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Philippine flag Embassy of Philippines in London

Address6-8 Suffolk Street
London SW1Y 4HG
United Kingdom
Phonelocal: (020) 7451.1800
international: +44.20.7451.1800
Faxlocal: (020) 7930.9787
international: +44.20.7930.9787
Web site
NotesBeware of emailed job offers for childcare and other similar positions in the UK. These are all frauds.

• Since November 2008, no visas are granted for household workers from outside Europe. Work visas are only granted for highly-skilled positions, most of which require university degrees.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK requires you to pay them any money. All fees would be paid by the employer.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a free email address from Yahoo, Gmail, or similar services.

• No legitimate employment agency in the UK uses a telephone number that begins with +4470 (070). These are non-geographic numbers available to anyone in the world.

• No legitimate business requests payment via Western Union.

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maureen mauricio
Sat, 15 Feb 2014 00:27 EST
i want to know if this is true or scam
St. Ermin's Hotel
2 Caxton Street Westminster,
London SW1H 0QW
+44 705 3819 413

Dear Maureen Hilario Mauricio,

We have received your response to our questions sent to you in our
previous email addressed to you. The management of the St.Ermin's Hotel London
found your answers satisfactory. You have shown us that you are
competent and capable of delivery quality service here at the St.Ermin's Hotel London.

The management of St.Ermin's Hotel London will like to use this
medium to inform you that you have been accepted and offered a job placement here at
the St.Ermin's Hotel London. We are acknowledging you as our
latest worker. The management believe that you carry out your duties industriously.

This is an Affirmation that your experiences and qualifications were
found suitably qualified for the requirements of St.Ermin's Hotel London,
London.This document attached embodies the Agreement Letter of the job
that is been offered to you. You are expected to sign and send back
scanned copy to us if you agree with the terms and conditions.

The hotel management will bear the cost of processing your Visa
and flight ticket. When your travel documents are ready, we shall
proceed with the securing of your accommodation here in London at the
company's Staff Quarters. We must have confirmed your visa, your
seriousness and willingness to join our team here in London.

You have to write a letter via email to our UK Border Agency , our
Immigration Consultant here in the United Kingdom for the processing
of your Immigration Documents such as Work/Resident Permits Documents,
Foreign Affairs Certification and other supporting Immigration
documents before your job commencement period. You will also have to
forward scanned copy of your signed Agreement/Contract Letter to them
for confirmation that the St.Ermin's Hotel London employed
you so as to enable them proceed further with the processing of your Immigration

NOTE: You are to bear some of your travelling documents processing
expenses upfront to prove your seriousness and commitment to work with
our reputable organization. You are to bear the cost for obtaining
your Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit/Resident Permit documents
and if you know you are not capable of bearing it for prove of seriousness and willingness to join
this great company you are free to decline from this offer this company is rendering you.

The contact details of our immigration consultant here in the UK Border Agency are given below.

UK Border Agency
Visa/Permits Services Directorate
40 Wellesley Road
Croydon - CR9 2BY,London
United Kingdom
Tel No: +447053829005

The reason for this personal processing of Immigration Documents by
employee, is due to the fact that in the past after processing the
documents for some employee they don't show up for job duty, where by
incurring cost for the company. We therefore advice you to carry on
every due processing with our immigration consultant for the
procurement of your Immigration Document.

Also remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering
your documents shall be refunded back to you on joining as soon as you
submit your expenses report.

Best Regards
Mr David Raymond
HR Manager
St.Ermin's Hotel London

UK Border Agency
Visa/Permits Services Directorate
40 Wellesley Road
Croydon - CR9 2BY
London,United Kingdom
Tel: +447 053 829 005

ATTN: Maureen Hilario Mauricio,

Your employer St.Ermin's Hotel has asked us to contact you on requisite information required to process supporting documents that would aid your travel down to your duty location to resume duties in record time. However included herewith are details and information regarding procurement of your travel documents and other supporting documents.

