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Costica Ganga
Sun, 31 May 2015 08:19 EDT
Please arrest this man – Mr Ban Ki-moon
Please arrest this man – Mr Ban Ki-moon

Dear World
I sent this material again to the European Institution yesterday before the meeting where has addressed Mr Secretary General of UN, but last night at Euronews I watched Mr Ban Ki-moon using the same body language. Please look around everyone; who leads the Humanity and where is it lead. It is the obligation of all of us to take position. It is nothing to wait for. I am sorry for sending this material again to the whole World, but measures must be taken urgently. It is simple; urge the Legislation suggested as none to be allowed to touch the Humanity. Thanks.


Dear European Parliament and other European Institutions

From Media I’ve got information that the Secretary General of the UN Mr Ban Ki-moon is going to address to the European Parliament today.
Please arrest and transfer this man today to the neighbor Country in Hague’s International Tribunal, as the first one, in order to give account for all the crimes that occurred on this Planet in the last decade of years, that occurs today, and the Criminal Programs which are going to continue if we do not stop them now.
This gentleman is after 3 days of Official Visit in Ireland. What have he done here, I do not know, because the Media does not exist. I understood that visited the UN Heritage in the County Kildare?, and from his mixture of fingers, mumbling in English and his Mother language that; “Ireland must do more?”, “in the Climate Changing, Ireland must do more”. What is Climate Changing? We had enough. “With the refugee must be done more because is War and destroys everything, they have nowhere to go back, the friends and relations are not to be found”, that he knows that; “Ireland has vessels in Mediterranean See and has to share with other European Countries”.

As Mr John Kerry, he is also wherever trouble is, but not to do what UN (the most powerful Organization) should do. Contrarily, he amplifies the conflicts in order to leave as many people as possible without roof, dislocated, in order to be processed. Examples: Eastern African Countries, opposite side of Africa, Arabic Countries from North of Africa, Middle East, even South Asian Countries not to remind the European ones.

I remember the investigations from chemical weapons used in Syria - laughter. I remember the meeting of Mr Ban Ki-moon with Mr Benjamin Netanyahu – the Prime Minister of Israel on 06/08/2014. Watch the video please and see what language did they speak, and the following day took place the second bombardment which destroyed completely Gaza. What kind of Leader of the most powerful Organization is this man? UN’s Children in Gaza and allover the place? What kind of Mother is UN? These are the attributions of an Organization as UN?

You European Union are in the same situation, may be worse. What have made from Ukraine, and your contribution to all the massacres allover the World, not to remind the one from Balkans where you were just witness of. Watch the TV Program France 24 on the night of as called cease-fire in Ukraine. Communication about harvest; how many? - one hundredth thousands …km. The following day the President of Ukraine made appeal to UN for the second harvest. Not to remember about Mediterranean See. But here, the main place of processing. It is hard for me to think. I am marked by many tragedies, every day tragedies, but the one of exactly one year ago, when took place the local European Parliamentary elections and the Boys band ‘One Direction’ concerted here for 3 evenings. In that weekend 24/05/2014 I have been arrested the first time. The accounting of votes has taken place 2 or 3 weeks (the one of the Referendum from last weekend ‘same sex Marriage’ has been decided in no more than one hour), and the number was up to 3 quarters of a million. Those thousands and thousands of pleading glances follow me always even in my dreams. What is the similarity of these 2 Organizations – the 2 of you are the Criminal – Fascist ones.

I do not want to waist time, please, with this occasion agree in elaborating the Legislation requested in all Countries of the Planet, in order to stop once and for ever any kind of crimes against the Humanity as suggested in this material for so many times. I told you that you will be responsible, but you never give any attention. You will be sorry, but will be too late.


Dear Europe

Please stop instantly any of the crime described below at least on this Continent because the process of Extermination continues incessantly and you know it. No further than yesterday21/05/2015 I sow early teenagers going to death. I watched their spring lamb faces and read in their eyes that they know where were going. Elaborate please the vital Legislation immediately, what are you waiting for? I enclose one stupid Romanian poems; please translate, read it and learn what we need and want. It is put even on musical notes, could be found on Internet. Listen it please! You will be responsible!

Ordinea de zi
Adrian Paunescu

Dup-atitea grozavii care mai sint
Si-naintea celor ce vor fi
Noi, cei simpli si cei buni de pe Pamint
Vrem o alta ‘ORDINE DE ZI’.

