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Address22, Mir Emad Street
Dr. Beheshti Avenue
PostalPO Box 15875-4118
Phonelocal: (021) 8875.5103
international: +98.21.8875.5103
Faxlocal: (021) 8875.5973
international: +98.21.8875.5973
Web sitehttp://www.indianembassy-tehran.ir/

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hims patel
Sun, 14 Sep 2014 09:48 EDT
need ceramic digital wall tiles buyers
Dear Sir

Respected sir

We are leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles located at Morbi, Gujarat state of India. We want to export our tiles. So we need your help to find good importer. We kindly request you to please give some information of importer and suppliers of ceramic tiles.

Our products acceptable in Africa, European, Middel Est gulf and Asian countrys aslo


Hims Patel
captain ceramic
Contact: +91-9099753161
Mail : himanshu_chaniyara@yahoo.com
Diana Emilia Cristescu
Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:53 EDT
Letter from Diana
Midland, Buffalo, New York, March, 1993, the Canadian Consulate
It was sometimes in the middle of March 1993 when, sent by my legal Canadian council, I was at the Canadian Consulate from Buffalo, New York, dressed in a silk white blouse and a light rosy-purple gabardine suit when I presented myself to a Canadian consul for my interview I had to have to obtain the status of an independent immigrant in Canada!
At that time I was common in law with a Romanian diplomat architect – Mario Robert Spataru. Everything was a tsunami, not because I did not have experience in a marriage, but because I did not know he is going to be completely different from the way I perceived him in Romania. He loved to live much better closely to his step mother and much closely to his sister. Therefore, thank God I left him, before getting on my feet as independent immigrant in Canada.
I found a home in the apartment of an old Hungarian gentleman Joseph Bodnar – a former technolog at CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from Toronto, whom I met accidentally in subway, in a late evening of one of the Christmas days of December 1992. He was like a father and grandfather to me for 17 years until the day he died.
Meanwhile I was in another common in law with a very lovely and sweet entity – a Canadian broker, Emil Gutman - an encyclopedia in economics, politics, history, geography, art, literature, cinematography. He asked me to move with him. I could not! I had to stay with Joseph, as Joseph came always first!

