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Irish flag Embassy of Ireland in Copenhagen

AddressOstbanegade 21
2100 København (Copenhagen)
Phonelocal: 3542.3233
international: +45.3542.3233
Faxlocal: 3543.1858
international: +45.3543.1858

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Diana Emilia Cristescu
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:48 EDT
Letter to the Queen of England
Your Majesty,

The following letters to the Canadian authorities are an example of their careless attitude for “Mars” in Toronto, Canada. Only Marc Labresh is saying the truth about “Mars” in his video Clips La Mere from his program 3600 seconds d’exatse. I hope Marc LaBresh, and excellent actor from CBC Montreal is still alive. Against him and against many other innocent people who have been on my side and fight for me to be left alive, the Rovers on Mars of the too Clintons and of Russia, placed in virtual space above ROM – Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and helped by Thailand, have led an extremely criminal war against Me – Diana Emilia Cristescu known as Mars, Benghazi, Gioconda od DaVinici, Tutankhamen in one of my past Lives, and newly – ISIS. I asked many times for the removal of the rovers on Mars from the virtual space where they have been kept in the Canadian space, especially in My letters to the United Nations from different centers of Europe – London in England, Paris in France, Bonn in Germany, Bruxell in Belgium, Madrid in Spain, in Asia – in Tokyo in japan, in North America in Washington D. C. of the USA, and South America in Ecuador, and in Arabia – in Dubai, UAE. I do not know many innocent people were bitten up and/or murdered in all the above centers of the United Nations juts to hide my letter about a silent and hidden persecution in Toronto, Canada. The rovers on Mars, who are very well equipped with computers and kept strongly with the solar panels from the International Space Center, have been above to see too many things all over on Earth, only they know how, and not only that, but newly, the poltergeists serial killers “rovers on Mars” have been able to falsify the contents of many of my e-mail letters through Internet towards many good people – like Stephen Colbert, an excellent actor and comedian from the USA, against the Canadian government – local and federal, and even against innocent people from excellent architectural companies who are involved in building complexes – such as residences, commercial buildings, schools, and parks, like Capreit, and like the Brown Group, and who offers rented apartments in their apartment - buildings! The following letters are just a few examples of my repeated appeals to the Canadian government – local and federal to get help with housing. My letters were grossly modified by the rovers on Mars in one of the most vulgar ways, as I understood, to have the people from the government fighting wrongly against me, especially that rovers on mars are sending their people in the Metropolitan Reference Library to help them to hi- jack my computer to help the rovers on Mars to hi-jack my account from
I asked repeatedly to have the serial killers rovers on Mars taken out from the virtual space with chains on their neck, for their repeatedly attack with the most offensive sexual words 57 – 78 words per minute, for attack with induced words – words you do not think of, but you are pronouncing them without your willingness, and their attack with images – up to 78 images per minute! Such serial killers must be taken immediately out from the virtual space from Toronto, from above ROM – Royal Ontario Museum from Toronto, just because such…”species” are a danger not only to me and many other good, innocent people, but also to the very core of human decency and human dignity!

I hope that measures are going to be taken soon against the rovers on Mars and against all those who have been sustaining them!