Recunoastem, sint probleme fel de fel
Se mai vinde pielea unui urs
Dar inaintam solemn acest apel
Dar inaintam acest recurs;

Viata noastra unde e?
Viata noastra ce-ati facut cu ea?
Viata noastra unde e?
Viata noastra ce-ati facut cu ea?

In cuprinsul tablei noastre de valori
Peste aur si argint si diamant
Pentru noi, ca simpli muritori
Viata-i lucru cel mai important.

Viata noastra n-are parca nici un rost,
Viata noastra e un ban de schimb
Pe Pamint noi, oamenii, o ducem prost
Si murim absurd si la netimp.

Daca-i bal, atunci sa fie, totusi, bal
Protestam in modul cel mai crunt
Nu vrem mila sau concediu medical
Vrem sa ne inscriem la cuvint!

Haideti sa uitam sa vietuim urit
Mai avem pe lume ce iubi
Si satui de surogate pina-n git
Sa refacem ordinea de zi.

Daca-i bal, atunci sa fie, totusi, bal
Si un ceai sa fiarba in ibric
Puneti viata punctual principal
Si in rest sa nu vorbiti nimic.

Viata noastra unde e?
Viata noastra ce-ati facut cu ea?
Viata noastra unde e?
Viata noastra ce-ati facut cu ea?

If the punctuation is not correct, is because I have no time to find the original one online, is from my mind. Sorry.


Dear Eurovision

Thanks for; the Show of the Shows of all times which takes place in the Oldest and the most beautiful, with so many civilizations and cultures Continent. I am amazed of each Country’s performance and the messages transmitted, but unfortunately is none to interpret these messages. I am overwhelmed every year during this Show thinking what wonderful could be living on this Continent, but when wake up and see the objective reality, can’t stop myself crying and asking; why?

Here in Ireland take place the preparation of the Referendum from Friday 22/05/2015, regarding Marriage of 2 people of the same sex, Legislation which personally, I am not against, because I plea for everyone’s happiness. But not happiness is the real purpose of the Legislation. Everything is about; intimidation, manipulation, breaking normal marriages, children, adoption, surrogate children, funding of millions for ‘Yes’ campaign, frustration for ‘No’ ones because their bone is smaller, but the both groups have the same goal; Extermination. The next; each family is going to be a little Farm which rises Children for consume; sex and edible. The ordinary and vulnerable people became a kind of aware of reality, but the intimidation and manipulation dominate. This is just one aspect of the problem.

Although aware that the Show itself can’t do anything concrete, I sent the same material last year in Stockholm thinking that could be done something, at least to make the Contestants of Eurovision Show; know and aware of the darkness where we live in, and continue to accept it, but there was not any echo. I do it again, if you Vienna, more central in Europe, with a more colorful past can do something, please do not hesitate. There is in this material the suggestion of a Legislation which would solve the problem immediately, made known to every Leader of this Planet, which unfortunately does not suit them, but we, only altogether could make it happen before is too late.

I wish you the best of success with this wonderful Show and hope you will do something for the salvation of the Humanity and Planet. Thanks again.

Kind regards,


Dear Cream of the World

I watch every year with interest Cannes’s Film Festival as much as TV Stations broadcast. I enjoy the intimidating atmosphere of: Red Carpet, Delicacy, Grace, Glamour, Elegance, created by the attending Personalities and hosts. Considering that you are too busy in creating Drama on the Big Screen, I dare with this material to inform you about Drama in reality. I like to believe that you know nothing, will be surprised, and revolted by reality and will take immediately position, because you have huge power. I am referring to whole process of Extermination emphasizing Children Sex Abuse and Processing Human Being of all ages in Food, Cosmetics, Spare Organs and other Industries for making money. The only solution for stopping these notorious crimes is elaborating Death Penalty Legislation as suggested below. I am sure that at your level seems a primitive idea, that Artists have a different way of fighting as; Comedy, Drama and other elevated forms, but at this stage and envergure, does not help, make things even worse. Around one year ago, I sent it even to Hollywood, but nothing positive happened. The Stars create or attend different Shows acting as Politicians and Media with fingers and this new ‘significant’ language. Please help; by imposing mentioned Legislation because is not time to be lost, it is the only option and you have the power. Thanks.
Great respect and admiration,

Happy Victory Day!