The St.Ermin's Hotel has mandated us to procure as well as process your relevant travel documents, immigration particulars and other supporting documents to facilitate your travel to United Kingdom for commencement of work in due time. With respect to the requirements and certifications and other supporting documents to be acquired, we wish to inform you of the Department of Expatriate Resources (DER) requirements which states that all expatriates who intend to work in United Kingdom must have attained all DER Certifications in various categories with respect to their contract engagements.

Vaccination would be carried out at the port of entry into the country and it is advisable to present all documents on procurement as that would enable the authorities vested with the duty to carry out the vaccinations; administer their duties. The DER Certifications will have to embrace the registration and approval of your relevant information with the designated local agencies (Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and industry respectively with DER inclusive).

The reason for the review of this policy as communicated by the DER is to ensure that expatriates without Letter of Contract do not have to travel down to United Kingdom for any other reason other than the primary aim of commencement of work as required.

The DER Certifications will cost you the following:
1. DER Application Form/Approval – £150.00GBP
2. Flight Ticket and Visa Application- (has agreed to be paid by St.Ermin's Hotel)
Work permits Registration fees:
(a) Expatriate Work Permit - £130.00GBP
(b) Foreign Affairs Certification – £110.00GBP
3. DER Expatriates Quota Approval Charge in relevant categories £170.63GBP (Has already been paid by St.Ermin's Hotel)
Total £390.00GBP (To be paid by you)

Please note that the cost of Visa (IF APPLICABLE) and Prepaid Flight Tickets has been undertaken by your employer also. This will enable us commence and finalize all your necessary Work Permit/Visa and registration of documents as we need to reach out to our contact in your embassy for immediate procurement of your visa and other supporting documents in record time. As a result of time constraint for expatriates owing to the work commencement date, we ensure that you forward the information needed for the procurement of your required documents and thereafter we shall inform you on prompt.

Payment Procedures for All Permits Charges:
This would enable us initiate procurement of requisite documents which should be through by a week time if we receive all information after Which documents (Hard Copy Agreement Letter, Prepaid Flight Tickets and Visa inclusive) would be packaged and sent to you via Courier Service Speed Delivery to enable you travel down to your duty location to resume duties in record time. Indicate in your response, convenient hours to receive package on procurement to enable us make appropriate adjustments with the Courier Service.

All completed Documents should be expected within 3-5 working days and required receipt of payment for work permit form registration.

You will be required to scan and send immediately,
1. Scanned Completed Application Document/Form(s) which is attached herewith
2. International passport details, (Scan and send as attachment)
Note: Ensure that your passport is okay and valid for the procurement of your travel documents.
3. An address reachable by courier services for documents delivery.

Your visa and other immigration formalities as well as travel tickets will be provided by St. Ermin's Hotel, and delivered along side with your relevant documents and other supporting documents (Contract Engagement documents after endorsement)
Note that processing of requisite documents takes 3-5 working days, and as soon it has been completed, we shall furnish to the British High Commission in your country as regard to update of schedule of your meeting with the British High Commission in your country for formal verification.

We ensure that you proceed to the nearest Money Gram Agent and make remittance of required work permit registration fee of £390.00GBP via Money Gram in favor of our Account Management Department with the details provided below:

Accountant Name (Officer): Jorge Frank
Payout Address/Location: 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon - CR9 2BY, London,United Kingdom
Zip Code: WC1A 1EU

We understand that Money Gram have not been established in your country so if you find it hard to get to the nearest city where it is established, kindly inform us so the we can give you the account details of our representative there in your country for the payment to be easy for you.

Thereafter you are to attach and send payment receipt and the required completed document informing us that the charges for the work permit has been remitted.

This would enable us initiate processing of requisite documents which should be through by one week time if after which documents (Hard Copy Agreement Letter, Appointment Letter, Work Permit, Foreign Affairs Certificate, Prepaid Flight Tickets inclusive) would be packaged and sent to you via Courier Service Speed Delivery to enable you travel down to your duty location to resume duties in record time.

If you require any assistance filling up the attached form please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you the much needed assistance.

Albert Williams
Immigration Consultant

hope to hear you back
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 07:20 EST
UK job offer
I recently received a job offer from mr. roger colins
I just want to know id this is a scam, It sounds so true. and continous conversation is consistent.

