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Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:27 EDT
My name is Abdurrahman Bakr from Syria. I am a Kurd. I live in Turkey. I want to go to Australia because it is my passion and my dream. I want to live in Australia because I know that Australia is the country that I can exercise my rights because I want to be a Christian and I promise to respect you. All laws and everyone living in Australia ... I have relatives living in Australia in Melbourne and I want to live in Australia for only one year. I hope you can meet my request and thank you ..... This is my phone number 05346928180
ahmed abdulkader
Thu, 12 Jan 2017 07:30 EST
My name is Ahmed Abdel-Kader
from Syria
He holds Certificate of English language in Syria
The Arabic language schools in Syria
And resorted to Turkey
Wajid Hebrew and Farsi .oaeratih
From iraq
Thu, 8 Sep 2016 11:40 EDT
samsun turkey
الى السفارة الاسترالية في تركيا كونو انسانيين لا تكونو مجرمين لماذا لا تردون على الهاتف و لماذا ليس لديكم اي مترجم في السفارة هل هذه سفارة؟؟نريد مترجم لكي نستفسر معه عن قضيتنا...انا قدمت طلب لجوء منذ ٦ اشهر ولم يصلني اي بريد منكم على الايميل الخاص بي و لا اي مكالمة على هاتفي
Maged Botros
Tue, 28 Jun 2016 06:14 EDT
wondering about my file
Hello sir/mam
Can I kindly request your cooperation to have information about my file which has the number2016/066501Maged Botros
Do you got it? When can we complete the steps to have the visa
Because I have three children and my wife I did finished my money no job it is very hard for me to wait long time so please answer me soon. I do appreciate your cooperation thanks alot. Maged Kamel Ghobrial
My phone no. 05315275839
taisir falah
Wed, 30 Mar 2016 14:46 EDT
turkey _ çankırı
نحن عائلة من العراق نسكن في تركيا ولقد سجلنا في الامم المتحدة في عام 2014 وغادرنا العراق بسبب التهديد المباشر للعائلة بسبب اعمال ابي الفنية . ابي فنان عراقي عمل في السينما فلم انتاج امريكي وكذلك فلم انتاج ايطالي ولديه الكثير من الاعمال في بريطانية والمانيا وكندا وغيرها وبسبب هذه الاعمال تم تهديدنا .
هذا رقم الهاتف الخاص 00905375677668
وارجوا مساعدتنا في الاجوء
Amira Y Ismail AL Bilati
Wed, 17 Feb 2016 08:31 EST
اني المواطنة صاحبة الملف المرقم OSF 2014012452
ارجو منك الاجابة على سوالي وهو ان جوازي سوف تنهي مدة صلاحيته في ٣١/٣/٢٠١٦ هل يوثر ذلك على اجراءات السفر والفيزة الى استراليا وانا من العراق وجوازي من نوع جي وتجديده يستغرق من ٣-٥ اشهر ارجو الاجابة على سوالي على الايميل
مع جزيل الشكر
Hend Fosto
Tue, 5 Jan 2016 10:02 EST
Wondering about my file
Hello Sir/mam,

Can I kindly request you cooperation to have information about my file,

which has the number Osf 2015015390 hamida fastok.

I did sent it, I am wondering if you got it?

I do appreciate your cooperation.

Many thanks,
Abdul Khaliq
Fri, 4 Dec 2015 02:25 EST
As Refugee
Sorry :Once I was kid-

napped in 2007 by unknown people and in 2013 I was shot again by unknown people but luckily I survived because of all these threats there was no place for me to live in

Afghanistan anymore.
Abdul Khaliq
Thu, 3 Dec 2015 15:35 EST
As Refugee
To: Respectful Australian Embassy , Ankara-Turkey

Dear Sir/Madam!

My name is Abdul Khaliq Sarvistani son of Abdul Karim Sarvistani I was born in Herat, Afghanistan. I started my life as a self employed from 2004 dealing in light and

heavy duty vehicles to make my family`s life better and protect them in the future.

According to my experience I have been selected as deputy director of Afghan-Herat

Transport Company Based in Herat, Afghanistan in 2005.

Due to my good performance and knowledge of transportation which I was dealing with

customers and international clients, I made HERAT SAIR-O-SAFAR Tourism Company

which was directed by myself starting in the Year 2008 based in Herat, Afghanistan.

Besides, I was Journalism in DORBIN magazine that I had interested to help the

people and let the Government to hear their vices via media and newspapers. Although

I had official jobs during these time but I had personal businesses as well and I was

commuting between countries to support my business.

I was prospers in my businesses but the situation of Afghanistan didn’t let me to

brighten more in it.

During my activities in Afghanistan, I faced treat in two individual times. Once I was kid-

napped in 2007 by unknown people and in 2012 I was shot again by unknown people but luckily I survived because of all these threats there was no place for me to live in

Afghanistan anymore.

Therefore, I decided to move from Afghanistan and live somewhere abroad under


I traveled to Azerbaijan the city of Baku with my wife and two kids and I seek refugee in

Azerbaijan but due to the current problems inside that Country, they couldn’t accept me

as a refugee there. But I went to UNHCR office in Baku and after a couple of interviews

this respected office accepted me as a refugee in UNHCR office in Baku-Azerbaijan.

Life in Azerbaijan is very difficult because they do not let us to work here and the

pension that UNHCR is giving me monthly is very low because the expensesare high in

here; the Azerbaijan currency is same US Dollar so the life costs are high. I went

to the Azerbaijan government office and UNHCR Office and told them I don’t need your

financial support , if you let me to work in here, but they always refused my suggestion

and did not let me to be self employed according to my expertiseYes, I strongly say that I have good social abilities and I have social credits in

Afghanistan and abroad countries such as Pakistan, India, Iran and China where I had

the proficiency of: Carpet waiving, carpet selling, the Saffron Selling and stone’s working,

stone selling; like colored stone, and decorative stones.

I decided to see other embassies in Azerbaijan due to the hard life I have in here. But

the first choice that I have, that is AUSTRALIA as my third country choice. , I see this

country a better place to live for me and my family because I have some friends and

family living in there so they can be a really good guide and helpful as well as the World

headed technology Country for me to live.

If the respected Australian Embassy accept me as a refugee there they have my word

to be a good and useful citizen for the society and up to my abilities I will do my best to

not to be a useless citizen there and will make my job there so that I can be part of the society grows in economic and other aspects.

In conclusion: I shortly mentioned my background and my current status of life but for

more information you can refer to UNHCR office in Baku, Azerbaijan.

My case number in UNHCR Office, Baku, Azerbaijan is:.........

I really admire you to send my report to the responsible people.

Warm Regards, AbdulKhaliq Sarvistani

Tel : 00994556745082
E-Mail :
Fri, 11 Sep 2015 20:10 EDT
i was working in the iraqi high suprem court I got threats because of my work at that time, till now I'm a target for Baathist and Daech, I have more information I cannot mention it in public, send me email I can explain every thing for you, my life and my family life in danger, my brother kidnapped and my younger brother the Baathists tried to kill him one time but God helped him that's why I want to save them By leaving Iraq and live in Australia as refugees as I know you opened the asylum program for iraqies
My mother and my sisters with their families
My brothers with their families
00964770 462 8700
00964771 721 2555

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