Dear Russia

Happy Victory Day! Because I had not access to Internet yesterday 09/05/2015, I like to thank you today for your bravery and sacrifices, grace of, I opened my eyes although in a modest place, but in Peace and Freedom, and I lived 37 years (1953-1990) in the same environment in decency, dignity and safety; a real Democracy. I sent this material for a number of times before, and I send it again, because Russia, together with all Countries of the World, have a determining role in the future of the Humanity and the Planet. I insist again in elaboration of Death Penalty Legislation against the most notorious crimes ever occurred, suggested below, Legislation which will change totally the attitude of everyone regarding the Humanity and Planet. Thanks again and God bless Russia.

With respect,

The same lover of Peace, Freedom, Humanity, Planet.


Dear Arabic League and the rest of African Countries, I am just a lover of the Humanity and this Planet. In whole World, African Continent and Arabic Regions are happening so many terrible things and we ignore everything. It is well known about how many Children are abused sexually and finished, and how many lives are losing in Mediterranean Sea and other places, and none take responsibility and position. You must inform African and Arabian People that every single dislocated individual, disappears in a way or another; loses his or her life. Everyone knows that Human Being is processing in Food, Cosmetics, and other Industries for making money and as I mentioned, none take position. Please inform and protect African respective Arabian People; first, keeping them in their Countries, and second elaborate at your Countries level and impose at the Planet level; Death Penalty as suggested below in this material. Every Country is divided, you fight ones against others and your Children and other vulnerable people of all ages suffer and disappear. We take offense for Racism regarding skin colour or Religion, but do nothing on protecting life itself. Please read this material and take position. Thanks.



Dear Hungary, I watched on European TV Stations and I am very pleased for your initiative in elaborating the Legislation which hopefully will restore Peace, Freedom, Independence, Order and Well being in each Country, entire Europe and Planet. I hope you will be successful and will be an example for all the Countries all over the World. I hope will be taken in consideration the suggestions from this material. Thanks.
Dear European Institutions

It was anyway in my intention to send this material again to your Institution (our actually), as I sent it to the European Commission a couple of days ago, but after what happened, is happening, and is going to happen in Mediterranean Sea and anywhere else all over the World, things that seems to constitutes the subject of your Institution next debate, I hope that will be taken the finale decision and will be elaborated the required at the Planet level Legislation, suggested below, which is vital, in order to be avoided no less than 80% of disasters. Why should we fight in jungles, deserts, Mediterranean and other Seas and Oceans, when the problem could be resolved in an Office; on a half-page of paper in matter of minutes? It is the 3rd millennium after Jesus Christ Europe, and the Legislation is a good guidance in order to prevent these kinds of massacres, does not kill anyone brutally. It is not antidemocratic as could be pretended, the most in the situation in which the Planet is. Read please this material in totality.


“Ms Karen Buckley disappeared in the early hours of Sunday morning and a major search was launched with Police helicopters and diving teams joining the operation. Human remains were found on land at a farm on a country road between Glasgow and Drymen, in East Dumbartonshire on Wednesday evening. On Thursday afternoon Police confirmed the remains were of student Ms Karen Buckley, from Cork in the Irish Republic”.

This text is not my composition (or lunacy as is believed), it is copied from the Internet, and anyone could read it, and more. The question is – Why remains? Murders occurred since the apparition of Human being, but used to be found; the body, the corps, and remains only in time, after disintegration. In this case; after 3 days are remains. Even now is not enough?. At this stage, anyone at any time could be in a similar situation. There are not any means of defending.

The local Radio Station have the nerve to opened even a Raising money account in order to cover her parents accommodation expenses, until the family appealed to everyone to be left in peace to grieve in privacy and the assertive advertising stopped.

Read please this material and elaborate immediately the Legislation suggested which is a must.


Rulers of the World: Politicians, Bankers, United Nations (and other Organizations), Media, Artists, Sportspeople, Agencies, Charities, and other people with few bob in your pockets

Please elaborate immediately the 2 pieces of Legislation written below, texts sent before for a number of times to each Country all over the World and ignored.

“Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

‘Death punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income’

My name is Costica Ganga, the same individual that sent this material for a number of times to every Country, Newspapers, and any email address found online. On 08/01/2015 I have

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