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Indian flag Embassy of India in Tehran

Address22, Mir Emad Street
Dr. Beheshti Avenue
PostalPO Box 15875-4118
Phonelocal: (021) 8875.5103
international: +98.21.8875.5103
Faxlocal: (021) 8875.5973
international: +98.21.8875.5973
Web sitehttp://www.indianembassy-tehran.ir/

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banin rupani
Sun, 26 Jan 2014 03:41 EST
regarding my OCI card
dear sir
this is banin rupani holding PIO card , I have applied for OCI card in Aug 2010 but till now there is no responce from your side, everytime I come and ask about it but i didnt get any progress, will you please help me to know why it has taken this much time ? my brother and sisters and also my dad has taken it only mine is left

will be thankfull to check it and give me some result

with regards

Dr. banin rupani
manooshak Khanmohammadi
Thu, 5 Dec 2013 04:22 EST
Job Opportunity
Dear Madam/sir
I am writing to you to apply for the position in your embassy.
i have a university degree (MA) in international relations from Allame tabatae University.
I will appreciate if you give me the chance to show my talents, flexibility, communication skills in your working area. I feel confident to be the right person for this job, as I feel, I am a good team player, fast learner, reliable and thrive of challenges, hence I am good in dealing with stressful situations.
My CV is also available anytime needed.

Sincerely yours
contacts: Manooshak.kh@gmail.com
Abhay Kejriwal
Sun, 17 Nov 2013 02:55 EST
Need genuine importers of pharmaceuticals products
Dear Sir,

Greetings of the day.......

We introduce ourselves as an pharmaceutical company committed to manufacture and supply “Quality pharmaceutical formulations” in the Indian and International markets.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our pharmaceutical manufacturing, distributing & export unit.We manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals in India and overseas.

Our goal is to be a globally recognized supplier of high quality Pharmaceutical products in our chosen specialties such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, human genetic therapies and gastrointestinal diseases.

Our products are manufactured at world class manufacturing facilities. As an accredited intermediary in your pharmacy chain, we keep the promise given to our customers’ JUST-IN-TIME. We are committed to building a profitable long-term business with our affiliates and partners.

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net worth from their assets.

Thanks & Regards

Abhay Kejriwal
Email I'd : meritpolychem@gmail.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2013 14:51 EST
Allah will judge Dallals and send them to inferno one day!
I read the storey of Nazmul Karim, A Bangladeshi National now living in Tehran.

He has courageously exposed the plain truth about the Bangladeshi Embassy connection in saving and protecting the Dallals -Mafia Gangs and Human Traffickers of Bangladesh Origin who play with all concerned the Iranian Administration, their Own Embassy in Iran and the Iranian Police by exploiting their own country men and looting their poor families to make money for themselves and luxuries of their Iranian wives.They are blood suckers and sons of Devil who will continue to ravage the World and its poor for their comfort and luxury.Certainly the helpless cries and Pathetic plight of the their innocent country men will bear staunch witness before Allah on the Day of Judgement and none of them can escape the wrath of God and the inferno that eagerly awaits their arrival even if such cunning Mafia-Dallals and those who support their misdeeds pray 5 times a Day!

No one but Allah will judge and punish those criminal Gangs who continue to exploit their own brothers and country men for decades!
dlshad_kurdistan iraq
Tue, 11 Jun 2013 07:41 EDT
im from kurdistan iraq. im student in india can i get visa in iran because bagdad is very danger space 4 me i cant go to there plz help ....
Sun, 3 Mar 2013 20:40 EST
Need Iran , Vegetables importers addresses ,for Emmanuel Exports, India,
Dear sir,

we are looking for vegetables importers and buyers in Iran, tehran. we are ready to supply Indian vegetables to Iran country,kindly send the importers list. Thanking you sir, E Mail : jemmanuelexports@gmail.com by M.JOSEPH, Managing Director.,
Alen Ahounesian
Sun, 3 Mar 2013 04:44 EST
Suitable Potential for Vacancy
Dear Ms./Mr.,

I already have Mailed you my CV, Hope you will review it.
I'll be very glad to have the chance to serve that Respectful Embassy.

