed in the prescense of the sanur police station officers and was for 3 months. Another reconciliation and separation in February and her daughter was positioned behind a gate throwing stones at myselfs face and the gate was pushed open to sheild myself. At no time has anybody approached me for the other version of events that transpired! Mia has continually contacted me since our separation agreement in October and also hasbeen in the past and currently still works dating sites taking bookings for sex from international tourists that i want no part of. The local police in Bali however have said this is a domestic case and can not be bothered to prosecute Miss Turnip as there are so many sex workers and this is of minimal importance even though prostitution is illegal in Indonesia! I would be happy to forward any emails and photographs of her working! and also verbal recordings if this site or the police in Indonesia requires them! She miss turnip has saidshe will get me deported as i cant disturb an Indonesian as thisisnt my home as she has stated but with my undeniable evidence couldhave her jailed if the authorities folloed through with there jobs. I would also like her unsubstantiated claims removed pending further investigation
Mon, 20 Feb 2017 02:52 EST
Needs Help ( S.O.S )
Needs Help
Bantuan ekonomi dan dana buka usaha warung makan

Saya berumur 13 tahun, saya mau membantu mama saya yg sedang kesulitan uang untuk membayar kontrakan, dan tidak bekerja. Mamma saya juga mengurus nenek tinggal dirumah kita. Ayah dan kakek sudah meninggal sewaktu saya Paud, jadi kata nenek , bunda adl seorang janda yatim,nenek janda lansia dan saya anak yatim. Dikontrakan kita tidak ada laki-laki atau siapapun yg membantu kami. Setiap bunda minta pertolongan,saudara hanya marah sama bunda dan disuruh menikah saja karena dibilang beban keluarga. Bunda sangat stress jadinya tidak bisa bayar kontrakan dan tidak bekerja pasti. Saya memohon bantuan Dana dari bpk/ibu di Embassy of Australia di Bali untuk membayar Kontrakan dan bunda mau Buka warung makan ,supaya bisa ada penghasilan ekonomi untuk hidup kita dan tetap bisa merawat saya dan nenek. Berapapun bantuan yg diberikan untuk kita, kita ber 3 akan sangat bersyukur dan berterima kasih. Saya bercita cita ingin menjadi prof.doktor , supaya bisa membawa bunda dan nenek keliling dunia.

Ini Rekening saya:

#Rek Mandiri a/n Andiva Rosella
#Nomor Rek 124-00-0761810-2.
Nomor telp: 085814872655 / 085788721770
Email : andiva01januari@gmail.com

Besar harapan saya dalam waktu ini bpk/ibu di Embassy of Australia di Bali tergerak hatinya membantu kita yg Yatim dan Janda ini. Saya doakan supaya Tuhan membukakan pintu sorga yg sebesar besarnya untuk Semua orang baik termasuk bpk/ibu yg mengurus site ini. Amen.
sarmianta lola rija turnip
Sat, 11 Feb 2017 23:49 EST
as a report by name Brett anthony luscombe
would you to help me out fron this sick mentally men ,please, that he is was hurting my daughter too and many witnes too seing this happend yesterday,please please help me he is not enough by treathen me was going already to my kids lifes too ,would you to help me please , his passport number is N2737873 ,and he living just with social budaya passport ,please help me before he kill me and make.my kids life dieying. this man are dangerous bcoz he is to smart for cover his ass, and he his a backstabbing mouth ,bcoz.iam not smart look like him thank you
sarmianta lola rija turnip
Sat, 29 Oct 2016 01:32 EDT
report for threathen from australian men
my name is sarmianta lola rija turnip iam here want to report someone that hs name is BRETT ANTHONY LUSCOMBE , that he already threaten n was nearly shoot with his airsoft gun that report already on bali news papers and already make agrement between me and him but he ignoring that statement that already agree . iam not comfort that iam living here in bali that he is still make a issues , put me in trouble and gave me a problem .

please help me out from this men because this men always make a trouble in live and where ever iam living .

1. smash my ankle that he knows my ankle broken that he doing infront of all my kids

2.kick my ankle and grabbing my neck look like a dog infront of his friends

3.pull my hair and threaten me with his air soft gun that he told the police he doesnt have the gun that i have many witnes that he has the gun , event that he teach all my kids how to shoot with his gun

4.after agreement that in police station after 2 week he come to my place that i lose my some cloths and my big hangger and throwing a stones to on my room that he know that i renting and that room not even my property that was h happend nearly 1 week i hv some fhotos that all the stones his throwing and after the last i found him that he want to throwing the stones again i catch him . and iam yelling and yelling then he going straigth away with his motorbike .

iam here that i cant live comfort in my country because of him because h always abusing and threathen me from everywhere and he event sharing my pictures to everybody that i cant accept with all his doing .