Only God knows what for, but there are times when you feel what you feel for certain persons and you just cannot change it! You feel you love them, even if they are not your blood, and you just cannot live without them! This was Joseph Bodnar for me... Even though between us was never ever a man – woman relationship, but a grandfather – niece relationship, Joseph was for me like a big Child with whom I had to stay almost 24 hours from 24 hours without feeling the need to have anybody else around!
I did not know that his death is going to be set up at the request of the rovers on Mars by a few people from CBC with two doctors – his family doctor and his cardiologist, to mix the pills of Metropolol with Rampiril and Apodiliataze – in order to create double and opposing actions of the neurotransmitters along the neurons at the level of the post synaptical clefts, in order to lower the blood pressure. The Apodiliataze was the fatal medication! Two doctors who could have kept account of the fact that Joseph is in his 90’s years and he lived at the 17th floor, and not at a third floor closer to the ground in order to have a better peripheral oxygenation of the lungs), could have listen to their human consciousness, if not of medical ethics, and keep Joseph alive! Seemingly, money payments were stronger in the doctors’ decisions! I wonder until when the money are going to stop to overcome over the human consciousness!
After two days from Joseph’s death, people from CBC came in my absence in the apartment and cleaned up the living room of all of the Joseph’s traces – ID’s, photos, bills paid to the Scotia bank for the TV and telephone, all of his stubs with the pension received from the CBC, all of the receipts given by the doctors, his cameras, all of his clothing – suits, tops, (especially everything that it was new), all of his cards received on his birthdays and on holidays from his friends from Hungry, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria, St. Martin, Dominican Republic, Canada from CBC people like Gill Burns. This was the culmination of the events related to Joseph, after his death, and previously after he came three times at home bitten up – twice in 2005, September and October, while I was a student in Dental Hygiene, at George Brown college and then in January 2006 after I stop going to the classes, telling the Dean of the College that I am postponing the courses based on health issues.
For the first time in my life, when I saw the living room without Joseph’s belongings, I was so afraid for my life that I wrote to Elisabeth the IInd, - the Queen of England about the entire happening.
For months I was waiting for an answer from the Queen, but seemingly the new “appliance” Kate Middletown – with her sweet teeth on royalty (hope the mouse John Olivier, the helper of John Stewart will not feel insulted), was stronger and her case became much more important! However, I will never ever understand, until when, peasants with licenses in whatever …universities, are going to be accepted as honorable and respected unjustly with all of the dignities, even if they on purpose, and publically are laughing of the monarchy by putting on their heads textile plates as hats and largely smiling about it with a sharp dark glance in their eyes! However, in the time that came after the “marriage of the marriages” – with the ring given from the mother to the daughter, meaning from the Diana – the replacement of the real Diana – Princess of Wales, to one of her daughters – Kate, not a pipa, but another cigar in the hands of the manipulators of the events and lives for those from the Buckingham palace. Too bad that in Europe, there are the Roscruscianists who have still the power to play and very strong politics by mixing themselves in the lives of god people. I never ever thought that such junks can be so poisonous and powerful enough to have a shadow like the impersonator Diana of Wales giving the ring to one of her daughters and keeping on and up the appearances in front of everybody and under the nose of everyone else, and especially imposing the entire living scene in the Buckingham Palace in the eyes of billions of people all around the world!
Point is that I was waiting for months like a candle in a cake for an answer from the Queen of England and the answer did not come anymore, very likely because Kate must have put her hands on the communication department with its entire branches. It is no wonder why the junks from CBC are always admire even bullshit of dress which Kate is wearing in public instead of wearing it as a negligee in the washroom – in the morning or evening.
I never ever knew or realized that the Queen is somehow under foreign occupation in her own Palace!
Since January 2011 until June 2011 I was looking at Joseph things he touched – the table, the flowers in the pots, his glasses, his wrist watch, as Richard Collier was watching his Love – Elise McKenna in his Mind, completely lost in time, if you saw the movie Somewhere in Time – a movie of 1980 with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The story is true. He returned in time, she did not. However, she was a very sweet young lady, frail and gentle like a flower, wonderful like a porcelain gracious statue. Rare to see and have something like that on Earth! And she had only him – let’s say, - Richard was his name, like in the movie. Point is that sometimes God gives You the Love of Your Life even for a few hours, or days, or years, and that time can count for an entire Life of almost one hundreds of years, time in which you just cannot need anybody else just because You had it all!
However, the musical passage – the variations of the theme of Paganini from Rachmaninoff concert nr.2, was an excellent choice! She loved to listen to it in reality!
It is too bad that Life ends silently on a note no one is hearing and no one knows when was the last breath!
You feel just a crunchy scream in yourself and a sudden short breath with the feeling of a strong faint and you just can fall on the floor if you do not help yourself touching the a table or a chair close to you. Death was never ever just to happen to a Divinity on Earth!
In general, on Earth you treat people and happenings with a very black cynicism. When being alive, people’s necessities are treated like humiliations, while their drops of breath are counted in hours of work, their entire energy and time paid with money – the only good tricky rope God found to play with your fooled minds (re-read the paramount play of Shakespeare – the Comedy of Errors), kept as homeless when they do not have money, or when the political system denies to all of the other legal authorities to give to a person a decent housing apartment, as long as that person is unwanted on a political agenda of the Government of the country – my case in Canada, at the latest hour (after 15 years taken unjustly from my Life due to the undesired presence of the Rovers on Mars, - the USA associates in Afghanistan, or much better said the two Clintons’ associates in Afghanistan). When dead, people, if they happen to have family around them, are deposed in honorable homes (the funeral homes), maybe they never ever had while being alive, because of the medium or law social status...and all of the other…conveniently found arguments politically and socially to defend your sorrow for your own social impotence... Certainly, in North America where else dead people can be deposed even for a few hours other than such good looking homes, with decent rooms with Persian carpet floors, and good luxurious furniture, next to a huge oven – nobody must see?! Have you ever noticed Lola’s hirony and cynicism in North America?