Best Regards

Alen Ahounesian

Mob: +98 - 912 - 815 15 84
Email: alen-ahounesian@hotmail.com
Nazmul Karim
Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:07 EST
Please Help Bangladeshi National in Iran.
living on the Grace of Almighty Allah! So, I regret to mention them as the Axis of Devil, which has been whipping over our poor people and sucking their blood for decades. I know that all of our Embassy Officers are not corrupted and all of the Iranian Police are not corrupted. No matter how clever they are or what a high Diplomatic/Police position they have; the criminals leave many clues. Our Government should give priority to the millions hens who are laying the golden eggs of Billion Dollars per year and making our economy rich, we should not give priority to the few white elephants for whom we had to spend Billion Dollars from our public fund. This is not a secret that many Bangladesh Embassies and Consulates have been ravaged by the Bangladeshi oppressed workers, our Embassy also has been ravaged and even our Ex-Ambassador’s bone had been broken. I know many Ministers of Bangladesh Government had been beaten in the street in the daylight in front of His thousands followers (like the dog/bitch beaten by the Municipality). So, I request our Government to do good for us before their time finished. ………...to be continued……….. WRITTEN BY - NAZMUL KARIM, CONTACT: 0098 935515 4689, 5TH AIR FORCE STREET, TEHRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN.
Nazmul Karim
Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:03 EST
Please Help Bangladeshi National in Iran.
Please save the Bangladeshi Nationals in Iran.
Preface: I am a Bangladeshi (by birth) National. I have been living in the Islamic Republic of Iran for about 8 years. I have been cheated by the Dallals (Mafia-agent/Human-Traffickers) who are disguised under the form of Embassy Personnel. I revolt against their Mafia-connectivity, but instead of punishing the criminal, when all the staffs of the Embassy had become united, I exposed their total financial corruption. Moreover, I have been trying to help our uncounted poor Bangladeshi illegal workers (more than 10,000) from the tyrannical syndicate of the Dallals. Though I was alone, as well as weak; being only on the ground of the truth, personally I have won over both (or the same) gangs, but I couldn’t save our uncounted poor workers. Of course, it is not my concern that who are the Dallals or who is a passenger; but it does matter, when misusing the kindness of the Iranian Islamic Government towards the Muslim, the Dallals always cheat the poor people and defame our Embassy and our Bangladeshi Nation.
Their recent activities: One example of their two contracts is enough to understand about their activities. Contract one: A Dallal will send his passenger to Europe, after that he will take his payment. Contract two: A Dallal will send his passenger to Europe and from his monthly salary (it may take six to eight months) he will take his payment. But there are hundreds of examples in Iran that, as soon as a passenger had reached to Iran, he had to pay 100% of whatever was in their contract, sometime he had to pay 200%. With a wild beating, this is the common dialogue of the Dallals to their Bangladeshi passengers, “You had been in the hand of the Mafia; who buy and sell human limbs. As you are the Bangladeshi, and as we are also the Bangladeshi, we have saved you, we have bought each of you with $3500 USD from them. We don’t want any profit from you. As you hadn’t pay our money within one day, we treated you as ungrateful and fraud. And if you don’t pay our money within two days, we have to return you to the Mafia, and then they will sell your kidney, eyes and different limbs.” These gangs buy each passenger from the Iranian boatmen with $700USD. About 4 years they have been continuing this crime in Iran at Bander Abbas & at Bander Minab area. From 2004-2009 AD, in the Iran-Pakistan border, some gangs used to take ransom from us $1500 to $ 2000USD per head, and another group in the border of Iran-Turkey used to take ransom from us $3000 to $ 4000USD per head. But they do not exist now.
Why can’t we do anything against them? 1. As those passengers’ entry is illegal, apparently they can’t get legal aid from the Iranian Authority. 2. Mainly ransom is taken in the far village of Bander Abbas and Bander Minab areas, where those types of crime are unusual; even complaint is rare. So, Police security and public concern is also dull over there. 3. They collect money from Bangladesh, so passengers make phone calls to Bangladesh. Nobody from the victim’s family-member even think to rescue them by tracing only the mobile phone number. The passengers are beaten mercilessly for money, especially while the Dallals let them to talk to their guardian over phone. So, as soon as possible to collect money, their guardians only can run here and there to save their own family-member. They prefer to give money than to give their life or to live a handicap’s life.
4. If any passenger has someone blood related or a real friend in Iran who knows law & order; and if he can immediately informs that case to impartial Police; and if that Police can immediately send that file to Court for taking order; and if the impartial clerk of this Court and the impartial Prosecutor accepts that file as an urgent case - it will take at least two working days to fulfill all these procedures. Definitely, these two days are enough time for the Dallals to collect their money or to do many things for their passengers; or even they can change their total framework if necessary. As recently Police has arrested some Dallals with at least 1000 illegal passengers, the rest of the Dallals now became extremely careful.