With all My Love, Your Majesty,

Diana, Toronto, September 18, 2014, 3:55 PM, Metropolitan Reference Library

To the Ministry of Community Social Services

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I had to get back to You, just because my request from the middle of July 2014, of changing my ODSP worker Nancy Florak, was not a request of non-sense. It has been a matter of communication and a supposed understanding from one of your social worker from the ODSP office from the downtown Toronto to help an ODSP recipient like me in case of an urgent need! When you think that the government invests over 15,000.00 dollars for each student in a college, including a student from Social Studies who wants to become a social worker in an office like the one of Social and Community Services, one is supposing that you are not only educating, but also are raising up young people inducing in their souls the compassion and the glimpse of giving the help need by a person in need, immediately. Otherwise, why to bother to give jobs to people who are waiting the response from the boss, if whether the boss is approving to that person – in this case, a social worker, to help within a human common sense a recipient of ODSP who comes to ask for help? It is true that within an organisation, in order to defend the rules of the organization in order to try to convince the public that your organisation is fully responsible of their rules, you say “We are all together in such and such…all these rules.” The point is that sometimes, defending your strict rules as an organisation against the human common sense which should be served in a democratic country with not tolerable, but with a broad view of many of the earthly human dimensions, you can easily fringe in what before was …”named”…as “Nazi”. However, thank you for letting another case worker for my file.
As I said at that time, while trying to find a place to live, $607.00 were not enough for an entire month from my entire ODSP of a known monthly amount of $1087.00. And this, just because, when you are at home, you can buy a sack of rice of 10kg with $7.00 - $12.00 dollars, or a sack of potatoes of 10Kg and some fruit to get by, in order to live OK for an entire month. While you are in the city, a small sterefone box of rice can cost up to $7.00 - $10.00 dollars. However, I am not going to go in further. Yet, everybody’s actions can be seen not only GOD, but also in time by so many other people who have minds of their own, and no media, as a government “gun”, cannot change the people’s humanity from their souls, especially when they find out the truth and see the truth!
Well, I found a small apartment where I would like to move and I asked a case worker from the ODSP office from 385 Young St. if the ODSP office can support me with eth down payment for the last and the first month for the apartment. Your bored social worker, Sharon, said that I have to call to the Housing Stabilization Fund to get assessed. I said that I have the ODSP since 2000, and in any case, no one gives you money through a telephone.
So, please read the following letters that I sent to different members of the provincial Parliament in Toronto, in order to solve decently my case.
About housing, it is ridiculous, but seemingly not surprising that you, as human entities have quite an interesting …humor…to deposit a human dead body in an elegant funeral home in a nice room even with a Persian floor carpet, however, an elegant ambient which that dead person might have never ever had into his or her life.
On the other hand, looking for a house, an apartment to live while without having one, and just staying in nowhere, in this way you find out who your friends are…, at some times in front of a park with its woods behind you, or at other times in a fast food store open 24 hours from 24 hours, thinking that after life, only your bones are resting even for thousands of years deep down in a land, you are placing the exactly opposite image from the real physical visible physical realm when you are still alive, and say to yourself – “Well, for an entire life, a few months in a summer Shakespearean Park it is not too bed! “
Please, read the following letters, and I am not asking this time to get back to Me… Time has already did It!

All the best, and many successes in your work.
With appreciation,
Diana Emilia Cristescu, Toronto, September 17, 7:56PM, Metropolitan Reference Library

The Tenant
Diana Emilia Cristescu
3 Nashville Ave., Apt.21,
Toronto, ON, M6M 1H9
File Number: TSL – 48641-14

To the Ladies and Gentlemen from
The Court of justice of the Board of Landlord and Tenants from
79 St. Clair Ave. East, Suite 212, Toronto, ONTARIO, M4T 1M6
Fax. No. 416-326-9838
February 4, 2014, 2:07 PM

Letter of Appeal for the Court of Justice
of the Board of the Landlord and Tenants
from 79 St. Clair Ave. East, Suite 212, Toronto, ONTARIO, M4T 1M6
to amend the Note of Eviction with the File Number TSL- 48641-14,
given by Raquel Cravens – the agent of the landlord John Malatesta
of the Malaken Ltd. real estate company,
a note of eviction which from my point of view was given in bad faith

No matter what sometimes the images look like, many times they have been used to poison the eyes and the minds of people, especially of good people, in order to induce in their souls bad feelings and in their acknowledgement - misunderstandings, and especially in order for many of them to take decisions and to act wrongly in certain situations against other good, innocent people, without knowing the real facts behind the stories.

Dear Court of Justice,
This letter is a complaint against the note of eviction signed by the agent Raquel Cravens representing John Malatesta – the landlord of the small apartment building located in 3 Nashville Ave., North York – Toronto M6M 1H9, note of eviction given to me by Raquel Cravens and John Malatesta in January 21, 2014, 8:30PM.
If you, as Court of Justice can amend or state their Note of Eviction, which from my point of view was given in bad faith, I would appreciate it.


The story starts from October 13, 2013, when John Malatesta forwarded to me a notice of entrance stating that he must enter into my apartment to verify the elements of the radiators on October 14, 2014, the Canadian national holiday – Thanksgiving Day.