please help me out from this men , because he is a sick from his mental
Tue, 10 May 2016 15:32 EDT
saya lupa minta lcd projector
Tue, 10 May 2016 15:28 EDT
mohon bantuan media pembelajaran
saya adalah seorang guru di sekolah terpencil SMPN Praya Timur, kegiatan proses pembelajaran beberapa tahun yang lalu tidak pernah menggunakan Media ICT, padahal media ini sangat menunjang proses pembelajaran terutama peserta didik pedesaan sudah mulai menyenangi media visual yang digunakan guru. namun sebaliknya kami tidak memiliki sarana pembelajaran yang lengkap. karenanya melalui ini kami sangat butuh bantuan dari Bapak Duta Besar Australia untuk memberikan bantuan seperti di bawah ini:
laptop, handycamp,camera digital, printer (masing-masing 1 bh)jadi semoga permohonan ini Bapak kabulkan.
thanks so much....

Nama : AMRIN
NUPTK : 2563752656200013
BANK : BRI Cabang Mujur
No. Rek : 47061-004827-53-9
NPWP : 974.012.996.0-915.000
Asal Sekolah : SMPN 4 Praya Timut.
No. HP 087765518859
craig brown
Sat, 7 May 2016 19:38 EDT
legal will
hi there,, australian expat living on Lombok island,, all my investment is here in Indonesia in my wifes and my name, I have kitap and BNI a/c with large investment,, would like to make a legal will as I have 2 aussie girls in Australia ,id like to include them in a will with my Indonesian wife ,please can you advise what way is legal and best course of action cheers craig brown
Ni Made Mustari
Tue, 29 Dec 2015 19:59 EST
Permohonan Bantuan Ruang Kelas Baru
Salam sejahtera,
Saya adalah seorang guru di sebuah sekolah Swasta taman kanak-kanak di daerah Ubud, tepatnya jalan Cok Gede Rai, Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar. Sekolah kami bernama TK.Widya Craya. Selain melaksanakan program pendidikan Nasional, kami juga mengajak anak-anak mengenal budaya daerah khususnya budaya daerah bali seperti Menari, setiap tahun anak-anak pentas dengan menarikan tarian yang mereka pelajari dalam rentang waktu kegiatan setahun di sekolah. Daerah Ubud khususnya Desa Peliatan merupakan daerah yang setengah dari penduduknya merupakan penduduk pendatang baik dari dalam negeri maupun luar negeri sehingga siswa kami tidak hanya dari penduduk lokal saja, tetapi banyak juga penduduk pendatang yang bersekolah di sekolah kami. Sekolah kami merupakan sekolah Inti di kecamatan Ubud. sekolah inti merupakan sekolah yang dijadikan contoh oleh sekolah lain yang ada di kecamatan dalam melaksanakan kegiatan proses pembelajaran maupun administrasi sekolah.
Banyak siswa kami yang berprestasi dalam lomba-lomba tingkat kecamatan, kabupaten maupun pripinsi, seperti lomba peragaan busana adat ke pura, lomba melukis, lomba kreativitas anak dan masih banyak lagi. Kami juga sering menerima kedatangan mahasiswa dari luar negeri yang ingin melaksankan kegiatan sosial seperti mengajar dan mengenalkan kepada anak-anak permainan.
Tahun ajaran 2015/2016 siswa kami berjumlah 186 orang dengan 14orang guru dan 2orang pegawai dengan jumlah kelas 6ruangan. jika dilihat dari jumlah siswa dengan jumlah kelas yaitu 31:1. dengan jumlah perbandingan tersebut kami merasa kesulitan dalam mengarahkan dan mengawasi anak meskipun dalam 1 kelas terdapat 2 orang guru sehingga kegiatan pembelajaran tidak berjalan maksimal. Idealnya jumlah siswa dalam 1 kelas di sekolah TK adalah 15:1.
Untuk biaya Operasionalsekolah serta gaji guru dan pegawai kami mengandalkan iuran dari orang tua siswa setiap bulan.
Untuk itu kami ingin mengajukan permohonan bantuan ruang kelas baru yang bertujuan untuk memaksimalkan proses pembelajaran si sekolah kami.Jika memang diperlukan kami bisa mengajukan proposal pengadaan ruang kelas baru secara lengkap.
Demikian surat permohonan dari kami, besar harapan kami untuk bisa ditindak lanjuti.Sebelumnya kami ucapakan terimakasih

Nama TK : TK Widya Craya
Alamat : Jalan Cok Gede Rai Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar
No Telp : 08980191155
NO Rek : (BRI) 0590-01-000584-53-6
NPWP : TK Widya Craya (01.578.984.5-907.000)
Email : Ayu.kadek89@yahoo.com

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