5. SIM is very available in Iran and they have a lot of SIM, and many of those SIMs are not registered; even some time they use Pakistani or UAE’s SIM. They use one SIM for a specific passenger and only for a few days; even position of their mobile phone or SIM is not detectable because, at a time, they never let their passenger to talk more than 2 minutes, if necessary, they disconnect all calls before every three minutes. So, it is very hard even to track them over the mobile phone network, let alone to catch them.
6. The process of collecting money is also very safe for them. As the Dallals give 5% extra, even Bangladesh Embassy staff exchange their money by them. So, they have many contacts and many customers. With aristocratic style, their Tehran Agents collect money with their Iranian driver (bodyguard) from the general Bangladeshi. As, the Dallals pay at least 5% more than the market rate or Bank rate, many of us love to send money through them. General people don’t think about what is haram or halal, legal or illegal; they search for more profit. So, it is not easy to stop the Dallals.
7. Of course, it is a question for the unknown, how do the Dallals can give us 5% more than the market rate of Bank rate? Answer is: Suppose, boatmen who bring passenger from UAE/Oman to Iran; take from the Dallals $700USD for each Bangladeshi. Within three days, their agents who live in Bangladesh collect from each passenger’s family at least $3500USD to $4000USD. Net Profit remains at least $2000USD from each passenger. As Bangladesh-Iran has no International Bank transaction, they can’t bring their profit from Bangladesh to Iran, or even they can’t bring the capital from Bangladesh to Iran to buy passenger from the boatmen. So, the best way to have a huge reserve of money here is - by giving customers at least 5% extra. People don’t treat them as the Dallals, rather honor them as a money-exchanger; sometime people give them money in advance for the hope of at least 5% extra profit.
8. From Bangladesh, their Agents often give money to our Bank / other services by the passenger’s family members. So, if Police try to arrest their Bangladeshi Agents, while someone asks or takes money from the victim’s family - it will be a mistake; because they are not the real Agents, they are the family members of the Bangladeshi customer who give to exchange money from Iran. Several times that incident also happened, and instead of the original criminals, some innocent family members had been detained.
9. In the disguise of a money exchanger or a calling card seller or a goods seller, the Dallals and their Iranian Driver (agent/Bodyguard) always circle to all general Bangladeshi and collect exact information about us; and they misguide us whenever they want and whatever they want. When any group of Dallals feels unsafe, they collect money, hide and run. This year three or four groups have cheated Million Dollars. Legally-illegally-personally, the general Bangladeshi can’t do anything against them.
Who are the main Dallals? Do we know them? In Iran, totally only 20-25 Bangladeshis are controlling this gang. With regret I have to mention that, about all of them have married with Iranian women. So, Iranian Administration is soft to them and even they can get their support. They are familiar with Police and Court, and they know how to play with them. Taher, Faruk, Iqbal, Shameem, Sujon, Zia, Nazrul, Hossain, Satter...all of them are proved Dallals in Iran.
How do they play with Iranian Administration and Bangladesh Embassy? Some Policemen suck information from us about the network of illegal Bangladeshi Nationals, or about the illegal activities of all Bangladeshi Nationals. 10/12 people from that gang, according to their plot, have been informing wrong in different Police Offices in different zones for decades and misguiding the Police System. Often they/their Messengers give wrong information to the Policemen, against whom they do not like or for whom they like to create problem. This gang is united and giving the same information to the Police for decades; so, a trust has been grown among all Policemen for them; therefore, it seems to be that, those gangs are serving for Iranian Government. So, suddenly if someone complains against any member of that group, Policemen react. And even when any honest Officer from Bangladesh Embassy writes against some Dallals, to the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, unexpectedly Police investigation report shows the Dallals as clean, so nothing happens to them. And our Embassy can’t repeat the same accusation against them. - That incident had been repeated many times. If anybody complains against one of them in our Embassy, then their agent who works in our Embassy misguide our Embassy Officials, if he can’t control or dismiss or misguide, then he informs the Dallals so that they can send many of their supporters to our Embassy heavily with different excuse against the complainer. So, both administrations have been misguided and it seems to be that the Dallals have got an international license to continue their business. This is the top secret-key of their crime.