In the last year since October 2012, up to the end of March 2013, it was very cold in my apartment. The elements were heated very little, and despite of the sweater and the jacket I was wearing on me while being inside of my home during the winter time, I still felt its strong cold, still thanking God that I am inside of my apartment, and not in the freezing winds of the outsides.
I complained even to Tricia, the wife of the superintendent from the apartment 5, saying one day in March 2013, - “It was so cold in my apartment that I could not move at all. I had to stay all the time against the radiators in the living room or in the bedroom”. I had a small radiator, but it did broke down, and I would have liked to buy a new one, but the things were of such nature that when the wind of the winter was too cold to go out, when the money were spent mostly on the food with the hope that the spring days might come early with March 2013.
I know that in the spring time and in the summer time, while other people were wearing T-shirts, I had to spend many hours in the sun always with a sweater on me to heat up my bones and their articulations, to reduce the negative effect of the cold upon them, acquired in the apartment.
At the end of August – beginning of September 2013 I was again myself moving slowly and finely the articulations like before with no pain while walking. And thank God that nice weather and an unusual hot temperature for an autumn did continue to follow in September up to almost the end of October 2013.

In October 12, 2013, John Malatesta knocked in the door and said he wants to come in and verify the elements of the radiators in the apartment. It was on a Saturday. Without opening the door, I apologized and I said that I am in the middle of something...( I was still cleaning for the coming holiday) and I asked him to come over to verify the radiators in a working day, not in a week-end day, especially that it was nothing of huge emergency that would have required immediate attention.

The next day, on October 13, 2013, at about 2:00-3:00 PM o’clock, a note of entrance was slid under my door, announcing the entrance of the landlord into my apartment in the next day – October 14, 2014 – the Canadian national holyday – Thanksgiving Day.

It is true that I am just by myself and I have no one to go to, especially on such holidays, but all of the holydays have been important to me, as well as all of the week-end days.

I run angry to Tricia, the superintendent’s wife, an aboriginal woman, a very dear person to me, due to her very fine attitude and wised way of dealing with different personalities in such a way to keep a peaceful ambient within the community. It was late in the evening at about 7:30 PM on October 13, 2013, when I knocked on the door of the apartment 5 of the superintendent Andy, and as usually, Tricia opened the door. She was dressed nicely in a nice evening outfit, as very likely they were celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. I apologized to her for my intrusion, but I had to say what I had to say, complaining about the date of the landlord entering into their apartment.


“Tricia”, I said, tomorrow, in October 14, 2014, is the Thanksgiving Day. It is a national holiday, for the Heaven’s Sake. Why John cannot come for the radiators in a working day? And besides it is still a very warm weather.
“I know that tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Day”, Tricia said, “but John has his job during the working days.” “And he just cannot come later in one of the working days?”, I asked. “Speak with John”, Tricia added. And this was all.

I knocked into John Malatesta’s door, at the apartment 18. He opened the door followed by a brunette woman. They were just at the dining table celebrating the holiday. I apologized for bothering them, and immediately I asked John if he can come into one of the working days, after 4:00PM o’clock. He said in a very abruptly tone “no”. I left.

The following day, on October 14, 2014, it did happen to be in the bathroom, when I heard the door of the apartment opening at about 9:30 – 10:00 AM. I came out immediately from the bathroom having as a barrier the door of closet from the hallway opened. In the slid entrance door, the brunette woman appeared followed by John Malatesta. “Hi”, I said from behind the door, while putting on me the house pants and a shirt. “Are you Jennifer?”, I asked the woman. “No, I am Raquel. Jennifer is not anymore. How do you know about Jennifer?”, the woman asked. “From the documents I signed with John Malatesta in August 2011 witnessed by the superintendent Andy and his wife Tricia”, I replied.
I finished putting on the cloths and I said “Excuse me for the paper bags... I just wanted to go to put them out.” There were three waste paper bags one full with papers, another one with newspapers and magazines, and another one with used plastic bottles of coca-cola and fruit juices consumed in the last ten days.