1000 pounds is being asked to be paid in limited the agency emailed me back and it is asking about the details and passport copy.

can you please email me for your answer.

thank you very much
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 05:12 EST
Is this true?
Someone is offering me a job as nanny of her son,It sounds so true,so that we started a conversation,including the cost of how much the total expenses,she replied 1000 UKpound but she will help me for the cost of 700 Pound and i will shoulder the 300 GBP, she send me travel agency who will assist me for the visa processing and others document procedure,. I make a research to that travel agency,but i found that they aren't assist to any one for the visa processing,,,

How it would be possible?
What are the right things to do on how we can go and work in UK as nanny or housekeeper?
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:34 EST
Hello good day! Today morning i received a friend request to my FB account he's from U.K. I accept his request in we start our conversation. I found out that he's looking for Nanny for his 2kids.He's asking me if im interested so i said yes because this is opportunity for me. Then he told that he will be shoulder for the plane ticket and for the visa i am the one to pay for that. Is this true that the employee will pay the visa? it will cost 550pounds? He said that need to send my resume to his private email and after he review he will endorsed me to a agency who will process my document. Please i need your response about this things. Is this real or scam? how to know if it is real or scam?
greetings in the name of the lord
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 09:16 EST
I'm currently working here in Hong Kong sang wish to go to London.can you please help me how to apply
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 08:30 EST
Job as Nanny in UK
I want to verify if the is legal. I was offered to work as nanny to their daughter but I have to shoulder for the visa ptocessing which will cost me 35,000 pesos while they will shoulder the planefare for my travel.Thanks
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 03:56 EST
Good day
I would like to ask about the working permit for live in nanny is it right that im the one who will pay for the working permit?
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 17:31 EST
I had experienced job offer too in a hotel and requiring me to contact a travel agency same above. They first want me to send an amount for work permit fee and registration. How would i know if these are all scam?
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 02:33 EST
is this a scam???
. JOB DESCRIPTION: You will be the one to be taking care of my daughter whose name is Mary,when i am away to work and do some little house cleaning my dear and ensure that the house is well tidy and arranged my dear because at times you have visitor's or neighbor's who comes around and also this service will be rendered for probably four (2) years of services which will be stated in my Contract Agreement Letter and sealed. All i just want is for everything to be legal and legit. 2. REQUIREMENT NEEDED: If you are really interested and serious about this offer, you must really have your International passport a valid assurance as the employer permit because it will be submitted to the British Embassy here in the UK for the processing of your papers and for them to approve it. Also, candidate without a valid international passport or even without an international passport is not allowed. so i hope you understand me better.Your ( CURRICULUM VITEA ) should be submitted to my box because i have to know your capability about this job before you are assigned. 3. APPLICATION FEE AND SALARY: As a matter of fact, i hope you have thought about this and hope your family will agree to let you work here in the UK because for me the distance over both is not just a trip to another city in your country, but a trip to another continent called EUROPE. i just hope and pray everything will be well arrange and concluded. I am willing to pay you a monthly salary of (1,550 pounds ) including a pocket money at the start of a every new month which is ( 500 USD ). That is also enough for the start of a new living my dear. Also, due to my seriousness and boost of a quick need, i will like you to know that i am willing to shoulder your FLIGHT TICKET needed for your documents if only i can see your seriousness and commitment about this job and you will shoulder your WORKING VISA yourself. So i hope you understand me better in everything i have just said on my mail. Thanks and God bless us and i await your RESUME CV so i can read and reply you back on what next to do dear. Thanks once Again Mrs Rita Andranson Reportdo you really understand the job details and you know that my Family will only be helping you with the Flight Ticket fee but you will be the one to process your working Visa your self through the Travel Agency i wil refer you to down here in the UK that will be responsible for the processing and when am i getting your Resume sent to me?......whats your Email add so that we cna have a Chat in Ym too Report
samir hussen
Mon, 10 Feb 2014 18:09 EST
I am porman plz I need workparmit plz help me

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