Is Our Embassy the Tehran Branch Office of the Mafia? I know, all of the Bangladeshi staff, have good relation with many of them, even they change money by them. As those personnel are not morally educated and have no skill to think deeply to realize the effect of the connectivity with the Dallals, they keep relation with them. But it does not mean that our Embassy is the Tehran Branch Office of the Mafia. The main reason is: all the local staffs here are married with Iranian women. But, their salary is very low even less than their house rent, so, they had to run for money. And for the pressure of the luxurious expenses of their beautiful Iranian wives, they had to sell their souls to the Dallals. Personally, I know Mafia Taher who prays five times a day, keeps fast during the month of Ramadan, runs to the all Shrine of all sects of Imams, but with the salary what he is being paid by the Embassy, is not even enough to continue his one week expenses. As he has a deep relation with the Mafia, he can able to do the following things: (a) living in the expensive area in Tehran city and paying his big house rent (b) using personal cars, (c) affords to send his two daughters to expensive schools, (d) even this year he went two times for his operation to the expensive Day Hospital! Before six years when I had published the corruption of our Embassy personnel, I showed that only from the house rent, in every month, four Officers are stealing from our treasure at least $15000USD per month. When the local staffs saw that in front of them, the other staffs are stealing million dollars and within only 3/4 years they buy house in the Dhaka city - then they found no way other than to be connected with the Mafia activities.
Some wrong conception about our Embassy and Ambassador Khandakar Abdus Sattar.
When Mafia Taher (official name Md. Abdul Kader) was terminated from the Bangladesh Embassy incriminated for stealing money, he was in the rank of a ‘Messenger’. After that, several years he was openly in the field of the Mafia with his gang Sujon, Faruk, Shameem, Iqbal - the notorious Dallals in Iran, and he collected a huge amount of black money. He promised to the HoC that, if he would be rehabilitated, he would never do any bad work in his life, and he would repent about his past deeds and he would pray five times, even he will call for (azan) prayers and set up carpet before and after prayers. Then the HoC pardoned him and given him hundred times better post than he could ever dreamt, the post of Consular Assistant! People astonished, “If the notorious proved Dallal and the terminated thief from that very Embassy, in front of those personnel who are all concerned about his past misdeeds, can get hundred timed better position and facilities than before, then how can we scattered general people who don’t have power, think to stop or to uproot the Gang of the Mafia?” I say, this is not a fault of the HoC, rather He is kind. When a President pardons the criminal of the Death punishment, we praise to Him. Just like this, the HoC should be praised because He has given Mafia Taher a chance to repent and saved his wife and his two daughters from the way of Sin. Second time: when Colonel Qasem Luye has arrested Faruk Dallal gang red-handed while he was beating two Bangladeshi for ransom. Police found his deep relation with Mafia Taher but Embassy saved him, then many people surprised. Third time: when Colonel Dewan Begi and Colonel Qasemi had arrested Sujon Dallal, the younger brother of Mafia Taher with 27 passengers with fake visa, again Embassy saved him, and then many people spread propaganda against our Embassy. Again when his relative Moharram Dallal and his wife who work in the resident of Bahrain Ambassad, had been caught with five passengers in a resident hotel, but they put a praising letter to court from our Embassy; then really we are marked like a Dallal Nation, who works in the disguise of Embassy – but that was not completely truth, among millions of Bangladeshi, one or two black-ships are natural. Before 3 years that HoC has come to Tehran again as HE Ambassador (Khandakar Abdus Sattar). He is handsome, tall and just better than any Bangladeshi hero. I regret to mention that, when general Bangladeshi sit beside the foreigners, for our physical disadvantage we are looked like their employee, but when we see our HE Ambassador with any foreigner, for His physical gorgeousness it seems to be that really He is their Boss. As He has changed some beautiful Iranian lady secretaries and He has a beautiful Iranian lady driver, only the sick people rank Him as the ‘Lady-Killer’ and as He is too much kind on Mafia Taher, people doubt Him as the Don of Mafia. General people of general knowledge, will not able to reach His level of thought, so, many people can doubt Him. Rehabilitation of Mafia Taher is the greatest work of our HE Ambassador. Really it saves his life and saves his wife and two daughters from the way of Sin. Mafia Taher is not the only person in the world who has relation with the Dallals, even many Foreign Embassies staffs in Dhaka; twist the general Bangladeshi so that they bound to go to the Dallals. As a result, at least 70% of our Bangladeshi National who send remittance from aboard and enrich our economy had to feed the Dallals at first, then they can get visa, otherwise never can they get visa – this is an open secret. I know many people get visa even without visiting Embassy. This is the truth, and the truth might be bitter for many of us, but I know only the truth will win.
How can we stop and uproot the Dallals and save our Bangladeshi National? These gangs, who have been continuing this most profitable job for decades, will continue as long as they can. Support of Embassy, Police, Iranian family and the knowledge of playing with the Administrations - has make the Dallals uncontrolled. I am not blaming our Embassy, Police or all Iranian, but I am pointing some of them who are the members of the same union. Our Embassy Officers are well known about the uncounted incidents of ransom taking case in Iran, but why They have not able to arrest a single criminal from Bander Abbas or Bander Minab? They can give us an Official Lame Excuse. Police also give us the same Official Lame Excuse. If you ask a Dallal that how it was possible for him to continue his Iranian family without any legal work? They will give you a Religious Lame Excuse that, they are
Wed, 1 Aug 2012 11:34 EDT

MAIL. wiltradeindia@gmail.com

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