The associates in Afghanistan…what other acquisitions the two Clintons made your USA to have? Did you ever ever, in the name of Your rights of Americans on Earth, as simple people of the USA, did you ever ask to verify what work has been going on and done in NASA from the two Clintons orders? Just because since July 2005, the criminals from NASA were wired me nuclearly in such a way to add images – up to 73-78 images per minute, in my mental field, and images to the most offensive sexual words – the attack with words has been since 1999 – 25 – 53 words per minute. Since July 2005, they started to place my image of a child on the asphalt while walking attacking my image or images of child with the heaviest sexual words. This has the war all the time against me since years, that in order to keep myself alive, I had to always use a magazine or newspaper with images to keep going. Otherwise I would have committed a suicide. Normally, under such heavy attack, a person can commit suicide in the first 20 minutes up to the first 3 hours! These are the prisoners from Iraq shown in the pictures of the Time magazine under Bush junior administration and everybody can remember David Letterman smiley comments – “in Guantanamo Bay prison 42 people are committing suicides every day”, comments followed by the happy musical rhythms of the electronical piano of Paul who has been wearing for a long time glasses with dark lenses, perhaps on purpose to forget that he serves a criminal of war like David Letterman. Even during the WWII messages were given by steps during the step dances in small clubs, like a morse system of communication, known only by a few. I do not know exactly what is the relationship of David Letterman with the two Clintons, but the link is done through Barbara Walters (she is connected with Hillary Clinton, in a way only you must find out how and how come), Barbara Walters who by the way, was in Toronto, talking about one of her books called Audit, a message which has meant “Death to Jesusa of Geea”, meaning my death.
And the attack of the rovers on Mars does not stop at the words and images. They have an unbelievable power over the vital biological functions of the human body. If they want to give you pee at any time they want, they can, even if you did not drink even 20 ml of liquid. They can make you instantly to fall asleep without your willingness, even if you are very well rested, and if you have a cup of coffee on a table, and one of your hands is on the table, they can act upon the motor functions to make you between sleep and a weak awake state to act upon the cup of coffee in such a way to spill all of the coffee on your pants. And they still do not stop here. They are constantly attacking my muscles around the tarsian bones on the left leg, in such a way to keep it swollen, to make me walking in pain, and astray on the street. If they want to strangulate your neck they can do it. If they want to attack your sciatic nerve they can do it. If they want to make you not to put a make up on your face, they can scratch so badly the white sclerotic of the globular eye, that continuously tiers are coming out from your eyes. If they want you to be hampered when you are writing at the computer, they can hi-jack your account and introduce abruptly a different style, and make you angry as hell, or they can attack your image as a child with the heaviest most offensive sexual words, in such a way that if you are in a library and get angry, you might break the screen of a computer and immediately by taken by a police major force. What I did was to look at other pictures and attack images of their own known people and children with the same words. For instance, people from Romania, just because O realized that these animals – rovers on Mars where watching me silently all the time while I was in Romania, without having me, or my father knowing something about it. Only here I realized it, after I heard them talking about all of the well-known people I know in Romania – both as relatives, as neighbors, as well as acquaintances. The pig who came in 2007, seemingly knew me since I was a child. However, the same serial killers from the invisible field, or the cyber space, or virtual space, have had also the power upon the menstruation giving it when they wanted and for how long they wanted. I do not know why, but as I understood, the Roscruscianists Romanian woman and Russian- Romanian woman, have made at all times many bewitches. I would cut their hands and make them blind! In the last time I said that it is too bad that I do not have a gun with air bullets to shut whomever in the air to see what it is going to happen. I might try it one day sooner or later, if all of you, to whom I was writing since April 2012 – in different centers of the United Nations, including President Obama, did not take any actions so far against the serial killers – rovers on Mars, who know to hear one ‘s thoughts and put in his mind or in her mind other thoughts, or they can place barriers in physical realm by calling people all around to stop a certain person, like me in Toronto, getting what he or she wants!

So, since 2005 my Life has been a nightmare, especially with the three monsters who have arrived since 2007 and 2008. In 2008 arrived two others, I understood, one with black eye and another with blond hair. The one with black eye has been the only one trying to help. Seemingly he was impeded by the other two at all times, and lately by the woman who leads the entire mass of Rovers on Mars. The one who arrived in 2007 is the worst and I want him grinded! Literally! So, complain against the two of them to those from the Galactic Center and immediately! In the same way, grinded, I want all of the criminals from invisible field, your Associates in Afghanistan after taking them all with chains on their neck, against all of the international laws of human rights, just because their continuous attack was an attack of Satans, not of beings. They might look like people, but they are either Satans, or biological robots, or clones “fabricated” in the bunkers of Haiti! Have you ever ever asked as USA citizens what the two Clintons are hiding in Haiti, as long as after the earthquaque from 2010 the two Clintons with Bush had run as fast as they could to see what was done or better what did still remain in Haiti after the earthquake and they almost fainted? The two Clintons never ever had run so fast at the “ground zero” in New York after 9-11. Why not? How many pictures the two Clintons took at the “ground zero”, as they pushed Bush to take a picture at the ground zero, as his life achievement? None! Just because the two Clintons were behind the implosions in the 9-11 attack! What did the two Clintons with the money from the insurance companies for the Two Trade World Centers? Personally, I want to see publically the two Clintons at their “ground zero” literally, and also, publically humiliated, as they ordered for me my denig
vishal vyas
Mon, 9 Jun 2014 01:02 EDT
ceramic wall tiles importer list
Respected Sir,