Sometimes it requires quite a time to sort out things, even newspapers and magazines, and to decide what to throw away and what not to throw away, keeping only things very dear to you reminding you only of the good times and laughs, and joy you had and shared in a full plenitude either with the ones with whom you enjoyed a lot to be, or even with one single good, great friend you have ever had and loved so much – little things echoing in your soul and mind, in a deep, silent ocean of loneliness, small flickers of lights of your memory, powerful enough to empower your inner state, or to melt you down in a warmth nostalgic state.
And yes, when you are alone, and no one is around you to share the responsibilities of the administration of the house, it might take a time to put yourself together to do all of the work tasks in your own place, each one with its priority - the usual intellectual work, the groceries, the laundry, the cleaning, and the cooking, all of them i
Fri, 21 Dec 2012 19:51 EST
i just wana say thanks if they get my message irish goverment an they don anser to so for get from now if u stil to mean that
060173 abdikadir
Wed, 19 Dec 2012 18:30 EST
jawaab suge
wali wax jawaab ah ma hayo waxse wanaagsan in aan helo maya ama haa mid kood fadlan
Wed, 12 Dec 2012 04:34 EST
waxey ila tahey in eey cadahey cida la dagaalameysa biritish waan gaarey mooqifkeygii shacabka irish iyo biritish waxan idiin sheegayaa in aad tihiin dad walaalo ah jirina wax la dhaho isticmaar waxa banaanka u soo baxey cida rata in eey la dagaalanto biritish waana eu iyo cida ka danbeysa
ray kaadir
Fri, 30 Nov 2012 20:36 EST
runtii waxa nasib dara ah in eey dhunto sumcadeyda iyo sharaftu ebe isiiyey waxase halkan ooga mahadnaqaya cidii sameysey did he eat how is he waa inta kaliya oo wali igu dhalisa in aan u sii dhinto free irland halgankii wali ma dhaman wuuna sii socon doona muhimkeygu waa in aan baal dahab ah ku yeeshaa tariqda irland ee ma aha in aan wax ku helo dastur 1 waa in eey noqon bablik nolasheyda ama meesha aan ku noolahey waa in eey dhicin foolxumadii horey u dhacdey oo kale 2 waa in aan helo hooy ii gooni ah marka aan dalkeygii dib ugu soo laabto dagaankeygu wuu in uu noqdaa limirik asalkeygu waa irish waxana ka imid east africa wana ku faraxsanahey asalkeygu wuxu yahey waxa an ogahey cid og ma jirto dunida runtii limirik waxan ka codsanaya mesha aan dago in uu xayawaan badan ku noolyahey ayi nooc waxad arkeysa xayawano ii sajuuyada iska daa dad ee waa calamado lagu garanayo waxa imandona mustaqbalka xarafka R waxad arki dontan dadka irishka habeen habeenada ka mid ah cirka in eey ku soo qoranto mase sheegi karo waa goorma waa sir aad u culus xaqiiqdii waase laga yaba in leey tusu anoo hurda oo waliba xoga beer ah cabey fadlan igala soo xiriir cinwankan []
Fri, 17 Aug 2012 08:38 EDT
my way
is me agoin adan hero i am my way home and i need welcame part home i mean evry thing and i will to stay for evar this time and to make neyou rules whit irish peopal ahahahahhahahhahhahahhahha
Ali ghady pasha
Tue, 6 Sep 2011 09:58 EDT
Hello I am Ali Ghady pasha .I living in danmark with my wife and my son. I want go alone to University college dublin in Association with trainity college dublin in september 16- 17,2011 for Conference in honour of Shirin Ebadi.
I want visa for 1 week for Irland because I want Participate in this conference.

Ali Ghady Pasha
Mon, 5 Sep 2011 11:57 EDT
hello i am currently working in Denmark as aupair i would love to go to Dublin Ireland am i allowed to travel there without any visa ?
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:07 EDT
hi,im Belinda,im currently working here in Denmark.I have a cousin and aunt in Ireland and i wish to visit them.what should i do to get to Ireland for holiday?
Sat, 8 May 2010 10:09 EDT
im tunisian and have a premit residence in denmark, do i need a visa to go to dublin for a holiday????

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