We are manufacturer, are glad to introduce you our company and want to do export in Tehran for expanding our bussiness in international market. we believe in quality with innovation & customer satisfaction & we have wide range of the wall tiles with the best quality which we sure to sell for Tehran importers.we hope to get the details from you soon & kindly send our details if any importer interested to buy our products.

kindly send us the details for expanding our bussiness in international market.

Kind Regards,
visha v. vyas,
mrkt. & Exp. department
morbi state gujrat,
country: india
ikram zaidi
Thu, 5 Jun 2014 07:43 EDT
embassy of india,tehran
Please track the reminder status teh/cons/402/2014
banin rupani
Sun, 26 Jan 2014 03:41 EST
regarding my OCI card
dear sir
this is banin rupani holding PIO card , I have applied for OCI card in Aug 2010 but till now there is no responce from your side, everytime I come and ask about it but i didnt get any progress, will you please help me to know why it has taken this much time ? my brother and sisters and also my dad has taken it only mine is left

will be thankfull to check it and give me some result

with regards

Dr. banin rupani
manooshak Khanmohammadi
Thu, 5 Dec 2013 04:22 EST
Job Opportunity
Dear Madam/sir
I am writing to you to apply for the position in your embassy.
i have a university degree (MA) in international relations from Allame tabatae University.
I will appreciate if you give me the chance to show my talents, flexibility, communication skills in your working area. I feel confident to be the right person for this job, as I feel, I am a good team player, fast learner, reliable and thrive of challenges, hence I am good in dealing with stressful situations.
My CV is also available anytime needed.

Sincerely yours
contacts: Manooshak.kh@gmail.com
Abhay Kejriwal
Sun, 17 Nov 2013 02:55 EST
Need genuine importers of pharmaceuticals products
Dear Sir,

Greetings of the day.......

We introduce ourselves as an pharmaceutical company committed to manufacture and supply “Quality pharmaceutical formulations” in the Indian and International markets.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our pharmaceutical manufacturing, distributing & export unit.We manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals in India and overseas.

Our goal is to be a globally recognized supplier of high quality Pharmaceutical products in our chosen specialties such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, human genetic therapies and gastrointestinal diseases.

Our products are manufactured at world class manufacturing facilities. As an accredited intermediary in your pharmacy chain, we keep the promise given to our customers’ JUST-IN-TIME. We are committed to building a profitable long-term business with our affiliates and partners.

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net worth from their assets.

Thanks & Regards

Abhay Kejriwal
Email I'd : meritpolychem@gmail.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2013 14:51 EST
Allah will judge Dallals and send them to inferno one day!
I read the storey of Nazmul Karim, A Bangladeshi National now living in Tehran.

He has courageously exposed the plain truth about the Bangladeshi Embassy connection in saving and protecting the Dallals -Mafia Gangs and Human Traffickers of Bangladesh Origin who play with all concerned the Iranian Administration, their Own Embassy in Iran and the Iranian Police by exploiting their own country men and looting their poor families to make money for themselves and luxuries of their Iranian wives.They are blood suckers and sons of Devil who will continue to ravage the World and its poor for their comfort and luxury.Certainly the helpless cries and Pathetic plight of the their innocent country men will bear staunch witness before Allah on the Day of Judgement and none of them can escape the wrath of God and the inferno that eagerly awaits their arrival even if such cunning Mafia-Dallals and those who support their misdeeds pray 5 times a Day!

No one but Allah will judge and punish those criminal Gangs who continue to exploit their own brothers and country men for decades!
dlshad_kurdistan iraq
Tue, 11 Jun 2013 07:41 EDT
im from kurdistan iraq. im student in india can i get visa in iran because bagdad is very danger space 4 me i cant go to there plz help ....
Sun, 3 Mar 2013 20:40 EST
Need Iran , Vegetables importers addresses ,for Emmanuel Exports, India,
Dear sir,

we are looking for vegetables importers and buyers in Iran, tehran. we are ready to supply Indian vegetables to Iran country,kindly send the importers list. Thanking you sir, E Mail : jemmanuelexports@gmail.com by M.JOSEPH, Managing Director.,

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